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Victoria Beckham Ups Her Accessories Game in All Black

Photo: Splash News

While many were having pre-Halloween parties this weekend,  Victoria Beckham and her brood went out to dinner in Los Angeles. Joined by husband David and her kids, Beckham cut a lean figure in a sophisticated top and trouser combo. But the game changer of her one-note look? The sophisticated, old-world accessories.

Beckham has always been a pro at amping up any ensemble with a covet-worthy bag, pair of sunglasses, or killer shoes, but this time her fluid and tailored outfit was elevated by means of two simple and streamlined pieces. Beckham’s chunky gold bracelet anchors her look with a hint of shine and overt luxury while coordinating with the buttons on her Asian-inspired top. And to keep her posh essentials in order, Beckham opted for a clutch with boyish undertones for full Savile Row effect. As for that other “accessory”? Well, when you’re the mother of four, you’re bound to borrow from the kids now and then.


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The 5 best adapters you’ll probably need for the new MacBook Pros

Steve Kovach/Business Insider

So here it is, the future of the MacBook Pro, and it’s full of adapters.

The new MacBook Pros exclusively feature USB-C ports, which means your old USB accessories and peripherals wont plug into the new MacBook Pro without an adapter. 

We’re not particularly fond of adapters. They’re “extra” bits to worry about, and add extra cost to connecting our old stuff, which cost no money to connect in the past.

It’ll take some time until everyone eventually replaces their old accessories with new models that support USB-C. Until then, we’ve found a few that could ease the transition.

Check them out:


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Fiesta dinnerware exhibit celebrates 80 years

In celebration of Fiesta dinnerware’s 80th anniversary, the West Virginia Division of Culture and History is hosting a special six-month exhibit at the West Virginia Culture Center in Charleston, W.V.

An assortment of plates are featured throughout the exhibit, including original pieces from 1936, and a wall mosaic of dishes and broken pieces of the brand’s newest color, Claret.

Fiesta is made by Newell, Va.-based Homer Laughlin China Company, founded in 1871. Introduced in 1936, Fiesta dinnerware features art deco styling and bold, bright colors. Over the years, 48 complementary colors have been produced. The line was discontinued in 1973 and reissued in 1986 to mark its 50th anniversary.


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Review: wood-fired pizza and Italian fare at Meribo in Covington

At first glance, Meribo, a new restaurant in Covington, looks like many modern Italian restaurants. There are meatballs draped in red sauce, delicate hunks of burrata perched atop heirloom tomatoes and a healthy dedication to wood-fired pizzas and pasta dishes. But take a closer look and you’ll find Benton’s bacon in many dishes, fried oysters on pizzas and Gulf shrimp and grits with collard greens. At their chic eatery, owners Vinnie LeDonne and Gavin Jobe embrace a combination of Italian concepts and techniques using local ingredients while adding Southern flair. (The restaurant’s name is a portmanteau of the Italian words meridionale, meaning southern, and cibo, for food.)

  The pinnacle of this effort is the restaurant’s signature Meridionale pie, featuring smoked pork shoulder, collard greens and sweet, soft strands of caramelized onion. The sturdy collard leaves hold up better than their more popular counterparts — arugula and spinach — curling and contouring in the blistering heat of the oven while retaining their characteristic bitter tang. Mozzarella and a juicy tomato base also top the chewy, flour-dusted crust, which is ushered blistering hot from a wood-burning oven.

  The oven, with its shiny white-tiled dome, anchors the dining room and is used to cook more than just pizzas. Sizzling cast-iron skillets are filled with melted mozzarella cheese, red sauce and a dollop of emerald green pesto. The dish is served with thick pieces of toasted ciabatta glistening with olive oil. It’s hard to pick favorites where melted cheese is concerned, but this one is as strong a contender as any. Wood-fired octopus arrives with chewy and charred tentacles nestled on a bed of creamy cannellini beans, which carry the essence of smoke thanks to nibs of bacon. Drizzled with pale yellow saffron aioli and served with warm slices of crusty bread, it’s a hearty, warming dish that feels appropriate for autumn as the days grow shorter and cooler.

  Thick, chewy ribbons of squid ink pappardelle are tossed with rich, full-bodied beef cheek ragout, showered with Parmesan and topped with a poached farm egg. When broken, the egg oozes creamy yolk into the pasta, and pistachio gremolata adds texture and dimension to the decadent dish. Linguine with clams features bouncy noodles coated in herb butter, snaked around tiny clams, broccolini and red chilies. It’s a simple and satisfying dish, but the broccolini was overcooked and needed more crunch.

  A short list of desserts includes tiramisu served in a rocks glass, with tiered espresso and cognac-spiked cookies nestled with layers of sweet mascarpone cheese. It’s a classic preparation that, while not overly ambitious or exciting, delivers its simple pleasure.

  Though Meribo is a casual spot with a simple approach, the restaurant’s chic and sleek aesthetic serves as a reminder that this isn’t a Sunday red sauce joint but a modern affair. Regional touches meet classic Italian dishes on a menu that plays it safe but delivers while doing so.

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4 days ago

It’s an adage as old as television: Why have one version of a show when you can have dozens? Forensic crime shows, hospital dramas, comic book crossovers: every type of show deserves three or four copies. And that, my friends, includes Shows About Yuppie Stuff.

Right now, there are two shows about well-to-do couples and their nasty divorces (Divorce, The Affair), two shows about the heartwarming mishaps of well-to-do suburban families (Modern Family, Black-ish), and one show about Coachella-obsessed high-end weed dealers (Mary + Jane), not to be confused with one show about bike-lane-obsessed high-end weed dealers (High Maintenance).

Don’t get me wrong: Yuppie stuff is great. I love vinyl records and goblets of rosé and am very concerned with decoding people’s Instagrams and “midcentury modern” Pinterest boards. But I think we can all admit that Shows About Yuppie Stuff are partly enjoyable because they’re insufferable. Petty monologues, green juice recipes, therapy sessions — these things are meant to annoy and indict the viewer as much as they entertain. So, the question we ask today is: Who is the most annoying? Who is the true champion of the Yuppie Insufferability Wars? Our rankings, below.

10. The Johnsons, ‘Black-ish’


Some might balk at the inclusion of this show on a Yuppie Insufferability Rankings list, because it’s funny! Fresh! Diverse! (Did you think diverse? Yuppie.) The show is heartwarming and surprising and deals with race in America in a nuanced way! All of these things are true, but Dre’s mother, Ruby, has a Dooney Bourke bag which equals automatic placement on this list.

Yuppie House of Choice: A beautiful colonial in a Los Angeles suburb.

Sure Sign We’re in the Presence of Yuppies: Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs plays a pretentious expat who swills red wine like he’s a sommelier.

Key Insufferable Yuppie Preoccupations: High school presidential elections, atheism, VIP tickets to Disney World, Christmas dinner, pool parties, teenagers driving cars, sibling weddings.

Saving Grace: Black people make everything — even insufferable yuppie problems — so much cooler. We can call them Bluppies, if that makes everyone feel more comfortable.

9. The Pearsons, ‘This Is Us’

The show is about two generations of yuppie problems: 1970s domestic squabbles over vintage T-shirts and modern-day squabbles over FaceTime. Also, someone (looking at you, Sterling K. Brown) clearly and deliberately uses the holy grail of Yuppie Kitchen Accessories — a Vitamix — to make a morning smoothie in Episode 5.

Yuppie Houses of Choice: A beautiful yet nondescript house in a predominately white New York suburb, a modern penthouse in Los Angeles, and a covetable Craftsman in Los Angeles.

Sure Sign We’re in the Presence of Yuppies: Mandy Moore, and Mandy Moore finding any excuse to sing a folk song.

Key Insufferable Yuppie Preoccupations: Teaching precocious children about the meaning of life and death via monologue, a show within a show called The Manny, a story arc about a hot television actor desperately needing to prove himself in the theater, Jicama, kale, diets, ex-girlfriends’ Facebook accounts, the Super Bowl, hobbyist painters who think they are profound painters.

Saving Grace: Do you have soul? This show is heartwarming as hell.

8. The Customers, ‘High Maintenance’


In the past three years or so, weed — how to get it, what new thing to smoke it out of, which celebrity weed advocate best represents our own weed philosophies — has become a chief preoccupation of the law-abiding yuppie class, and High Maintenance is the first show to capitalize on the growing sect of Yuppie Stoners.

Yuppie House of Choice: A brownstone in Brooklyn.

Sure Sign We’re in the Presence of Yuppies: The weed-delivery guy — whatever happened to buying some shake from whatever person you could find in the park? Plus, they did an entire episode from the perspective of a dog.

Key Insufferable Yuppie Preoccupations: Rachel Comey, Instagram, Joan Didion, pet ownership, gay best friends, toxic friends, Grindr, aspiring bloggers, social media addictions, shrooms, survivalist communities.

Saving Grace: This show is highly empathetic and gives us all license to indulge in our own insufferable yuppie behavior. (Thank you H.M.)

7. The Ottos, ‘American Housewife’

An upper-middle-class American family moves to a beautiful American neighborhood, where they realize they are not part of the upper upper middle class. This is a show about coping.

Yuppie House of Choice: A beautiful house in a tony Connecticut suburb.

Sure Sign We’re in the Presence of Yuppies: A rebel who wears “I’m not like the other Stepford Wives” khakis and speeds in her minivan.

Key Insufferable Yuppie Preoccupations: Being the least rich people in the rich neighborhood, working out, green juices, naps, marital sex, Spanx, precocious children who want to be future Wall Street bankers, beautiful teenage daughters who remind other female characters of their own mortality.

Saving Grace: It’s only 30 minutes.

6. The Pritchett-Dunphy-Tuckers, ‘Modern Family


This show has been on for eight seasons. How they’ve managed to keep coming up with new yuppie problems is beyond me.

Yuppie Houses of Choice: A Spanish-style home in Los Angeles, a vaguely New England–style home in Los Angeles, and a modern home in Los Angeles.

Sure Sign We’re in the Presence of Yuppies: Julie Bowen’s enormous glasses of white wine, and syndication on USA.

Key Insufferable Yuppie Preoccupations: Sofía Vergara’s accent, several precocious children of varying ages, a French bulldog, real estate, adoption, high-end closet design as a profession, sibling rivalry, neighborhood associations, inappropriate boyfriends for teenage daughters, Scrabble, family vacations, May–December relationships, college admissions, cigars, white lies.

Saving Grace: It’s constantly on. That’s reassuring.

5. Jordan and Paige, ‘Mary + Jane’

We’ve established that weed is a current chief concern of the upwardly mobile, and on this MTV show, that concern is made even more insufferable, because it is the preoccupation of 20-something Los Angeles hot girl dealers.

Yuppie House of Choice: A two-bedroom apartment on the East Side of L.A.

Sure Sign We’re in the Presence of Yuppies: Snoop Dogg wrote the theme song.

Key Insufferable Yuppie Preoccupations: Saturn returns, brunch, Instagram, lifestyle brands, DJ ex-boyfriends, one night stands, bridal showers, edibles, startups, indie businesses, Coachella tickets, vocal fry, spas, lying to go to rehab to get a vacation, WeedCon, personal branding, ’90s-themed birthday parties, hashtags, throuples.

Saving Grace: It’s about weed.

4. The People Who Sing, ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

Is there anything more insufferable than breaking into a spontaneous, upbeat song? Is there anything more yuppie than wishing life was a musical?

Yuppie Houses of Choice: Condos in West Covina, California, which has a quirky small-town “Stars Hollow of the West Coast” vibe. (Yuppies love small towns.)

Sure Sign We’re in the Presence of Yuppies: So many blouses.

Key Insufferable Yuppie Preoccupations: Therapy, delusional relationships, Facebook, yoga, party buses, love triangles, hummus, beach days, poor financial planning, theater camp, summer camp rivalries that still affect you in your adult life, overbearing mothers, avoiding your therapist, casual yet problematic stalking of crushes, casual yet borderline psychotic schemes, Poke, frozen yogurt, malls, all the singing.

Saving Grace: Did I mention it’s a musical?

3. The Solloways, ‘The Affair’


A.k.a. Yuppie Noir. Murder! Adultery! Alcoholism! Real estate! Showtime went all in on this one.

Yuppie Houses of Choice: Several oceanfront Montauk homes and a magnificent Brooklyn brownstone.

Sure Sign We’re in the Presence of Yuppies: Dominic West doing an American accent.

Key Insufferable Yuppie Preoccupations: Overbearing wealthy mothers, book releases, “will my second novel succeed or am I an artistic failure,” family dinners, therapy, male ego, lobster shacks, nonsensical wedding invitations, secret babies, affairs, four poster beds, wrinkles, Spanx, classy yet inappropriate daytime drunkenness, yoga retreats, Reiki, Sebastian Junger cameos, hot tubs, drunk driving, murder, age old family blood feuds.

Saving Grace: Joshua Jackson’s butt.

2. Robert and Frances, ‘Divorce’

Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church are two middle-aged yuppies embroiled in an incredibly nasty divorce that manages to seem both mundane (she was trapped in a boring marriage) and strangely aspirational (she has great shoes).

Yuppie Houses of Choice: A penthouse apartment in Manhattan and a large, Victorianish house in a nearby snow-dappled town with a really good school system.

Sure Sign We’re in the Presence of Yuppies: Jemaine Clement starring as the man you’d have an affair with.

Key Insufferable Yuppie Preoccupations: Couples counseling, ill-advised gun ownership, Molly Shannon’s dancing, shoes, gallery ownership, Corinthian granite counters, teenagers who won’t stop looking at iPads, an inability to speak Spanish, but a determination to do it anyway.

Saving Grace: There’s a really fluffy dog.

1. Everybody, ‘Easy’


Joe Swanberg’s specialty is the sort of yuppie fetishizing that feels cooler because it’s “indie” yuppie. Each of Easy’s eight episodes is a different slice of the yuppie pie, making it perhaps the most exhaustive and expansive catalog of yuppie problems pop culture has seen since Gilmore Girls went off the air.

Yuppie Houses of Choice: Craft-beer-filled homes and restaurants throughout Chicago.

Sure Sign We’re in the Presence of Yuppies: Orlando Bloom as a hot dad.

Key Insufferable Yuppie Preoccupations: Veganism, trying to spark passion in a marriage by playing dress-up, stay-at-home dads who are threatened by their breadwinner wives, craft beers, warehouse spaces, one-night stands, indie businesses, coffee shops, old flames, fertility, urban biking, threesomes, Tinder, music teachers for tots, Dave Franco, brunch, collaging.

Saving Grace: You and me and everyone can see ourselves in at least one yuppie on Easy.

Disclosure: HBO is an initial investor in The Ringer.

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Imagination, teamwork go into annual pumpkin contest

How they placed

1. Victoria West High School

2. Howell Middle school

3. (Four-way tie): Cade Middle School, DeLeon Elementary School, Schorlemmer Elementary School, Shields Elementary School

People’s choice: Victoria West High School

Blue ones, green ones, red ones, teal ones and orange ones.

Cupcakes, popcorn, Raggedy Ann, Frankenstein, Olaf the snowman and Pikachu shared tables with other decorated pumpkins at the VISD administration building.

Maggie Cabrera brought Cookie Monster to life in the annual VISD food service pumpkin decorating contest.

The Howell Middle School kitchen manager’s design placed second in the contest.

“It was a combined effort,” she said. “Veronica Levario is the artist who made the pumpkin.”

The staff contemplated using foam, Play-Doh and real cookies in their design, she said.

Last year, the team won first place.

This year, Victoria West High School’s team won first place. They painted a sugar skull pumpkin.

“Every year, it gets better and better,” Cabrera, 50, said.

“We try to do something cute and fun for the kids,” she said.

The food service employees like to keep the pumpkin for a time to proudly display it as the winner.

“It encourages the kids so they know that they, too, can win,” she said.

A student is selected at random by a computer to take home the winning pumpkin. The student is selected from those who receive breakfast daily.

A photo is posted on social media of the student, she said.

“They smile, of course, and are like, ‘Oh my gosh,'” she said.

Members of the winning team each received kitchen accessories as a prize.

“Everybody likes to win,” she said.

Cabrera’s team began planning their Halloween design at the end of September.

“It takes teamwork,” she said.

The pumpkin took a couple of days to finish.

“It was mainly painting and letting it dry,” she said. “In the meantime, we cut the cookies and just glued the pieces together.”

The motivation for creating the pumpkins is the desire to win, she said.

“I’ve been working 20 years for the school, and every year, the creativity’s different,” she said.

Now that the pumpkin contest is over, her team will begin planning for next year’s contest at the beginning of next school year, she said.

For now, she will get ready for the annual gingerbread house competition hosted by the district at Christmas.

It is important for the district to hold this contest because the students love to win, she said.

“They get to enjoy the pumpkin we made,” she said. “We work for them. That’s what we’re here for.”


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Benton Harbor residents march past Whirlpool offices in protest of the Senior PGA sponsored by Whirlpool and Kitchen Aid, on May 26, 12.

  • KitchenAid tweet cites Obama’s grandmother’s death three days before 2008 election
  • Benton Harbor residents have been boycotting Whirlpool/KitchenAid for years for destroying their city.

Part of rally against PA 4/Whirlpool takeover of Benton Harbor in 2011.

VOD: the story below concludes that a so-called “gaffe” by a KitchenAid employee won’t do permanent damage to Whirlpool’s KitchenAid brand.

However, it fails to note that the people of Benton Harbor, Michigan, home to Whirlpool’s world headquarters is, are BOYCOTTING WHIRLPOOL due to the damage it has done to their 96 percent Black city, with the country’s highest poverty rate. 

Rev. Edward Pinkney (center) wears shirt denouncing Whirlpool and KitchenAid for “crimes against humanity.” Detroiters Cecily McClellan (l0 and Les Little (r) flank him.

Whirlpool closed its plants in Benton Harbor and then proceeded to take over the city’s public property including beautiful Jean Klock Park on Lake Michigan.

It is one of the corporations behind the “dictator law” called Public Act 4 under which the state has appointed “emergency managers” and established consent decrees that now have absolute power over the assets, revenues, debt payments, jobs and services of cities across Michigan, including Benton Harbor and even Detroit.

It is no accident that a management-level KitchenAid employee with access to the company’s official Tweet system made these remarks. They reflect the corporation’s political views as a whole.

By Martha C. White, NBC News contributor

KitchenAid is famous for its mixers, but the brand learned the hard way about the perils of mixing personal political views with official company messaging on social views.

On Thursday morning, parent company Whirlpool was in damage-control mode after an offensive message was sent from the company’s official Twitter account during last night’s presidential debate.

Obamas gma even knew it was going 2 b bad! ‘She died 3 days b4 he became president’,” the Tweet read, a response to a reference President Barack Obama made about his grandmother’s passing. It was quickly deleted, but not before a flurry of screenshots and retweets thwarted the attempt at erasure.

Marcher confronts PGA tourists in Benton Harbor May 26, 2012.

KitchenAid’s senior director of marketing Cynthia Soledad followed up with a series of Tweets apologizing for the “irresponsible tweet that is in no way a representation of the brand’s opinion.”

“It was carelessly sent in error by a member of our Twitter team who, needless to say, won’t be tweeting for us anymore,” she wrote. “That said, I take full responsibility for my team. Thank you for hearing me out.”

In a statement, Soledad said an employee intending to Tweet the comment from a personal Twitter account mistakenly sent it from the company’s account instead. “Appropriate actions are being taken” regarding that employee, she said.

In general, branding experts say that one-off gaffes like this, while embarrassing in the short term, don’t do lasting damage to a brand. A swift, contrite apology like Soledad’s is the best response to offensive employee behavior. The incident does illustrate the perils companies face as they try to juggle an increasing number of communication channels, some of which must be managed in real time, while maintaining a consistent brand voice.


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