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10 Best and Worst Deals at Home Depot


By Terence Loose, Contributor

In 1978, Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank were fired from Handy Dan Home Improvement Centers — and that might have been the best thing to ever happen to them. Fourteen months later they opened the first two Home Depots, the start of an international success.

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Today, Home Depot is the world’s largest home improvement retailer with more than 2,200 locations. But while the store might offer some of the best deals on home improvement products, some of its products are less than stellar. Click through to learn about the best and worst Home Depot deals.

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The 10 Best Deals at Home Depot

From grills to ceiling fans, Home Depot is home to some of the best deals for home improvement items. Here are 10 Home Depot deals you don’t want to miss.

1. Char-Broil Gas Grills

Home Depot is a great place to channel your grill master, with their Char-Broil gas grills getting high marks, according to Coupon Sherpa savings expert Kendal Perez. One model in particular, the $400 Char-Broil Gourmet TRU-Infrared, came in second only to a Weber in a Consumer Reports rating. “Just make sure to read reviews and research what features make for a quality grill before you buy,” said Perez.

2. Tool and Truck Rentals

If you’re a DIY fanatic, you’ll love Home Depot’s dependable and affordable tool and truck rentals. “It’s a perk greatly appreciated by DIYers who don’t want to purchase a tile saw for their bathroom floor renovation,” said Perez.

For example, a small tile saw costs around $50 to $60 per day depending on the size you need. “You can also rent a truck for $19 for the first 75 minutes of use, a great deal if you need to transport heavy items from the store to your local project site,” she said.

3. Weekly Workshops

Renting a tile saw is one thing. Knowing how to wield it is another. For that, Home Depot offers free classes from repairing drywall to installing kitchen faucets and laying tile. “These complimentary classes are great for homeowners looking for in-person instruction from professionals, as well as an opportunity to ask questions,” said Perez.

4. Behr Paint

“Whether you’re repainting a bathroom or updating your outdoor siding, Behr paint is among the top-rated paint brands and is only available at Home Depot,” said Kerry Sherin of “According to Consumer Reports, Behr Premium Plus Ultra is top-rated among satin/eggshell and flat/matte interior finishes, for $32 to $34 per gallon.”

5. Patio Furniture

Home Depot offers a fantastic selection of outdoor living gear and patio furniture, said Sherin. “If you’re looking for the best time to buy, purchase in fall months like October and November. Typically you will see prices fall for these popular summer items during cooler months,” she said.

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6. Lighting and Ceiling Fan Fixtures

Lighting, a cool breeze and stylish fixtures can make a room, but they can often bust a budget. But not if you shop smart at Home Depot, said Lindsay Sakraida of “Home Depot almost always has a clearance sale going on that includes lighting and ceiling fan fixtures, which means that shoppers can frequently get such items at discounts of 50 percent to 80 percent off,” she said.

7. LED Light Bulbs

New light fixtures demand new light bulbs, and while LEDs can be pricey, Sakraida said that Home Depot regularly sells individual and multipacks at competitive prices. “We’ve seen sales that slash up to 70 percent off select styles, and we’ve also seen the store offer 20 percent off coupons as well. The benefit to getting a deal on LED bulbs is your smart shopping will translate into energy savings too,” she said.

8. Vacuums

If Home Depot doesn’t come to mind when you think of vacuums, it should, said Sakraida. “The store frequently offers the best price on certain models, although, as always, you should do a price check before making a purchase. It’s not unusual to see sales that knock up to 40 percent off both cleaners and general floor care items,” she said.

9. Plants

Landscaping often gets the short stick in the budget war when it comes to home renovations, but Home Depot can really help, said savings expert Jeanette Pavini of “Wait for Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday, typically in April. Past years have seen veggie plants and eight-packs of annuals at five for $10. Join Home Depot’s Garden Club to get exclusive coupons like an additional $5 off your $50 purchase,” she said.

10. Military Discount

Don’t forget: Home Depot offers discounts for military personnel. “Home Depot used to limit the military discount to holidays such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day, but in recent years the discount was changed to be valid year round,” said Regina Conway, consumer expert for “Military members and their families can get a 10 percent discount year round by showing a valid military ID.”

The 10 Worst Deals at Home Depot

Despite Home Depot coupons and discounts, the store shouldn’t be your top choice for certain items. Grilling accessories and home decor are among the worst deals at Home Depot, for example. Click through to see what topped our list.

1. Grilling Accessories

While you can score a great grill at Home Depot, Coupon Sherpa’s Perez said to leave the grilling accessories where they lie. “Grilling accessories are often a better buy at Walmart, Target or online at Amazon,” said Perez.

She said price is the main factor. “So if you find an identical product for less, Home Depot will match online prices. However, they will not offer an extra 10 percent off like they do with local competitor’s prices,” she said.

2. Wall Art and Home Decor

Home Depot doesn’t specialize in home decor and its selection and pricing reflect that, said Perez. “You can find better inventory at World Market and Bed Bath Beyond, both of which offer storewide coupons for extra savings,” she said. Her favorite places to buy art include T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods and Ross. “These discount retailers offer large pieces of art for less than $50, which is a steal,” she said.

3. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning up after a home improvement project is vital, but don’t let it add too much to the price of your upgrade. “Home Depot offers a selection of cleaning products, but it’s not nearly as extensive as what you can find from such big-box stores as Target and Walmart. The pricing isn’t competitive either, so skip this purchase,” said Perez.

4. Off-Sale Charcoal

If you choose to go old school on your barbecue and embrace the smoky, raw charcoal taste, pick your times to buy charcoal at Home Depot, said’s Pavini. “Wait for a holiday weekend and you can get charcoal for around 50 percent off. For example, shop on Memorial Day weekend and stock up on enough charcoal to get through grilling season.” You can also use a Home Depot coupon code to slash the price of a bag.

5. Kitchen Accessories

Things like frying pans, silverware and knives at a giant warehouse that also sells everything from lumber and toilets to plants and fertilizer might not be your best move. “You will find limited supply and higher prices on kitchen accessories like pots, pans and cutlery,” said Sherin.

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6. Brinkmann Grills

While the right Char-Broil Gas Grill might be a steal at Home Depot, some Brinkmann grills are no deal, said Sherin. “My husband and I gifted Brinkmann-brand grills to both our parents because we got a great deal at $200 each. Both grills basically rotted out from the inside after two to three years,” she said. Consumer Reports gave low ratings to the Brinkmann Elite 810-3660-SB and Brinkmann Medalion 810-4580-SB.

7. HDX Paper Towels

If you thought a specialty paper towel from a home improvement store would be tough, think again, said Sherin. “When it comes to dirty jobs, strength and absorbency are key, and unfortunately HDX-brand paper towels from Home Depot are not a good buy. Instead, stick with a brand that is known for quality, like Bounty’s DuraTowel,” she said.

8. Select Humidifiers

Consumers often correlate higher price with higher quality, but that’s not typically a good idea, said Sherin. Such is the case for humidifiers at Home Depot.

“One of Home Depot’s Essick-brand console humidifiers (Essick EP9R 500) received the worst score from Consumer Reports and actually cost $50 more than the top-rated console humidifier from the retailer, the Essick MA1201. Again, it pays to read reviews before you buy,” said Sherin.

9. Home Legend Flooring

You might be tempted to opt for store-brand solutions for your next home renovation, like the Home Legend series offered by Home Depot. But Sherin said that might be a costly mistake. “It’s important to research user reviews on these products. A recent evaluation by Consumer Reports did not give this line favorable results, so consider spending your flooring money elsewhere for the best value,” she said.

10. Glidden Paint

While Behr paint is an excellent value from Home Depot, the lesser-priced Glidden brand isn’t worth your dollars, said Sherin. “Painting is a big job and the last thing you want to do is re-paint because you can’t remove a stain or notice inconsistencies in coverage. Glidden just isn’t as high quality as Behr, and you’ll save money in the long run by purchasing the latter,” she said.

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7 Eco-Friendly Toy And Gift Ideas For The Holidays

I’m a big proponent of cutting down on the amount of stuff I give and receive during the Christmas season. Although I’m a huge fan of the Christmas season, it can get expensive, overwhelming, and wasteful if not done consciously. One way to balance living with less and the joy of giving and receiving gifts on Christmas morning is to ensure that the gifts you do give are meaningful, well-made and eco-friendly.

cyber monday


Eco-friendly toys and gift ideas

Here are 7 fun, eco-friendly toys and educational gift ideas for the little ones in your life this holiday season.

For the little ones in your life, ease the pain of teething with the Honest Company’s butterfly teether, made from silicon rubber. This teether can be frozen or chilled to soothe sore gums, is easily sterilized by boiling, and free of BPA, phthalates, rubber, latex, heavy metals, PVC, flavors and most common allergens.

Honest Co. Eco-Friendly Baby Teether

The Pully mully pacifier holder helps prevent lost soother syndrome, with a large, soft, organic cotton fabric base and several satin tags to keep baby entertained. A simple snap system keeps the pacifier close at hand, instead of getting lost down the sides of car seats and dropped onto supermarket floors.

Organic Mr Mush Pully Mully Pacifier Holder

Truly Green Toys

For little nature lovers, the indoor gardening kit by Green Toys is a fantastic way to bring a little of the outdoors, in. Kids five and up can put their green thumbs to the test by planting flowers and fresh herbs, and watching them grow! The kit is made from environmentally friendly materials and includes soil, seeds,  plant pots and an adorably tiny spade.

Kids Eco-friendly cookware  Dining SetAnd, talk about farm to table! After harvesting all those homegrown fresh herbs, children two and up and use them to create a make-believe masterpiece with the Green Toys cookware and dining set. With a stock pot,  skillet, 4 place settings (fork, knife, spoon), 4 plates, 4 bowls, and 4 cups, your little one will be whipping up souffle’s for the family in no time.

If your kid prefers the fresh ocean air to the inside of a kitchen (I can relate), maybe a seaplane would be more up her alley. Made 100% from recycled milk jugs, this brightly colored toy means that bathtime just got a little greener. Adventures can transition seamlessly from air to water, and since it’s dishwasher safe, it’s a snap to clean.

Eco-friendly kids seaplane toy

For pilots who prefer the open air to the open seas, the Green Toys blue airplane is a great alternative. Created from the same eco-friendly, recycled milk jugs, the blue airplane is also phthalate and BPA-free, and dishwasher safe, too. Sorry dude, you can’t avoid the water forever!

Something for the princess

Eco-friendly play makeup kitI would have absolutely lost my mind over something like this when I was younger. The Deluxe Sparkle Fairy makeup kit is a safe way for kids to explore the bright, creative world of makeup.

This kit contains Fairy Dust eyeshadow, Emerald Green eyeshadow, Cheeky blush , Bubble Gum Shimmer lip balm, and blush and eyeshadow applicators. Basically everything one might need to create a shimmering fairy paradise.

The makeup is mineral-based, paraben and synthetic-dye free, making dress-up as safe as it is fun.

Don’t let eco-friendly holiday shopping get expensive or overwhelming, the Earth911 Store has everything you need for a green Christmas.


These and other gifts are already on sale 20-30% off, plus MONDAY 11/30 save an additional 30% off using code CYBER2015 at checkout!

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Costco Refreshes Cyber Monday Offers

Costco Wholesale Corp. (NASDAQ: COST) launched its Cyber Monday promotion on Sunday and added dozens more items to its online promotion Monday morning. The big-box retailer’s online sales in its most recent fiscal year rose 20% to $3.5 billion (total revenues reached $116 billion) and growth is expected to continue at a compound annual growth rate of 9.5% through 2018. The company’s Cyber Monday efforts indicate how it continues to focus on beefing up its online business.

Sunday’s listings included a KitchenAid stand mixer for $40 off, a $50 savings on an Xbox One bundle and $50 off a PlayStation 4 game controller, none of which appears in the Monday online ad. Monday’s ad offers a 55-inch Samsung HD Smart TV for $300 off the regular price of $1,180, plus free shipping from its online store. A Dell desktop computer is offered at $850, a $300 savings, and a Dell touchscreen laptop is available for $1,300, a savings of $200. The computer savings are manufacturers’ rebates and neither item comes with free shipping.

Besides electronics gear, other offers include a $50 manufacturer’s discount on a Roomba robot vacuum cleaning, bringing the price down to $300 with free shipping. A Canon camera bundle is a Cyber Monday deal that saves customers $500 and brings the price down to $1,150 with free shipping and a GoPro Hero3+ Silver is available for $50 off with free shipping for Costco members only.

The company’s Cyber Monday catalog has special pricing on many items running through December, as well as pricing offers that end Monday.

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See 8 great Cyber Monday deals here

So you didn’t feel like braving the shopping crowds on Thanksgiving or Black Friday?

You might have made the right choice. Cyber Monday is here. Why brave the masses when you can (secretly) shop online at the office? Or, if you’re lucky and have the day off, you can knock out all of your shopping on the couch.

This year, almost half of holiday shopping will be done online, and the average consumer said 46 percent of his or her shopping will be conducted online, up from 44 percent last year according to the National Retail Federation.

Luckily for shoppers, there are some pretty sweet cyber Monday deals on the docket this year. And visit for even more cyber Monday deals.

20 percent off in-store and online until Dec. 1 with promo code DEALS20. customers will also receive free standard shipping with any purchase of $25 or more. 
Eight Days of Deep Cyber Savings until Dec. 5. customers will see savings on electronics, jewelry, licensed product, toys and more. Visit for more deals.

Toys “R” Us
Eight days of savings at, until Dec. 5, including 50 percent off  and BOGO deals, and online-only deals offered daily, including a “big gifts” sale on Dec. 2, featuring deep discounts on 16 product categories, including play kitchens, powered ride-ons, bikes, swing sets, dollhouses and more (while supplies last, no rain checks). Free shipping is offered for purchases over $19. Visit for more deals.

Kmart is participating in “cyber week” with major discounts on TVs, toys, jewelry, small kitchen appliances and more. Sign up for the Kmart email list — text “CYBER” to 56278 — for various deals. The retailer is offering free in-store pickup and layaway programs. Visit for more deals.

Target is offering a 15 percent site-wide discount, as well as 74 online “doorbusters” and department-wide deals throughout the week. The retailer will offer free shipping throughout the holiday season.

Barnes and Noble 

Get $30 of a Nook GlowLight Plus, and $50 off a Nook by Samsung 7.0 tablet on cyber Monday. BOGO 50 percent off on over a thousand items online, and take 50 percent off select titles. While supplies last, get $100 off a 3D printer. Visit for more deals.

Amazon will add deals as often as every five minutes until Dec. 5 at, on top of 10 deals of the day on cyber Monday. There will be deals in categories like electronics, baby, toys and pets, home and kitchen, sports and travel, and fashion and beauty. Amazon Prime members will have unlimited free two-day shipping and unlimited free same-day delivery in 16 metro areas.


Macy’s has cyber Monday deals in women’s, men’s, baby and kids, home, makeup and beauty, shores and handbags, and jewelry departments.  Take an extra 15 percent off, or extra 10 percent off women’s Apparels and accessories and select fine and fashion jewelry, sale and clearance prices with coupon CYBER, valid until Dec. 1. The retailer is also offering free shipping on orders over $50. Visit for more details.

P.C. Richard and Son

The retailer is offering deals on flat panel televisions, digital cameras, video games, laptops and more. It’s also offering once-a-year pricing events on small appliances, house wares, health and beauty items among others. Visit for details.

Devin Loring; 732-643-4035;

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The Olympian’s 2015 Light of Hope

If you live in Thurston County and are looking for a way to help those in need during the holiday season, you’ve come to the right place.

The Olympian’s Light of Hope each year illuminates the needs of South Sound residents who lack resources and the nonprofits that work with them. Below you will find a long wish list from local nonprofits and the people they help.

Barb’s Family Friends

What began as inviting a neighbor in need to Christmas dinner has grown into a community-focused charitable organization that serves more than 4,000 holiday dinners annually, and provides seasonal clothing and gifts, Easter basket donations and more. There are 10 special families who would like your help this holiday season. For a complete list of families and to make donations, call Rodney or Sarah at 360-485-9931 or 360-970-3555.

Family 1: A single disabled father with a 7-year-old daughter. She likes art and all types of toys. She wears size 6-7 children’s clothing. Gift cards for gas and grocery stores would help.

Family 2: A single mom with four children. The 13-year-old girl would like an alarm clock/radio; a 10-year-old girl likes dolls with accessories; the 7-year-old girl likes dolls with accessories; the 3-year-old boy would like a race car track and Mickey Mouse items. Gift cards for gas and grocery stores would help.

Family 3: A single unemployed mom with a 6-year-old son who likes puzzles, a Kidizoom camera, Lincoln Logs and spy kit. Gift cards for gas and grocery stores would help.

Family 4: A single unemployed mom with two children. The 8-year-old girl likes Hello Kitty, jewelry, clothing and wears women’s shoe size 6. The 5-year-old boy would like Legos, soccer ball, baseball glove and bat, and loves the Seahawks. Hands On Museum passes and gift cards for gas and grocery stores would be appreciated.

Family 5: A single disabled mom of two. Mom needs Safeway gift card for groceries, Walmart gift card for clothing and hygiene supplies. The 13-year-old daughter needs socks and underwear (weighs 90 pounds, bras size 36A) and women’s size 7 tall fuzzy boots. The 3-year-old boy needs socks (toddler size 10), underwear (weighs 40 pounds), shirts and pants size 4T or 5T.

Family 6: A single unemployed mother of three. The 9-year-old girl loves Monster High items; the 4-year-old boy likes Spider-Man; and 2-year-old girl likes things from the movie “Frozen.” Gift cards for gas and grocery stores would be a help.

Family 7: A single disabled father of four. The 10-year-old girl’s clothing size is 16, shoe size is 5, would like Barbie Super Star Limo or Zoomer Zuppies interactive puppy. The 8-year-old boy is size 9, wears size 10 shoes and would like Lego Ninjago Jungle Raider, Nerf and Strike Elite Sonic Fire Air Storm Firetek Bow. The 3-year old boy wears shoe size 8, toddler clothing 4T and would like Tower Playland with 20 balls, Nick Junior Paw Patrol flip-open sofa, “Finding Nemo” DVD and Little Tikes hoppers. The 2-year-old boy wears shoe size 7, toddler clothing size 2-3T and would Little Tikes Discover Sounds Shapes Sort and Scatter, Little Tikes hopper, Nick Junior Paw Patrol flip-open sofa. Gift cards for gas and grocery stores would help.

Family 8: Pregnant woman with two children. The 15-year-old boy likes video games, wears size small men’s shirts. The 4-year-old girl likes fairy princesses, dolls and using her imagination. Gift cards for gas and grocery stores would help.

Family 9: A single mother of three. The 5-year-old boy likes Legos, cars and trucks. The 3-year-girl likes dolls and princess things. The 2-month-old infant needs diapers, bottles, onesies and blankets. Gift cards for gas and grocery stores would be a help.

Family 10: Recently discharged military father, low-income family with three children. The 8-year-old boy loves football, Louisiana State University, Nerf guns and board games. The 6-year-old boy likes football, LSU, board games and Nerf guns or balls. The 3-year-old girl likes Minnie Mouse, the movie “Frozen,” princesses, girly things and Barbie. Gift cards for gas and grocery stores would be a help.

City Gates Ministries

City Gates Ministries is a faith-based community outreach organization operating in Thurston County since 1995. It serves people in need without discrimination and without regard to creed, race, color, national origin, gender or any condition which might be considered discriminatory. It advocates, finding resources for housing, rent, electricity bills, jobs and recovery including, when appropriate and when resources allow, financial aid for housing assistance, utilities, food, bus passes, clothes, hygiene products and furniture, among other necessities. There are 36 families who would like help this holiday season. For a complete list and information on donating, call 360-705-0291 or go online to

Family 1: Low-income grandparents raising grandchildren. A 16-year-old boy wears 14 slim pants, large shirts and size 10 men’s shoes, and likes books and games. A 15-year-old girl wears size 5 junior pants, large shirts and women’s size 10 shoes, and loves pink and games. A 13-year-old boy wears size 10 pants, size medium shirts and size 7 1/2 shoes. Grandma wears size 18 pants, XL shirts and size 7 1/2 shoes, and would like a robe and queen comforter. Grandpa wears size 36×36 pants, XXL shirts and size 13 shoes, and would like a wallet and long johns.

Family 2: Working low-income family with just enough to pay the bills. A 10-year-old boy wears size 10 pants, medium shirts and size 4 1/2 shoes, and would like a remote control car and truck. An 8-year-old girl wears size 10 pants, medium shirts and size 4 1/2 shoes. Mom wears size 16 pants, extra-large shirts and size 6 1/2 shoes, and would like a heated blanket. Dad wears size 34×32 pants, extra-large shirts and size 12 shoes.

Family 3: Single mom returning to work after illness. A 25-year-old woman wears size 0 pants and small shirts, and likes makeup and fragrances. A 16-year-old girl wears size 0 pants, small shirts and size 8-1/2 shoes, and likes turquoise, dolphins, Bath and Body Works, and makeup. A 6-year-old boy wears size 5 pants, 5/6 shirts, size 10 shoes and likes cars, Ninja Turtles, dragons and Play-Doh. Twin boys age 1 wear 18-month clothing, size 4 shoes and could use age-appropriate educational toys and books. Mom wears size 7 pants, medium shirts and likes crocheting and candles and needs kitchenware.

Family 4: Single homeless mom with 2-year-old daughter. Daughter would like a princess dress and accessories, wears size 18-month clothes, wears size 5 1/2 shoes and would like Crayola Magic, interactive toys and the first Ariel. Mom would like size 9 boots and a size small sweater.

Family 5: Homeless family looking for a place to live. A 12-year-old girl wears size 9 shoes and would like beads, yarn, art supplies, coloring books, One Direction poster, boom box and a fishing pole and her favorite color is pink. An 18-year-old girl wears size 8 1/2 shoes, medium to large shirts, and size 12 pants, skirts and dresses, and would like a Grand Theft Auto video game for Xbox 360, earrings and art supplies. Mom wears size large maternity clothes and size 38C nursing bra. Dad wears size 38×30 pants and size 10 shoes, and would like a CD player or boom box.

Family 6: Low-income family struggling to make ends meet. A 6-year-old girl loves Monster High, My Little Pony and dolls, and wears size 7 pants and size large girls shirts. A 3-year-old boy loves monkeys, dinosaurs and VeggieTales, and wears size 4T pants and size 8 shirts. Mom wears size 20 pants and size XXL shirts, and needs cookware and bakeware. Dad wears size 48×30 pants and size 3XL shirts, and loves Star Wars.

Family 7: Low-income family trying to make it from paycheck to paycheck. A 6-year-old girl wears size 7/8 clothes and size 2 shoes, and loves horses and coloring. A 5-year-old girl wears size 7/8 clothes and size 13 shoes, and likes babies, horses, puzzles and coloring. A 5-year-old boy wears 6/7 clothes and size 1 shoes. A 2-year-old girl wears size 3T-4T clothes and size 7 shoes, and likes babies, horses and building things. Mom wears size 8 shoes and could use cooking and kitchen items. Dad need winter clothes in size 34×36 pants and XL shirts.

Family 8: Homeless single mom on the list for housing. An 18-year-old wears size 11 pants and extra-large shirts, and likes cheetah print and music and would like a purse. A 16-year-old girl wears size 11 pants and extra-large shirts, and likes music, art and drawing, and would like headphones. A 4-year-old wears size 6 clothing and likes trains, cars toys and Batman. Mom needs a Crock-Pot, griddle and iron.

Family 9: Working single mom just barely getting by. A 5-year-old boy wears size 7 clothing and size 2 shoes, needs socks and underwear, and likes Sonic the Hedgehog, Thomas the Tank Engine and educational toys. A 2-month-old boy needs 0-3 month clothing, age-appropriate toys, pacifiers, a stroller, blankets and musical toys. Mom wears extra-large shirts and pants, and size 8 shoes, and likes candles, Scentsy warmers and Bath and Body Works, and would like a portable CD player.

Family 10: Young family trying to make ends meet. A 10-month-old girl wears 18-24 month clothing and size 3-4 shoes, and needs a car seat for older than 1 year old, blankets, diapers size 5, wipes and socks. Mom wears size 7 jeans, and 7 1/2 or 8 size shoes and needs hygiene items, kitchen items, king sheets, blankets, pillows, makeup, rain boots and a microwave. Dad wears size large shirts, size 36×38 pants and size 9 shoes, and needs socks, large boxers and work boots.

Family 11: Disabled grandma caring for tall and petite granddaughter age 9 who wears size 7/8 clothes, size 1 1/2 shoes, and likes leggings, owls, purple, arts and crafts, books, and would like a mermaid tail.

Family 12: Struggling partially employed family; father is suffering from serious health concerns. A 7-year-old girl wears size 8 clothing, and likes sports, cars, and computer games. A 9-year-old girl wears size 10 clothing, and likes dolls and anything girly. Mom needs toiletries and would be grateful for anything. Dad likes anything sports, Christian music and movies.

Family 13: Permanently disabled single dad raising family. An 18-year-old girl would like anything Marilyn Monroe. A 15-year-old girl would like size 9 Converse shoes, a pink comforter and a Polaroid camera. A 14-year-old boy would like size large Nike basketball shorts, size 10 1/2 Nike shoes, anything Ohio State or Seahawks. A 12-year-old boy likes building things and electronics and wears size 10 pants. A 4-year-old boy wears size 5T clothes and likes Hello Kitty. Dad needs cooking pans, dishes, wears size 10 1/2 shoes and loves going to the movies.

Family 14: Single mom on very low fixed income with an 8-year-old boy who likes Nintendo DS and games, size 2 winter boots and board games. Mom wears size 3XL coat, size 22 pants and size 3XL shirts, likes movies and could use a Walmart gift card.

Family 15: Hard-working family struggling due to dad’s cancer diagnosis. A 16-year-old boy wears size 34×34 pants, large shirts and size 13 shoes. A 15-year-old girl wears size 15 pants, medium shirts and size 10 shoes, and would like a bike and anything to do with horses. A 10-year-old girl wears size 12 pants, medium shirts, size 7 shoes, likes dolls and would like a bicycle. A 2-year-old boy who wears 3T clothes and wants a bicycle. Mom would be grateful for anything. Dad could use wool socks, shirts and anything to keep him warm.

Family 16: Longtime homeless family living in RV. An 8-year-old girl could use a size 16 warm coat, size 16 pants and likes Hello Kitty and Monster High. A 6-year-old wears size 7/8 boys clothes, likes Pokemon and Ninja Turtle toys, and needs a blanket. A 9-month-old boy wears 9-12 month clothing and needs age-appropriate educational toys. Mom needs a portable rotisserie oven, and cooking and kitchen supplies. Dad needs size 10 men’s boots.

Family 17: Newly employed family just getting back on their feet. An 8-year-old girl needs twin bedding, anything from the movies “Frozen” or “Minions” or Littlest Pet Shop. Mom would like white dishes, size large button-up shirts and winter clothing; Dad could use pots and pans, winter clothing and size 28×32 pants.

Family 18: Newly employed single mom working to get back on her feet. A 15-year-old boy wears size 14-16 pants, extra-large coat and size 7 shoes, and needs a windbreaker jacket, socks and boots, would like Nintendo 3DS games and likes Minecraft. An 11-year-old boy wears size 8/9 pants, size 10/12 shirts and coats, and size 3 shoes, and needs boots and gloves, would like Imaginext Batman toys and likes Minecraft. A 5-year-old boy wears 5T pants, and size 6-7 shirts and coat, and needs boots, pants and socks and likes Imaginext Batman and Lego toys, and would love a bicycle with training wheels. Mom wears large size pants, large shirt and coat, and size 7 1/2 or 8 shoes, and needs a coat and black boots. She would also like athletic pants, sweatshirts and socks.

Family 19: Low-income family trying to get back into the work force after a new baby. A 6-year-old girl wears clothing size 6/7 and shoe size 13 or 1, and loves Monster High and Hello Kitty. A 3-year-old girl wears clothing size 4T and shoe size 10 or 11, and loves Minnie Mouse. A 2-month-old boy wears clothing 6-9 month (no sports themes, but family loves dinosaurs). Mom needs household items. Dad needs a Virgin Mobile phone card to find work.

Family 20: Low-income family hoping for help. A 10-year-old girl wears size 16 clothes and size 6 shoes, and would like FurReal Friends Jumpin’ Pug Pet, Monster High digital video camera or a “Frozen” snowglobe. An 8-year-old boy wears size 9/10 clothes and size 4 shoes, and would like a Lego Ninjago Titan Mech battle, or Air Storm Firetek Bow. A 3-year-old boy wears size 4T clothes and size 8/9 shoes, and would like a Disney “Cars 2” erasable table and chairs, “Despicable Me” and “Looney Tunes: Rabbit Run” DVD. A 2-year-old boy wears size 2T clothes and size 7 shoes, and would like a five-way activity cube or Leapfrog Maracas. The family also would like to get the younger boys the Little Tikes Slam Dunk Big Ball Pit to share.

Family 21: Low-income family working to make ends meet. A 17-year-old boy wears size 40×32 pants, size 3XL shirts and size 13 socks. He would like Steam gift card, headphones or computer games. A 16-year-old girl wears size 14 pants, size extra-large shirts and size 10 socks. She would like women’s extra-large hoodies, music, headphones and a Seahawks shirt. A 15-year-old girl wears size women’s extra-large sweatpants and yoga pants, and would like hoodies, size 11W boots, craft supplies, a Seahawks shirt and coloring items. A 13-year-old boy wears 30×30 pants, men’s size medium shirts and size 10 socks, and would like Xbox 360 games, wrestlers, a skateboard and a bicycle. Mom wears size 11W tennis shoes and socks, and would like books and bath items. Dad wears size 34×32 pants, size 3XL shirts and size 13 socks, and would like tools.

Family 22: Displaced mom with older children, living with oldest son. A 16-year-old girl wears size 3 pants, size extra-small or small shirts, size 7 shoes, and likes items to do with her faith, such as crosses. A 20-year-old man wears size 36×34 pants, size medium or large shirts and size 11 shoes. Mom wears size 10 or 11 pants, size small or medium shirts and wears size 8 1/2 shoes.

Family 23: Low-income family with teenage children. A 19-year-old man wears size 36×32 pants, XXL shirts and size 9 1/2 shoes, and would like slippers, sweatshirts and personal hygiene items. He likes the color black, Seahawks, hunting and fishing. A 17-year-old girl wears size large yoga pants, size extra-large shirts and size 8 shoes. She likes the color black, cats, makeup, music and Wii video games, and would like yoga pants, shirts and earbuds. Mom wears size 20 pants, 2XL shirts and size 8 shoes. She would like a high-visibility jacket for work, and she likes the color purple, Seahawks, sewing and cats. Dad wears size 32×34 pants, extra-large shirts and size 9 1/2 shoes. He likes Seahawks and fishing, and needs steel-toed boots and rain gear for work.

Family 24: Family separated by circumstances. A 4-year-old girl wears size 6 or 6T clothes and size 1 or 2 shoes, and likes princesses, “Frozen,” Ariel and puppies. She would like a bicycle, Pillow Pet and hair items. A 3-year-old boy wears size 5T clothing and size 1 shoes, and likes Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man, Legos, “Go Diego Go,” Lightning McQueen, and would like a bike and a Pillow Pet. Mom needs clothes for interviews or a Torrid gift card, a camera, hair products and makeup. Dad wears size 9 shoes and needs socks.

Family 25: Family caring for adult child, struggling to make ends meet. The 33-year-old son with special needs wears size medium sweatpants, medium underwear and would like simple games, handheld games and likes the Seahawks. A 11-year-old boy wears size medium boxers and short socks, and likes the Seahawks, football and basketball. Mom wears size 14 pants, size 2XL shirts, medium sweatpants and size 8 1/2 shoes. Dad wears large sweatshirts and size 9-11 socks, and would like slippers.

Family 26: Single mom raising 5-year-old boy who wears 5T clothing and size 12 shoes, and likes Buzz Lightyear, “Toy Story,” cars, dinosaurs, and “Go Diego Go.” He needs shoes.

Family 27: Low-income family struggling for the holidays. An 8-year-old girl wears size 8/9 clothing and size 12 shoes, and likes Flutterbye Fairies, Barbies, “Frozen” and dolls. An 11-year-old boy wears size 16H pants, extra-large shirts and size 7 1/2 men’s shoes, and likes arts and crafts supplies. A 15-year-old boy wears size 34 or 36 jeans, extra-large sweats and size 14 men’s shoes, loves books and music, and wants an MP3 player.

Family 28: Single low-income mom of teenagers. A 16-year-old girl wears size 6 pants, small to medium shirts and size 7 1/2 shoes. A 17-year-old boy wears size 30 pants, large shirts and size 8 1/2 shoes.

Family 29: Low-income single mom of two boys. The 8-year-old wears size 8/9 clothes, is slim and wears size 3 shoes; he would like Legos and movies, and needs a coat and hat. The 18-month-old wears 3T-4T clothing, size 6 diapers and could use wipes, lotion, soap and age-appropriate educational toys.

Family 30: Underemployed single mom of two children. A 12-year-old girl wears size 13 pants, size large shirts and size 10 shoes, and needs clothes, shoes, coat, socks and queen bedding. She likes Paris decor, Hello Kitty, makeup, nail polish, pink, candles and “Minions.” An 8-year-old boy wears 14/16 clothes and size 5 1/2 shoes, and needs clothes, shoes, socks, queen bedding and likes the New Orleans Saints, skateboard accessories, football, Ninja Turtles and “Minions.” Mom wears size 15 jeans, size extra-large shirts and size 10 shoes, and needs clothes, tennis shoes, socks, bakeware, silverware, glasses, and pots and pans, and likes Fat Chef kitchen decor, Live, Laugh, Love decor, burgundy, red and gold, perfume and lotions.

Family 31: Low-income mom trying to make ends meet. A 11-year-old boy wears men’s 32×30 jeans, extra-large men’s shirts and size 9 1/2 men’s shoes, needs extra-large boxer briefs and would like a tablet for school work. A 3-year-old boy wears 5T or 5/6 clothing and size 11 shoes, and needs XL GoodNites underwear, likes artsy things, would love a Nabi tablet or Hot Wheels ride-along tractor. A 15-month-old girl wears size 2T clothing and size 5 shoes, and would like age-appropriate learning toys and a Nabi tablet. The family needs bunk beds for the boys or gift cards to get their cars fixed.

Family 32: A family in need because of several chronic family illnesses. An infant girl needs a baby floor mat and newborn clothing size 0-3. A 3-year-old boy wears size 4T clothing and likes trucks or trains. Mom would like DVDs or new boots size 8. Grandma would like a new purse or new boots size 10.

Family 33: A newly single mom with two young children. A 2-year-old girl wears 3T clothing, size 6 shoes and needs size 5 diapers. A newborn baby needs diapers.

Family 34: Working low-income mom struggling to get by. A 15-year-old girl wears size large leggings and likes makeup, books and hair accessories. A 12-year-old girl wears size small leggings and would like makeup, books and hair accessories. A 2-year-old boy likes sports, toys that make music, and books.

Family 35: Underemployed single mom, struggling due to loss of hours. A 4-year-old girl loves Play-Doh, Barbies and puzzles. Mom would like a restaurant gift card so they can go out to dinner together.

Family 36: A relocated family with life-threatening illness in the family. A 20-year-old son with disabilities wears size 30×30 pants, men’s medium shirts and size 9 boots. He likes Army boots or Army surplus clothes. An 18-year-old girl likes art supplies, beauty products, makeup and nail polish. An 11-year-old girl wears size 12 pants or jeans, size 12 shirts and size 6 shoes, and likes art supplies. Mom wears size 14 jeans, size large shirt and size 8 1/2 shoes. The family would like an XBox but would be happy with anything.

Community Youth Services

Serves homeless and other at-risk youth in the South Sound, providing shelter, safety and programs to boost independence and success. It also serves families with small children and youths ages 10-25 years old who need clothing, gift cards and other essential items to help them enjoy the holiday season. Donations of gift cards of any sort, new socks and underwear, and hygiene items would be greatly appreciated. To make donations, call 360-943-0780, email or go online to

Lewis-Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging

Information and assistance/case management provide a wide variety of social and health services to help vulnerable adults who struggle to remain in their homes. The Light of Hope drive focuses on clients living on low incomes and need of items including warn clothing, pet care, household and personal care items that are often outside the clients’ budgets. Please call before purchasing items for specific individuals to avoid duplication. In Thurston County call Amanda Neville, 360-664-3162 Ext. 133. In Mason County call Nikki Lundberg, 360-427-2226 Ext. 251. Below are 29 clients in need of help this year.

Client 1: A woman in her 50s who has physical and emotional issues who strives to remain independent in her home. She would be grateful for the gift of an Annual Bus Pass, since it would help her to stay connected and participate in community activities.

Client 2: A woman in her 60s who requires a wheelchair due to a lower limb amputation. She strives to be as independent as possible and the gift of an Annual Bus Pass would benefit her quality of life.

Client 3: A man who lives alone with his companion animal. He would appreciate the gift of dog food or a gift card to Fred Meyer or Walmart to purchase a supply of dog food.

Client 4: A woman in her 60s who lives alone and recently had back surgery. She has a cherished pet rabbit. She would appreciate a gift card to Critters Great Small pet store or Safeway for pet supplies. She would appreciate a gift card to Macy’s or JC Penney’s for a winter coat and a pair of sturdy shoes that would be supportive for her back problems.

Client 5: A woman with multiple chronic medical conditions and she has two large dogs. She requests large bags of dry dog food.

Client 6: A woman in her 80s who lives in rural Thurston County and has a very limited income and numerous physical problems. She requests toilet paper, kitchen paper towels and some cleaning products or a Walmart gift card so she can purchase some household cleaning supplies.

Client 7: A woman in her 80s who is legally blind and living in a travel trailer that is in need of repair. She has financial limitations and is having trouble making ends meet. She loves poached eggs and would appreciate the gift of a non-stick, stove top egg poacher. A gift card to Target for basic household necessities and groceries would also be a great benefit to her.

Client 8: A woman in her 60s who has cardiovascular issues with few resources. She requests two comforters, one queen size for her bed and one twin size for when she is in her recliner. She would appreciate the extra warmth this holiday season.

Client 9: A gentleman in his 50s who is paraplegic and lives alone in rural Thurston County. He lives off the grid and relies on two 6-volt golf cart batteries to power his home. He is in need of two replacement batteries, which are sold at Costco and cost $83.99 each (there may be a $12 fee per battery as well). Your donation would bring some light into his life.

Client 10: A woman in her 60s who has a Traumatic Brain Injury, a history of stroke, and requires a wheelchair. The holidays are a difficult time for her emotionally, due to not having any family in the area. She requests sheets for a queen size bed and bath towels. These comfort items would bring her some holiday cheer.

Client 11: A woman in her 50s who lives alone and has limited resources. She requests a lock box to secure the key for her home.

Client 12: A man who has mental health issues and has very few resources. He requests a set of stainless steel cookware that includes a 10″ skillet and a 2-quart pan with lids, and silverware.

Client 13: A woman who suffers from depression and lives alone with no family in the area. She requests gift cards to purchase clothing, blankets, food and supplies for her home.

Client 14: A man who recently became widowed and is living alone with no family in the area. He requests gift cards to purchase clothing, blankets, food and supplies for his home.

Client 15: A woman who is recently divorced and lives alone with no family in the area. She requests gift cards to purchase clothing, food and supplies for her home. 

Client 16: A woman in her 70s who lives alone in Thurston County with very few resources. She would appreciate a gift card to Fred Meyer so she can purchase some household items.

Client 17: A woman in her 50s who lives alone and is struggling with various health issues including arthritis and epilepsy. She asks for a gift card to Fred Meyer to purchase some personal care items and household supplies.

Client 18: A woman in her 60s who has COPD and has very few resources. She requests a gift card to Fred Meyer or Walmart to purchase some household items.

Client 19: A woman in her 70s who has COPD and has very few resources. She would appreciate a gift card to any local store so that she can purchase some personal care items or groceries.

Client 20: A woman in her 40s who has various health issues including epilepsy. She is a single mother of two young children and would appreciate a gift card to Walmart so she can purchase Christmas gifts for her kids.

Client 21: A woman in her 60s who has various health issues living in rural Thurston County. She would appreciate a gift card to Walmart to go shopping for new clothing.

Client 22: A woman in her 80s who is fiercely independent but is beginning to feel the effects of dementia. She lives alone in rural Thurston County and has no family in the area. She requests a gift card to Walmart to buy something personal for herself.

Client 23: A solitary centenarian from Thurston County who lives alone and has very few resources. This 100-year-old gentleman asks for some kitchen paper towels and toilet paper or for a Walmart gift card so he can purchase some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Client 24: A woman in her 80s who has low-vision and is having financial difficulties. She would appreciate a gift card to either Safeway or Walmart to help her purchase some food and necessities.

Client 25: A woman in her 50s who struggles with depression and has a number of physical ailments. Due to her health issues she must follow a specific, restricted diet which can be hard for her to afford. She enjoys eating eggs and fresh vegetables. She would appreciate a gift card to Safeway or Fred Meyers to help her purchase the food that meets her dietary restrictions.

Client 26: A woman who has Multiple Sclerosis and is the custodial parent of three children. She would appreciate gift cards to Fred Meyer or Walmart so that she can purchase nutritious food and household supplies.

Client 27: A woman who has been caregiver for both of her aging parents. She has become socially isolated since she had to sell her business to afford her parents’ medical bills. She would appreciate a gift card for any local restaurant or to buy gas.

Client 28: A man who has a rare and debilitating illness that results in weakness, bruising and joint issues. He lives with his wife and young son. He would appreciate a gift card to Fred Meyer to purchase new clothes, shoes and household items.

Client 29: A woman in her 60s who has very few resources. She requests a gift card to Walmart so she can purchase a water filter pitcher and some winter clothing.


SideWalk is a local organization on a mission to end homelessness in Thurston County by combing volunteer and intensive community engagement with data-driven, evidence-based methods. SideWalk uses a method called “rapid rehousing,” an approach to resolving homelessness that offers time-limited, small rental subsidies to assist homeless people to quickly move into housing, followed by intensive case management to ensure stability. The rapid rehousing approach is effective for 80 percent to 90 percent of the homeless population. SideWalk has moved 500 people off the streets, out of shelters and into permanent housing in less than three years.

Tax-deductible donations can be made online at To donate supplies, email or call 360-515-5587.

South Sound Parent to Parent

The nonprofit organization supports and strengthens families caring for children and adults with special needs. The Helping Parent program provides emotional support, parent education specific to those caregiving for someone with special needs, social support networks, resources, one-on-one mentoring and more. Here are eight families that could use help this holiday season. To donate, contact Sheila Kavanaugh at 360-352-1126 ext. 101 or For more information, go to Donations can be mailed or delivered to the Lacey office at 1012 Homann Drive SE, Lacey.

Family 1: The 2-1/2-year-old boy loves anything to do with cars, trains, airplanes and animals. But any toys that are mechanical or loud are very scary for him. He wears size 7 shoes and needs size 5 diapers. Clothes sizes are 18 months or 2T. A 9-year-old girl with autism loves bugs, art, marine life and animals and anything educational about wildlife, and loves to paint. She needs new size-6 rain boots and wears 10/12 size pants and size 13/14 shirts. Her sensory issues make jeans uncomfortable, but she does pretty well in stretchy pants. A 5-year-old girl loves “Doc McStuffins,” “Sofia the First” and crafts. She wears size 6 shirts and 5/6 pants. All the little ones love “Frozen” and family games. The parents could use a big pot for soup, a big fuzzy blanket or gas cards.

Family 2: A 10-year-old boy wears size 10/12 pajamas; an 8-year-old boy and 6-year-old boy like board games; two 2-year-old girls like educational toys.

Family 3: A mother in her early 20s has one 13-month-old child who likes toys, books and puzzles.

Family 4: A family with three children. A 16-month-old boy likes wooden puzzles; a 14-year-old boy loves cards and card games; a 9-year-old girl loves beads to make bracelets. Mom likes to knit and would love yarn. Grandmother likes anything with roosters on it, and grandfather needs size 35×30 pants.

Family 5: A family with three children. The 1-year-old boy likes noise and music toys, and toys he can walk with and push. A 5-year-old girl likes dolls and girl Legos. A 12-year-old boy loves art and drawing.

Family 6: A family with three boys. The oldest is socially awkward with autism but is verbal and pretty typical otherwise, and wears adult medium clothes. The middle boy has communication delay and wears 4T clothes. The baby boy is 18 months old. The family needs food assistance.

Family 7: A family with three children. The oldest boy wears children’s extra-large clothes, the middle boy wears 3T clothing, and the youngest is a girl wearing 19-24 months size clothes. The middle child has autism and is nonverbal; the youngest might be on the spectrum; the oldest child is typical but is big for his age. The family needs food assistance.

Family 8: A family with four children. All three older children are on IEPs with communication and/or social-emotional issues. There is a girl that wears 12-18 months size clothes, a girl who wears 3T/4T clothes, a boy who wears 5T/6 clothing and a girl that wears medium/large children’s clothes. The family needs food assistance.

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On the Bright Side: Hand-hewn plates highlight Harvest Dinner

On the Bright Side: Hand-hewn plates highlight Harvest Dinner

On the Bright Side: Hand-hewn plates highlight Harvest Dinner

Gerry RaymondaTim Masterjohn, owner of The Red Caboose Restaurant and Bar in Oneonta, meets with associate professor of art Stephanie Rozene, center, and several of her students to design dinnerware inside Hartwick College’s ceramics studio in October.

Posted: Sunday, November 29, 2015 8:37 pm

On the Bright Side: Hand-hewn plates highlight Harvest Dinner

By Jessica Reynolds Staff Writer

The Daily Star

For many, a plate is simply a hard surface on which food is placed, but for 15 Hartwick College students and their mentors, the platter is a vital part of the dining experience.

The students in Stephanie Rozene’s Dinnerware course will see hundreds of their hand-crafted bowls, plates and platters used during a charity event Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

The event, called the Harvest Dinner Project, will feature a farm-to-table dinner and a charity auction, and is a collaboration between Hartwick and The Red Caboose Restaurant and Bar in Oneonta, Rozene said Sunday. It will be held both nights at the Red Caboose from 6 until 10 p.m., with tickets costing $100 plus tax and all proceeds to benefit The Lord’s Table feeding program. 

Students in Rozene’s class have spent the semester handcrafting ceramic dinnerware specifically paired with each item on the menu, according to Rozene, an associate professor of art at Hartwick. During the dinner, guests will hear from the students about their creative processes, and will have an opportunity to bid on serving dishes and other artwork from local artists, she said.

“This is about participation, community engagement, and spotlighting the issue of feeding our neighbors,” Rozene said. “It also crystallizes the experiential learning and community involvement opportunities we promote at the college.”

Sam Ohman, The Red Caboose’s executive chef, and restaurant owner Tim Masterjohn developed a seven-course meal for the event, which was created to help raise awareness of food insecurities in the community, they said.

Much of the food — including bread, cheeses, venison and other meats — will be sourced locally, and the bill of fare will feature a smoke-cured salmon course, seafood chowder, a beef and rice bowl, and brandy-preserved peaches.

Rozene said she and Masterjohn came up with the Harvest Dinner Project idea over drinks at his restaurant’s bar. The first week of the semester, Masterjohn and Ohman met with the class, showing students different types of dinnerware and why certain shapes and sizes are used for each course and kind of food.

“We were excited to work with this energetic group of creative students at Hartwick College to produce a unique dining experience while learning about the relationship between food and ceramics,” Masterjohn said in a prepared statement. “It’s an interesting approach to take two different creative mediums and make them work together.”

Rozene assigned two students to make dinnerware pieces for each course, she said, and the class worked together to make the dishes for bread and dessert. Masterjohn worked with the students to critique their work and give advice.

Each student made 75 pieces of dinnerware, with the nicest 50 to be used at the dinner, Rozene said. 

“The students made their pieces in response to the food,” Rozene said. “For instance, the seafood chowder will be served in a dark mahogany-brown bowl, which provides strong contrast to the creamy colors of the chowder. And the smoked salmon will be served on skinny rectangular porcelain plates that feature the suggestion of fish tails.” Another student’s design features flowers at the bottom of a bowl, to be revealed as the food is eaten, she said.

Several of Rozene’s students said the experience has helped them realize that a plate or bowl can actually enhance an eating experience.

“For me it’s about thinking about food, and thinking about it hard and from every angle; taste, color, appearance, availability, texture, and most importantly, how will it look on my plate?” said Ericka Condon-Ericson, one of Rozene’s students. “How will what I am making work with the food to culminate in a beautiful presentation? We are crafting items with our hands, and we’re going to feed people with them.”

The amazing part of the project, Rozene said, is that most of the students are not art majors. Even so, a special art exhibit featuring the students’ ceramic work is on display in the Community Room of the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown through December.

Each guest Tuesday and Wednesday will take home a handmade dessert plate, Rozene said, as well as a pint glass from Brewery Ommegang, one of the evening’s sponsors. Some dinnerware will be purchased by The Red Caboose for continued use but most of it will return to the students, she said.

“We have enough so that they can all trade with each other,” Rozene said, “to take home a full set!”

Tickets to the Harvest Dinner can be purchased at Dietz Wall Wines, at 6 Dietz St., or at The Red Caboose, at 214 Main St. For more information, call The Red Caboose at 267-4966. 

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Sunday, November 29, 2015 8:37 pm.

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