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20 Pots & Pans That Double as Serving Dishes (!) |

20 Pots & Pans That Double as Serving Dishes (!)

Cooking can be a lot of work, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel that keeps you motivated: a delicious meal to dig into. Then there’s doing the dishes, which is just an endless slog. There’s not much you can do to make that task more fun—sorry, it is what it is—but you can make it quicker. Not by speed-cleaning, but by dirtying fewer dishes. The easiest ones to cut? The serving platters and bowls you transfer food into so it’s pretty enough for the table. These pots and pans are so beautiful they can go oven- or stove-to-table without anyone blinking an eye. Some even have lids that become trivets to make life even easier. Bon appétit!

SHOP NOW: 2-quart Kobenstyle casserole by Dansk, $69,

SHOP NOW: Large red baker with oak trivet lid by Cost Plus World Market, 8.2 inches (w) x 12.2 inches (l), $25,

SHOP NOW: 12-inch copper fry pan with bronze handle by Mauviel, $260,

SHOP NOW: Terra Cotto cast iron oval casserole with lid in Ginger by Sambonet, 5 x 4 inches, $70,

SHOP NOW: 4-quart La Risottiera stainless-steel risotto pan by Lagostina, $189,

SHOP NOW: Red clay comals by Mujeres del Barro Rojo, 10 inches (d) x 1 inch (h), $85,

SHOP NOW: Rectangular copper roasting pan by Navarini, 12.6 inches (l) x 9.4 inches (w), $270,

SHOP NOW: 10-inch cast-iron skillet with lid by FINEX, from $200,

SHOP NOW: Aroma pot by Riess Enamel, 7 inches (d) x 5.5 inches (h), $195,

SHOP NOW: Reactive casserole dish with lid by Anthropologie, 9.5 inches (d) x 4.75 inches (h), $78,

SHOP NOW: 9.5-inch Turk forged criss-cross iron fry pan by Kauffman Mercantile, from $69,

SHOP NOW: Wavy Collection rectangular baker with handles in white by BIA Cordon Bleu, $25,

SHOP NOW: 1.8-quart RON sauce pan with wood handle in green by Berghoff, $70,

SHOP NOW: Entertain 365 Sculpture loaf pan with lid in white by Lenox, 5 inches (w) x 9.5 inches (l), $35,

SHOP NOW: Red clay low ovaladas by Mujeres del Barro Rojo, 8 inches (w) x 13 inches (l) x 3 inches (d), $170,

SHOP NOW: Enamelware small roasting pan in Blue Marble by Crow Canyon Home, 9 inches (w) x 11.5 inches (L) x 1.75 inches (h), $26,

SHOP NOW: 5.5-quart round oven in white with copper knob by Staub, $310,

SHOP NOW: 3-quart Sarpaneva cast iron covered casserole by ittala, $295,

SHOP NOW: Cast iron Yaki pan by MoMA, 5.75 inches (w) x 9 inches (l), $70,

SHOP NOW: 11-inch Raymond Loewy skillet in turquoise by Le Creuset, $300,

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