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Slog AM: Seattle Millennials Are the Best, Non-Stick Pans Make Your Penis Smaller, Drink Some Beers to Help California

Seattle millennials don’t suck? We’re even more special than millennials in other parts of the country, it seems! As Gene Balk, the Seattle Times FYI Guy reports, 1 in 3 millennials nationwide live at home with their parents. But in Seattle? Only 1 in 10! Oh, and it looks like one reason for why that’s the case may be that all the young people here are fucking transplants. That’s OK, we love our transplants, not that we ever had a choice.

University of Washington may implement online sexual assault reporting system: In attempting to address the fact that so many sexual assault victims/survivors do not report their assault, the UW will be starting an online system next fall for reporting such crimes. As the Seattle Times explains, “Of survivors who indicated they didn’t tell anyone about the assault, nearly half said it was because they were afraid they’d be forced to make an official report.” The company that makes the online reporting system says that it aims for victims to feel more of a sense of control in reporting their assault, to provide resource information to victims, and to hopefully identify repeat offenders.

Stop teasing us: Is it going to snow or not? We want radars not voodoo.

A handwritten note from the Russian immigrant who attempted to hang himself while detained at the Northwest Detention Center: ICYMI, earlier this month a Russian detainee in ICE custody, named Mergensana Amar, attempted suicide and later died at St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma. On Nov. 3rd, reports the Seattle Times, Amar’s lawyer, a volunteer for Northwest Detention Center Resistance asked Amar to write down what he was trying to communicate with her. The note allegedly raises the possibility that Amar had been “thrown naked into a cold cell,” which as the article says, would violate federal standards that state, “Under no circumstances shall detainees be held without clothing.”

How to survive a tsunami: Washington has created a guide for towns on the coast to survive a tsunami. KING5 states that “Washington officials believe 8,000 people would die as a result of an earthquake-driven tsunami after a magnitude 9 quake hits off the coast.” Sounds like the solution to saving lives in areas where there is no high ground to get to in time, is vertical evacuation structures. We haven’t seen the guide yet, but it sure sounds like a fun read.

Say what? You could be texting in your sleep and not know it.

PFOA and PFOS cause small penises: If you weren’t already freaked out at the toxic shit in non-stick pans, you now have a new reason to be. That is, if you have a penis or testicles. A study released earlier this month shows that exposure to high levels of PFOA and PFOS, toxic chemicals found in nonstick pans, waterproof products, and firefighting foam, cause “shorter penises, lower sperm counts, lower sperm mobility, and a reduction in ‘anogenital distance,’ a measure that scientists see as a marker of reproductive health.” This holiday season, go get the penis-wielding-people in your life some real cookware. Don’t do it for them, do it for their penis.

Beers for California: According to Barry Chan, the Head Brewmaster at Lucky Envelope in Ballard, over 1,000 brewers around the country have organized to brew up some special barrels dubbed Resilience IPA (a recipe and idea from Sierra Nevada brewing). KOMO News reports that all of the proceeds from this special brew will go to “help victims of the Camp Wildfire in Northern California.” Lucky Envelope isn’t the only Seattle brewery taking part. The full list of participating breweries can be found here.

US, Mexico, and Canada sign NAFTA replacement: The replacement to NAFTA does not have the same ring to it though. It’s called the USMCA, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement—though each country’s acronym puts their country first. The leaders of all three countries signed the pact on Friday at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The deal however, still needs to be ratified domestically, which could be problematic if the House Democrats are not happy with it. Trump doesn’t seem worried though, saying, “It’s been so well-reviewed, I don’t expect to have very much of a problem.”

Hockey pucks vs guns: The headline of this article is literally, “University passes out hockey pucks as possible defense against active shooters.” Nope, it’s not in the Onion, it’s an article on ABC News. The university’s police chief, who is leading training sessions, “cited his experience getting hit with hockey pucks while serving as a youth hockey coach as proof that they could be used to hurt.” Welp, can’t argue with that.

You’re only cheating yourself: Although, their knees will probably thank them.

Gold Star Comment:

Escapee from S. Idaho: I know that in years past, The Stranger did actual real journalism, but those days are over. Don’t expect the Morning Slog person to actually care about the numbers, silly goose!

This weekend’s best Seattle entertainment options include: Sara Porkalob’s new play Dragon Mama, A John Waters Christmas, and holiday events like Enchant Christmas and the Urban Craft Uprising.

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May the Forks Be With You: This Is the Star Wars Dinnerware You Didn’t Know You Needed

Just when Marvel fans began focusing all of their attention on poring over even the tiniest details in the Avengers: Endgame trailer, Marvel has announced that a Doctor Strange sequel is officially happening.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scott Derrickson will return to the director’s chair, and although he co-wrote the first film alongside Jon Spaihts and C. Robert Cargill, no writer has been announced for the second outing yet.

Benedict Cumberbatch will, of course, reprise his role as Dr. Stephen Strange, and Benedict Wong will be returning as Wong. Industry insiders suspect Rachel McAdams will be back as Strange’s love interest, Dr. Christine Palmer, but no formal announcement has been made.

We last saw Doctor Strange earlier this year in Avengers: Infinity War, where he sadly disintegrated into dust at the hands of Thanos’s snap. As most fan theories believe, many of our favorite superheroes will be brought back to life in Avengers: Endgame, which will be the next time we see Cumberbatch’s character. Although his appearance in Avengers: Endgame might only be through flashbacks, and Doctor Strange 2 could still take place before Infinity War, it’s not likely.

Sources say production is being eyed for a spring 2020 start, with a suspected release date around spring 2021. But a lot can happen between now and then, especially depending on what Avengers: Endgame reveals.

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Get KitchenAid Stand Mixer Exclusive Color Dried Rose $70 Off At Sam’s Club – KitchenAid Discounts

If you’ve been coveting a KitchenAid stand mixer, now’s definitely the time to snatch one up, because they’re on sale for an almost unheard-of price at Sam’s Club. Not to mention, there’s an exclusive color you absolutely can’t pass up—it’s called Dried Rose, and it’s so chic.

Unlike KitchenAid’s color of the year, Bird of Paradise, a bright, glossy coral, Dried Rose is a softer, dustier pink with a matte finish—just like the shade that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Millennial Pink.” The Dried Rose edition of the stand mixer is already sold out in Sam’s Club stores, so if you’re loving this new hue, get it while you can online, especially while this sale is going on.

Now, about the price—if you’re a Sam’s Club member, you can snag this KitchenAid mixer for only $249.98 right now ($70 off the $319.98 price they typically go for at Sam’s Club, which, by the way, is already cheaper than other retailers). But if you’re not a member, don’t worry, you can still cash in on this deal. The discounted price for non-members is $274.98, which is still a $45 savings.

The mixer is also available in Aqua Sky, Red, Matte Black, and Chrome, so if Dried Rose just isn’t for you, you can still take advantage of this awesome discount. The sale ends on Oct. 10, so there are only a few days left to make your dusty pink (or blue, or red…) dreams come true.

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An Easy Way to Get Your Greens

Copyright 2018 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Copyright 2018 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

If you’re really wanting to pack in those veggies, you’ve come to the right place. This recipe is so filling and chock-full of vitamins and minerals! 


1/2 small yellow onion (roughly chopped)

1 small zucchini (roughly chopped)

1 can of canellini beans

1 cup of dry Super Greens rotini

3 heaping TBSP of basil pesto

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil


In a medium pot, bring 3 cups of water to a boil, and drop in your pasta. 

In a medium skillet, add the olive oil and heat on med-high. Add in the Zucchini and onion and sautee until slightly brown. Turn the heat to low, then strain and rinse the canellini beans, and add them to the skillet. 


When the pasta is ready, strain and return it to the medium pot, then add in the zucchini, onions and beans. Add in the basil pesto and toss until completely coated. This is a great recipe to serve as a side dish or by itself for Meatless Monday also has a lot of protein. 


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This New Kitchenware From Great Jones Will Make You Fall in Love With Cooking at Home

Last year, America lost a culinary heroine. Her name was Judith Jones, and she passed away in August 2017 at the age of 93. While most know her as the editor who removed Anne Frank’s diary from the publishing house reject pile and gave it to the world, she was also responsible for putting Julia Child’s words in the kitchens of at-home cooks everywhere. Mastering the Art of French Cooking was a behemoth success, proving that anyone, even those who had never boiled an egg, could transform simple food into something life changing. Jones has indirectly influenced aspiring chefs and foodies of all types, including two young women who had the idea that their cookware should be as joy-inducing as the process of throwing ingredients into a pot. Today, childhood best friends Sierra Tishgart and Maddy Moelis launch Great Jones, a line of beautifully designed kitchenware with a name inspired in part by the great Ms. Jones (with a nod to one particular street in their hometown of New York, too).

The full set, which includes a Dutch oven as well as a stainless steel stock pot, saucer, sauté pan, and ceramic nonstick skillet, is available for $395. The Dutch oven comes in a variety of colors including blueberry, mustard, macaron, broccoli, and earl gray, and is only $145.

Tishgart, a former food editor, wanted to create a cookware line that was accessible but could also double as a piece of home decor. “The luxury heritage brands are gorgeous,” she says. “But I couldn’t find a modern kitchen brand that offered compelling design, pricing, or editorial…Cooking can so often feel overwhelming, and that feeling begins with buying kitchenware.”

It helped that through her previous job, Tishgart became friendly with chefs and cookbook authors. As Great Jones was developing, they served as testers and sounding boards. “They helped inform the grip of our handle, the weight of each piece, and the angles of the curves,” she notes.

Moelis, who Tishgart first met at summer camp nearly 20 years ago, came from a start-up background. She’d worked for brands like Warby Parker and Zola, and understood what it took to tackle a giant market like the one surrounding cookware products. In addition to understanding the business end of things, Moelis also says that she “was feeling so uninspired by my old, hand-me-down cookware.” She adds, “It was this frustration of wanting to upgrade but not knowing what I really needed to level up my skills and feel more confident in the kitchen.” She says the real turning point for both she and Tishgart was when they “surveyed family and friends, and friends of friends. It became very clear that we weren’t the only ones who felt this way. It turns out 70 percent of the people we spoke to wanted to upgrade their cookware and expressed similar frustrations.”

Sierra Tishgart (left) and Maddy Moelis

Sierra Tishgart (left) and Maddy Moelis

Photo: Tory Williams

The first recipe that Tishgart and Moelis cooked in their Great Jones pots and pans was lamb ribs. “We tested this first to get a strong sense of how meat browns in our pot, without it getting disguised by a marinade.” Though they are both passionate cooks, the entrepreneurs are also thrilled at how the Dutch oven colors look in their homes. Each shade was inspired by a very specific reference. The green comes from camp colors, where the women first met; the Yves Klein blue was borrowed from Tishgart’s favorite Celine bag; and the yellow was taken from Michelle Williams’s Vera Wang Oscars dress from 2006. The pink shade was inspired the wedding of Rodarte stylist Ashley Furnival, which appeared on earlier this year.

“Cookware shouldn’t be relegated to underneath your sink,” Tishgart says. “I look at cooking the same way I look at exercise; I never regret doing it, even if I’m tired and it’s hard to start. It gives me a strong sense of accomplishment, especially when I’m cooking alone, which is most of the time. I feel like a better, healthier, and more organized version of myself.” The same goes for Moelis, who says that for her, “cooking is therapeutic.” In short, they created Great Jones because they wanted Great Jones. “We envisioned a brand that felt as warm, nostalgic, and joyful as opening your favorite vintage cookbook,” Tishgart says. “We wanted to engage in a conversation about why people cook, not just how.”

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