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Holiday Shopping For Cooks Starts Early On

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Extraordinary opportunity for holiday shoppers to enjoy significant savings on top-brand cookware, bakeware, oven-to-table stoneware, teakettles, kitchen tools, cutlery, pantryware, and other kitchen accessories at, the e-commerce site of Meyer Corporation, U.S., the largest cookware company in America.

Kick start holiday shopping with 30-70 percent savings on every cookware and kitchenware product offered by leading brands, including: Anolon, Circulon, KitchenAid (cookware and teakettles), Farberware, Rachael Ray, Paula Deen and BonJour.

Annual online holiday sale includes savings on everyday dinnerware and holiday tabletop collections from celebrity brands Rachael Ray and Paula Deen.


Thursday, November 29th through Wednesday, December 12th, 2012


Go to When ready to purchase, enter DISCOUNT CODE: CHEER2012

ECO-FRIENDLY SHIPPING POLICY: is proud to be in partnership with an ambitious carbon neutral campaign initiated by UPS, the global package delivery and logistics company. Since 2011, is helping to mitigate the climate impact of air and ground shipping by automatically paying UPS a fee for each customer order resulting in a shipment within the United States. UPS then purchases certified carbon offsets on behalf of


World leader in innovative cookware shipped direct to homes, by Meyer is a comprehensive cookware store and culinary resource center that provides home cooks of all abilities with the tools and knowledge to be successful in their kitchen.

Established in 1981 and headquartered in Vallejo, California, Meyer Corporation, U.S. is the largest cookware company in America. Widely recognized brands distributed by Meyer Corporation, U.S. include Circulon®, Anolon®, Farberware®, KitchenAid® Cookware, Rachael Ray®, Paula Deen® and BonJour®.

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FROhio Fashion Week Begins with Workshop

Naturals in the City of Toledo gathered Monday night at the Mott Branch Library in Toledo, Ohio to learn creative ways to use fabric as decorative and practical head coverings.

20 women and men joined Megan Davis, owner of The Kitchen Salon natural hair care resources, Lladheena Shabazz, and Friends of the Mott Branch Library for this 2 hour event. Guests were welcomed with smooth Jazz and Neo Soul followed by the video “The Beauty Within” by Hip Hop artist, Dead Prez. Once the music ended, regular guests were greeted and new guests were introduced to the once a month event that is also free and open to the public of all ages.

Guest presenter, Lladheena Shabazz, Mother, Entrepreneur and Seamstress demonstrated several ways to tie fabric as head wraps. From a simple bun to double layered wraps, she took us step by step through the process of creating elaborate head wraps for casual or formal use. With about 15 minutes, strong arms and patience, you can create beautiful wraps for any occasion at a fraction of the cost it would take to buy online or purchase hats that may or may not fit over a large Afro.

; -83.569289

Some brought their own fabric to try out styles of their own and came up with some lovely ideas as well. Kimberly Baber, local naturalista said she loved the event and would be buying fabric to try new wraps this Winter.

Rosalyn Smith of Cinicinatti, Ohio was interested in wraps she could wear for workouts and casual days. Model Tosha Easter attended and learned some new tips and ideas for her Big Hair!

Head Wraps are not just worn by stars or people who want to “connect with African Roots”. They can be worn to spice up a great pair of jeans and a tee, with a formal gown or to simply cover a “bad hair day”.

You can select any time of fabric like leftover fabric from a sewing project, old t-shirts, part of a skirt, even an old table cloth or scarf. You can layer the fabric for color contrasting or use floral clips, rhinestone pins or barrettes to accent your wrap. Wraps can be worn high up, with some hair exposed in the top or for bangs and you can rock a head wrap that is more turban style and close the the head.

Whatever way you choose to wear head wraps, they are a fashion trend, a statement, and a practical way to decorate and protect your hair during the Winter months!

Are you Wrapping it up?

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Customization trend is changing how we shop, cook and eat

(BPT) – It seems consumers want to customize just about everything these days. Why? Because they can. Advances in online capabilities and a growing desire to make life’s experiences uniquely our own are changing the way we shop, cook and eat.

While customization has been around for some time, the accessibility of online tools has made it easier than ever to modify items to the exact specifications of a buyer’s tastes and needs. And according to a report on Mashable, psychologists have determined that people feel a sense of accomplishment for their co-design efforts and gain additional value from the certainty that the features they select will be exactly what they want.

Manufacturers are adapting to this trend by offering an endless variety of customizable products online, from fashion to candy to kitchenware. For example, you can order customized sneakers that convey your unique sense of style and use from NIKEiD, or create customized jeans to match your body shape from Levi’s Curve ID. If you love to cook, you can custom-build your own cookware set with pieces that mirror your personal cooking style and favorite dishes. Calphalon recently launched Your Set by Calphalon, a website where shoppers can, for the first time, build a cookware set to include basic and specialty pieces from its most premium cookware lines – Unison Nonstick and AccuCore Stainless Steel – for less than the cost of buying each piece individually.

Online customization also extends to food. Today, there’s more to eating than choosing what ingredients you want on your pizza – there’s an entire customized experience available as companies offer more and more choices for create-your-own offerings. For instance, you can custom-pick organic vegetable boxes from a farm near you at, create customized candy in your alma mater’s colors from MY MM’s, and design donuts with sprinkles to match your bridesmaids’ dresses at You can even customize the ingredients in the pet food you buy for your dog at sites such as  

With ever-advancing technology and the pull to express individuality, the customization of shoes, jeans and cookware is only the beginning. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers that represents your vibrant personality or your over-used omelette pans are in desperate need of replacing, there is endless opportunity today to make your life exactly what, when, where and how you want it.

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Lessons Learned: The Top 10 Twitter Mistakes of 2012

For brands, there’s perhaps nothing more daunting than the virality of social media. Careless posts, tweets and video can go to newsfeeds, be retweeted, shared, and captured in screenshots faster than the human hand can hit “delete.”

Here are ten large-scale lessons learned in 2012 that we can all use to drive service and social media response forward in 2013:

Personal Posts on Brand Accounts Don’t Mix

1. A KitchenAid staffer posted this poorly-punctuated, poor-judgment tweet about President Obama’s deceased grandmother during the first presidential debate:

2. A StubHub staffer was obscenely happy it was Friday and that he was leaving work – presumably after this tweet (edited for this blog post), for the last time:

Never Take Advantage of Others’ Misfortunes

3. The Gap was among many brands who incorporated sales in relation to Hurricane Sandy:

4. From Sears:

5. Urban Outfitters’ free shipping deal tweet during the deadly storm:

6. President’s Choice:

7. This Celeb Boutique tweet drew an angry response, naturally so, following the Aurora shooting:

Rethink Robo-Responses

8. A high-profile example of automated disappointment comes from Progressive, best known for its lovable, empathetic and chatty spokesperson, FLO. For every individual who reached out to Progressive through Twitter about the company’s actions surrounding a recent driving death court case, the company replied again and again with a robo-post:

Be Careful What You Tweet For

9. McDonalds’ promoted hashtag #McDStories went viral, just not the way the company hoped for. Instead of sharing McDonalds’ food favorites, the stories took a turn for the worse:

Don’t Just Tweet About Service, Make It So

10. Time Warner Cable found that sometimes, it’s not just your average customer tweeting for service. Sir Patrick Stewart, who had recently moved to Brooklyn, became frustrated with the wait time for getting cable installed in his apartment, so he took to the Twitter-sphere to voice his new-customer discontent:

Time Warner Cable responded to the post within two minutes, a fantastic response time for customer service on social media:

But the next day, they re-engaged on the very public channel without  having provided the service Stewart needed:

In the coming days, Stewart finally brought the conversation stream, and his account, to a close in front of his more than 180,000 followers:

The saying is very true that we can all learn from our mistakes, and the above examples provide some valuable lessons regarding the importance of service, response and responsibility on social media.  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social channels have become powerful tools for brands to better connect with and serve consumers. Remember that with every social interaction, your brand’s reputation hangs in the balance. Tweet and post responsibly.

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Get Ready to Cook with Holiday Accessories and Apps for the iPad

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Now that Thanksgiving has passed it’s time for the home cook to turn her attention to meal planning and baking for Hanukkah and Christmas. We’ve pulled together some accessories and apps to make the most of the precious few weeks left to plan, cook, and bake.

Holiday Recipe and Party Planning Guide by culinary crowd-sourcers Food 52 offers a recipes and organizational tips for celebrations throughout the year, but has a special section for Christmas and Hanukkah. Aimed to reduce holiday-induced stress in the hostess, the app includes 127 recipes with step-by-step walkthroughs, more than 100 minutes of HD video, a glossary, and a large library of party planning tips.


Inkling’s digital version of The Cake Mix Doctor Returns was recently updated. The app features high-resolution images, recipe reminder notes, and embedded pop up tips that take your cake from ordinary to unforgettable. The user can also highlight text, bookmark, and search Google and Wikipedia without ever leaving the app. Download the entire book from iTunes for $9.99, or choose single chapters for $2.99 each.
Check out our list of holiday baking apps for additional ways to digitize your holiday baking.

This gingerbread cookie-themed iPad sleeve from Zazzle will help get a chef into the baking spirit, as well as protecting her iPad from scratches and dings when she’s not in the kitchen. The sleeve, which is available for purchase from the company website for $59.10, also makes a great gift for any baker/iPad fan in your life. Though it looks like a big potholder, we don’t recommend putting your iPad in the oven!


Belkin’s Chef Stand and Stylus was designed specifically for use in the kitchen. The stand is compatible with most cases, so it’s easy to use. It includes a separate stylus that helps insure that sticky fingers never touch the iPad’s screen. This practical, attractive iPad accessory is available from the Belkin website for $39.99, and may be found on Amazon or at Target or Best Buy for about $30.


Are you planning on using the ipad to bake or prepare holiday meals this season? Let us know in the comments.

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Cast iron heats up again

One of the hottest items on cooks

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