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11 clever ways to keep your kitchen organised |

11 clever ways to keep your kitchen organised

Make the most of your kitchen space by adding clever accessories and using up dead space.

1. Get your hands on a trolley

For a quick storage solution place a trolley in a dead space in your kitchen. Store everything from fruit and veg to dry items, and, what’s more, it can double as a bar cabinet when you’re entertaining.

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2. Double your cabinet space without any installation

Expandable shelves are basically little stands that fit neatly into cabinets, with space above and underneath them. They’re available from Makro and no installation is necessary.

3. Hang pretty mugs from underneath shelves

If cupboard space is really tight, screw hooks in underneath shelves and hang mugs or teacups from them.

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4. Don’t forget the top

Organise items you don’t use often into stylish baskets and place them on top of wall-cabinets, windowsills and even above the fridge.

5. Stacking shelves for pots and pans

These clever little shelves fit neatly into cupboards and have a slot for every item, so you can easily remove only what you need.

6. Add floating shelves

Floating shelves add storage and style to any room, and remember, there’s nothing wrong with displaying your most beautiful crockery or kitchen appliances.

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7. Retractable shelves, racks and cabinets

The answer to all your storage woes lies in retractable cabinetry. Simply open a drawer or cupboard and voila, more space. Make sure to hire a reputable carpenter to do the job.

8. Glass jars and containers

What we love most about glass jars and containers is that they look super neat and you hardly ever have to struggle to find anything. Label them properly and work out a system that works for you – whether it’s keeping similar items in similar sized jars or colour-coordinating lids.

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9. Expand the counter top

Add a cabinet or butcher’s block on wheels to expand your work area. Slide it underneath the island when not in use or keep it out as a feature. Make sure that it has extra cabinets or shelves for storing bits and bobs you just can’t find a place for.

10. Use awkward spaces

You know that little bit of space between the fridge and the wall? It seems to be good for nothing but collecting dust and stray cereal. Adding a pull out shelf (that you can have custom made to fit perfectly) will solve the problem and add tons of extra storage space for jars, spices and bottles.

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11. Lid storage made easy

Add a metal bar to the inside of a cupboard or closet doors to create storage for pot and pan lids. This will only work with round handled lids, as they’ll hang off the rod and stay balanced against the door.

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