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Man regrets surviving ‘suicide pact’ with girl

“It would have been better if I had died,” rued Manoj Singh (name changed) expressing regret over surviving the suicide pact with a minor due to her family’s objection to their meetings.

The 22-year-old man lost his legs while the girl, said to be around 10-year-old, fractured her limbs after they were run over by a train in Narela on Monday.

Both Manoj and the girl claim the other person encouraged them to participate in the suicide pact.

Minor alleges torture

However, the minor alleged that her mother and sister tortured her and forced her to stay away from Manoj. She claimed her sister was not at home when he came over and said “let’s go and die”.

Manoj claimed helplessness saying the minor had threatened to commit suicide if he did not marry her. According to the police, the girl’s statement or consent has no legal or evidential value given her age and that the onus was on the man to explain how they ended up being run over by a train at the same time.

Claiming he had nowhere to go, Manoj said he worked with a company that supplies modular kitchen accessories for households.

The girl’s parents work in a factory in Narela industrial area. The girl’s family and Manoj both hail from Bihar’s Madhubani.

The man and the minor, who live in the same building, allegedly knew each other for the past two years.

Her family wanted Manoj, who is a tenant in the building, evicted. Her family allegedly told her that she would be married off after a certain age.

Day of incident

On the day of the incident, the girl’s sister had gone to the market while her mother was on the terrace.

The girl and Manoj left her house hand in hand. Her mother spotted them walking away after they had covered a fair distance and screamed at them to stop. Manoj said they ignored her mother, who did not chase them either, and kept walking.

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Lifetime Brands’ losses grow as department store sales slow

Garden City-based Lifetime Brands Inc. Tuesday reported slightly lower net sales and a higher loss for the second quarter ended June 30, reflecting a decline in sales at department stores and warehouse clubs.

The global provider of branded kitchenware, tableware and other products, including Farberware and KitchenAid, posted net sales of $117.4 million for the second quarter, compared to $118.1 million during the same quarter last year.

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Lifetime Brands’ net loss for the quarter was $2.1 million, compared to a net loss of $1.2 million during the year-earlier period. Adjusted net loss was $800,000, compared to an adjusted net loss of $80,000 in the corresponding period in 2016. Adjustments exclude acquisition-related expenses, loss on early retirement of debt, restructuring expenses and severance expenses, among other items.

Weakness in department store sales of tableware was offset by increases in kitchenware sales and growth in e-commerce sales, Jeffrey Siegel, Lifetime’s chairman and chief executive, said during a conference call with investors Tuesday morning. E-commerce sales represent about 15 percent of Lifetime Brands’ total sales, he said in a statement.

“We are especially pleased with the growth in our global e-commerce business,” Siegel said in a statement.

BusinessLifetime Brands revenue rises, loss narrows

The company reduced its sales growth forecast for 2017 from 3 percent to 1.5 percent, excluding foreign currency impact.

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Shares of Lifetime Brands dropped $1.70, or 9.07 percent, Tuesday to close at $17.05 on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The shares are up more than 14 percent in the last 12 months.

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Get the New Brand of Affordable Kitchen Cabinets in California from Bestonlinecabinets

This press release was orginally distributed by SBWire

San Gabriel, CA — (SBWIRE) — 08/08/2017 — Located in the busy San Gabriel city, Bestonlinecabinets is one of the best online shopping stores for contemporary kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles. The company manufactures and distributes its products to both wholesale and individual consumers. They stock some of the famous and new arrival Ready to Assemble kitchen cabinets. Some of the cabinets in their catalog include Mahogany Shaker, Espresso, Grey Shaker and White Shaker. The company also stocks some of the best kitchen accessories, bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinet handle and knobs.

Speaking in one of their showrooms in San Gabriel, the company’s sales manager said, ” our mandate and mission as a company is to deliver the best customer products and services in the, most convenient and timely manner. We employ the latest technology in the production of kitchen cabinets. The ability to stock the latest artistic designs of cabinets and come up with new models is what makes our company unique. We are an independent company manufacturing and supplying kitchen cabinets. We can customize commercial and home based cabinets and wall units to fit the requirements of our clients in the shortest time possible.”

Finding the best one stop shop for purchasing kitchen cabinets is not an easy task. Bestonlinecabinets understands the hassle customers may go through in the process of acquiring quality kitchen accessories and cabinets. For this reason, it has established an online shopping platform that enables clients to go through their catalog, make free order estimations and order for their suitable cabinets. The online shopping website is well designed to protect confidential customer information making it safe and secure to shop. The company also gives discounts to new customers as well as those purchasing in bulk through the online shop. To buy online affordable kitchen cabinets customers can simply visit the company’s website.

Commenting in the affordability of their products and services, the company’s sales manager added, “Bestonlinecabinets is determined to provide quality kitchen cabinets to her customers in the most affordable way. We constantly revise our price tags to make our products affordable to all. We encourage our customer not to emphasize much on the price of product but quality. Unlike our competitors, we help the customer save a significantly by providing same quality products lower prices. Our ability to exclude all middlemen in our supply chain and adopt the most cost effective way of supply enables us to provide our products to the customer at relatively low prices.”

The company is determined to produce and supply quality products to their customers. Products purchased form their store come with some additional features making them unique. Apart from giving the best-featured cabinets, the company offers kitchen remodeling services at affordable rates and stocks American and European style kitchen cabinets. Individuals looking for a one stop shop to buy furniture style vanity can rely on Bestonlinecabinets for amazing offers.

About Bestonlinecabinets
Bestonlinecabinets is a privately owned company with offices and warehouse in California. The company offers quality RTA kitchen cabinets for sale to all residents of San Gabriel at an affordable rate. It offers timely shipping services and has the best customer support staff to help customers get the right products.

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The 15 best cast-iron pans under $50

A cast-iron pan is one of the only cooking instruments that actually adds nutritional benefit to a dish. When you cook, these pans release small amounts of iron into the food which can be really helpful in combating iron deficiencies, especially if you cook with a lot of high acidity.

For The 15 Best Cast-Iron Pans Under $50, click here.

They have been the tool of choice for chefs for decades, due to their durability and excellent heat retention­ – not to mention that nice sear you get when grilling a rib-eye. Cast iron, also known as “casting metal” has been found to date all the way back to China in the fourth century B.C, although before it was used as a cooking material its primary use was to make weapons. We saw the introduction of the cast-iron pan as we know it today, in the late nineteenth century, but prior to that the “spider pot” was its predecessor – “the spider” being that ancient cast-iron, cauldron-like pot, designed with three legs and a handle for use in a hearth or fireplace, often used for slow-cooking stews. Interestingly enough, besides adding a handle and eliminating the legs, not much about the original idea behind the pot has changed.

The process for making cast-iron cookware is essentially melting blocks of iron and steel together in a factory. Then, in order to raise the carbon levels, chemicals are added to the mix and the molten metal is poured into a clay mold. When the pan is cool, the mold is broken and the cookware is released. The pan is then smoothed and sometimes seasoned before it’s ready to be sold.

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Heads up, Moscow mule lovers: That copper mug could be poisoning you

The Moscow mule — that Instagram-ready cocktail that has surged in popularity in recent years — has only a few ingredients: vodka, ginger beer, lime and ice. But perhaps the most crucial component of the drink is the copper mug in which it’s almost always served, beverage aficionados say.

Now, public health officials are warning that those mugs could be poisoning you.

An advisory bulletin from Iowa’s Alcoholic Beverages Division notes that, in keeping with Food and Drug Administration guidelines, copper should not come into contact with acidic foods with a pH below 6. That includes vinegar, fruit juice, wine and, yes, a traditional Moscow mule, whose pH is “well below 6.0.” the bulletin says.

“When copper and copper alloy surfaces contact acidic foods, copper may be leached into the food,” the division notes.

Symptoms of copper poisoning include abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and jaundice, according to the National Institutes of Health. “Sudden (acute) copper poisoning is rare,” NIH says. “However, serious health problems from long-term exposure to copper can occur. Severe poisoning can cause liver failure and death.”

Most chefs and food scientists already know not to use copper (or copper-plated) pots and pans for acidic recipes like tomato sauce, not only for health reasons but for the ways in which “reactive” cookware can alter the flavor of a recipe. Food editor Emma Christensen broke down the differences between reactive and nonreactive cookware in a good primer for here:

Ceramics and stainless steel are considered nonreactive. While these don’t conduct heat very well and tend to have “hot spots,” they won’t interfere with the chemical structure of the food in such a way that changes the look or edibility of our food. … Aluminum, copper, iron, and steel (not “stainless”) are all reactive. They conduct heat very efficiently, and therefore, do a great job of cooking our food evenly. However, these metals are reactive with acidic and alkaline foods. If you’re cooking with ingredients like tomatoes or lemon juice, your food can take on a metallic flavor, especially if the cooking time is very long. Light colored foods, like eggs, can develop gray streaks.

The same reactions occur when copper surfaces come in contact with acidic drinks. The instinct to separate copper from acidic drinks may not be as apparent simply because copper cups haven’t been commonly used as a beverage vessel. Until now.

“The recent popularity of Moscow Mules, an alcoholic cocktail typically served in a copper mug, has led to inquiries regarding the safe use of copper mugs and this beverage,” the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division wrote. “This means that copper mugs that have a copper interior may not be used with this beverage.”

Some may protest: How else is one supposed to drink a Moscow mule? From a glass?

Well, that is one option. But it turns out there’s an easy fix without sacrificing the photogenic qualities of the beverage. Simply make sure your Moscow mules are served in copper mugs lined on the inside with another metal, like nickel or stainless steel. The silver lining may not look as authentic in your pictures as a completely copper mug would, but it could save you a trip to the hospital. Cheers.

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5 great things about the PGA Championship move to May

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Starting in 2019 at Bethpage Black in Farmingdale, New York, the PGA Championship will move to the month of May and become the second major championship on the annual golf calendar behind the Masters in April.

Here’s a list of five great things about the move:

5. A rhythm to the major championship schedule. For many years, there’s always been that 2-month plus gap between the Masters in April and the U.S. Open in June. That won’t be the case in 2019 and onward. Instead, golf fans will be spoiled with four consecutive months – April-July – of major championship golf. 

4. It’s in the best interest of the PGA Championship. With golf’s inclusion in the Olympic Games, the PGA of America was forced to shift its traditional August date back into July in 2016 to accommodate the world’s top players competing in the Rio Games. This situation and schedule adjustment was going to come into play every four years. In 2016, it compacted the schedule to the point where the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, the Open Championship and PGA Championship were all contested in a five-week stretch. Players in the Olympics then traveled to Rio for the Opening Ceremony before competing and then the PGA Tour Playoffs for the FedExCup kicked off right when they returned. This move to May will provide breathing room from some of the game’s biggest championships for both players and fans.

“In weighing the complex evolution of the golf calendar, the PGA of America’s key objectives were to promote the best interests of our signature spectator Championship, do what is best for the game and its great players, and find the most advantageous platform to fulfill our mission of serving our nearly 29,000 members and growing the game,” PGA of America Chief Executive Officer Pete Bevacqua said. 

3. Stronger TV market. “Television viewership in May can be as much as 25 percent higher than August,” said PGA of America Chief Commercial Officer Jeff Price. “And in 2019 we’ll get the added benefit of CBS golf promotion in the run-up to the Championship and Turner promotion in the NBA Playoffs.”

2. Twenty PGA Professionals will still have the chance to qualify for the PGA Championship. With the move in date of the PGA Championship will also come a move in the date for the PGA Professional Championship. Typically contested in June with the top 20 qualifiers earning a spot in the PGA Championship, the 312-player PPC will now move to April beginning in 2019 and – as always – the top-20 will punch a ticket into the PGA Championship. The KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship will not move from its current date (end of May) through 2021.

1. A May date is a strong landing spot for the majority of the PGA’s nearly 29,000 members. With May being on the front-end of the golf season for most of the country, PGA Professionals will be able to engage new players and introduce various growth of the game initiatives entering the heart of the golf season, including but not limited to PGA Junior League; Drive, Chip Putt; USGA/LPGA Girls Golf and Get Golf Ready.

“For nearly 85 percent of our membership, May is also on the front-end of the golf season so this date change will allow them to engage new players and introduce various Growth of the Game initiatives at their facilities,” Price said. “We welcome the opportunity to be the second of the four majors in the annual major golf chronology – in large part because having our major championship occur earlier in the golf season enables us to more effectively promote, along with our media partners, the grow-the-game initiatives that our members bring to life.”

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What Led to the Expansion of Berkshire Services Segment in 2Q17?

Services and retailing

Berkshire Hathaway’s (BRK.B) Services and Retail division managed to post growth of 8% and revenues to $6.55 billion in 2Q17 compared to $6.39 billion in the prior year. The growth came mainly due to higher traction in NetJets and TTI, its electronic equipment company. The services division has seen slower growth in the recent quarters mainly due to subdued growth in the financial services, housing finance, media, and logistics businesses. Berkshire’s services and retailing division posted EBT (earnings before tax) of $555 million in 2Q17 compared with $457 million a year ago.

What Led to the Expansion of Berkshire Services Segment in 2Q17?

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Berkshire Hathaway’s services managed revenues of $2.79 billion, and retail added $3.76 billion, reflecting growth across the divisions. The company’s major peers including asset managers (IYF) Blackstone (BX), BlackRock (BLK), and Carlyle (CG), have deployed significant funds toward services in the US. These investments are being made in the areas of financial technology, information technology, and automation.


Berkshire’s major retail business includes the home furnishing business, auto dealerships, the jewelry retailing business, kitchen tools, trading companies, and motorcycle accessories. The 2Q17 revenues for retailing businesses were impacted mainly due to lower revenues of Berkshire Hathaway Automotive (or BHA) due to lower unit sales, partly offset by higher revenues of home furnishings retailers, Pampered Chef, and See’s Candies. Pre-tax earnings for retailing businesses increased by 27% in 2Q17 mainly due to higher margins in dealerships, kitchen tools, and confectionery product businesses.

The retailing business managed revenues of $3.76 billion and pre-tax earnings of $204 million in 2Q17 compared to $3.81 billion and $161 million, respectively in 2Q16.

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