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Yard sale September 9 – WECT

Wilmington –

Yard sales September 9

New Hanover County

9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
128 Harley Road, Wilmington
Home goods, men’s and women’s clothing, electronics

8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
4753 Rushing Drive, Wilmington
Tools, garden items, plants, water plants, herbs, furniture (tables, chairs, office, storage, etc), bookcases, home decor, framed art, glassware, dishes, bedding, games, toys, video games, DVDs, Christmas decorations, perfume, Cologne Beauty Clothing (men’s, women’s, teen’s), books and much more!

7:30 a.m. – ?
4809 Rushing Drive, Wilmington
Junior golf club set, mobility scooter (needs battery), wheel chair, camping equip supplies, dishes kitchen gadgets, books, clothes, many misc items

8 a.m. – 12 p.m. NO EARLY BIRDS
7719 Lost Tree Road, Wilmington (Bayshore)
Multi-family yard sale with household items, some furniture, lamps, kitchen items. Something for everyone!

Brunswick County

8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
1144 Mill Creek Loop, Leland
A wonderful assortment of household items, lighting fixtures, Some antiques and lots and lots of great clean items. You won’t be disappointed!

Pender County

7 a.m. – 1 p.m. NO EARLY BIRDS
44 Basden Road, Burgaw  (right off of Penderlea hwy)   
Women’s and children’s clothing, books, electronics, PS2 and Xbox 360 games,  toys, housewares, cellphone accessories for the iPhone 4 and 5, home decor.  Lots of new and gently used items. 

If you’re planning a yard sale you can send your information now. 
Or you can email Just make sure to include the date, time, address, and any items you’ll have for sale.
If you’re having a yard sale today but didn’t send in information you can add your details to the WECT Facebook page. 

Copyright 2017 WECT. All rights reserved.

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House to home: Mixing and matching metal finishes


Once upon a time, only white wine accompanied fish, red wine with meat, and mixing gold and silver in jewelry design was taboo. All that has changed. I broke the rules in my recent kitchen renovation; see what you think.

The hottest metal finish around for home interiors at the moment is copper. Copper is a warm, happy and welcoming metal, but it should be used as an accent — too much is overpowering. There are several copper finishes, including a clean and unblemished finish like the look of rose gold, or more orange colored with a grayish patina.

I was very excited about pairing copper handles with the soft tones of my painted cabinets, which are Pavilion Grey by Farrow and Ball. They looked stunning. But what about the fridge and the sink? And oh, yes, also the stove. Most are in stainless steel. When you start adding up the different appliances and fixtures in a kitchen that are metal, there are several. So, do you try to match them? There are copper sinks on the market that are a feature in themselves. Here I wanted the handles and the inside of the lights to offer a glimpse of glamour, and felt a copper sink or taps would be too overwhelming.

I contacted my friends at Kohler (, who produce some of the most practical and attractive sinks on the market. I am going to spend an inordinate amount of time at my sink, so I might as well have one that is easy on the eye, practical and fits with my kitchen decor. Kohler suggested their handcrafted Vault stainless sink, engineered with sound absorption technology. It features tightly angled corners to maximize basin space, and a lowered divider for freedom of movement between basins.

The chic lines of the undermount sink blend beautifully with the Neolith countertop. Neolith is the newest and most exciting material we have seen in a very long time for countertops, flooring and walls. It is a super durable surface composed of all-natural materials; available in large slabs that are lightweight and bendable, which make for versatile applications and installations. Neolith offers several finishes and a wide range of colors that originate from the pigmentation of the raw materials that make up each slab.

The BTC Spun Reflector pendant shades are anthracite gray with a polished copper interior. The stainless sink balances perfectly with the copper cabinet handles and the copper interior of the hanging lights. I also dressed up the kitchen with some copper containers. You’ll find a selection of copper-finish accessories at good kitchen and home stores. (The stove and fridge are stainless.)

Yes, today all the rules are more relaxed — fish with red wine, go for it; white and yellow gold interwoven, or a gold necklace woven with silver, perfect; a judicious mixture of metals in your home, lovely. Life is so much more varied and interesting when you mix it up a little.


Dear Debbie: Our kitchen is bright with windows and a skylight. We are thinking of changing the paint color of the white kitchen cabinets. What would you suggest? Thanks. — Debra

Dear Debra: Your all-white kitchen is a very contemporary look, but could be a little cold. Time to be brave. Switching to a color for the cabinets would ramp up the mood. Experiment first by painting a few large pieces of Bristol board and pinning them up over the cabinets to get the effect. Why not try a warm shade of gray or blue? Or even a pale pink? Bold shots of red and sunny yellow are showing up in modern kitchens today.


Debbie Travis’ House to Home column is produced by Debbie Travis and Barbara Dingle. Email questions to Visit


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Le Creuset is selling ‘millennial pink’ cookware now

If you get excited over kitchenware just like us, you’re going to LOVE Le Creuset’s new dusty pink range. The 23 product range comes is in the shade ‘sugar pink matte‘ and includes everything from cast iron casserole pots to stackable ramekins, and even this cute pie bird. 

Currently the new range is only showing on the USA site, but we’re hoping it’ll be coming to the UK very soon. But if you can’t wait, the Rose Quartz range is quite similar, but obviously it’s more ombre pink than millenial.

It’s obvious that Le Creuset is getting more creative with its cookware colour schemes. As Delish has reported, the brand has also launched a galaxy-print casserole pot, complete with stars and tiny planets and even an exclusive Beauty the Beast themed casserole dish (via Refinery 29).

Time to get adding some kitchenware to our Christmas wishlist…

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By Tom Parker Bowles Event for The Mail on Sunday


134 Baker Street, W1


‘That sure ain’t chattin’ food,’ says the Mayor, as I gaze down at a quarter of fried chicken, perched upon a slice of cheap white bread. I’m not quite sure what he’s on about, but hell, he’s agreed to have lunch with me and talk hot chicken. So I smile politely, as if to agree. We’re sitting, a few years back, in Prince’s Hot Chicken, a scrubbed but simple restaurant on the frayed edge of a nondescript parking lot in one of less salubrious suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee.

The city may be best known for the eternal twang of country guitar, but for me, it has further reason for worship, namely the birthplace of that aforementioned fiery fowl, a local speciality that sees spice-marinated chicken dredged through flour spiked with ever-increasing amounts of cayenne pepper. A mere pinch for ‘plain’, right up to mighty fistfuls for ‘XXXHot’ (‘slap ya momma fiery,’ I’m told with glee) expertly fried in huge, black and battered iron skillets.

The room, clean, bright and clad in primary colours, has a few chairs and tables, but is certainty not a place in which to linger

Of course, being the vainglorious fool I am, I ignore the mayor’s sage counsel, and go XXX. And while Mayor Bill Purcell’s ‘hot’ has a crust that glows as golden as a Pat Boone oldie, mine is blacker than Satan’s heart. It seethes with pure, unbridled cayenne rage. That first bite, though, is sublime – a crisp, bone dry and beautifully seasoned exterior. Which offers the briefest moment of resistance before yielding to the onslaught of the incisors. And revealing a mouthful of divinely succulent flesh.

Then the pain begins, a slight lip tingle at first, followed by an ever-building inferno of capsaicin ire – wave upon wave of molten flame turns my tongue into a useless lump of throbbing gristle. By this stage, even thinking hurts. I look up at the Mayor, who smiles and nods his head. ‘As I said, this ain’t chattin’ food.’

Next time, I stuck with the hot. And found true fried chicken salvation, one of my favourite mouthfuls on Earth. Because this is an art, no doubt about that, and in the American South, it’s taken very seriously indeed. But I’m no expert. Hell no. ‘To know about fried chicken,’ drawls John Egerton in his classic Southern Food, ‘you must have been weaned and reared on it in the South. Period.’ I’m not sure the Japanese and Koreans, deep fried chicken masters both, would agree.

But chef Carl Clarke, Brummie by birth, must have lived a former life in the South. Because he’s the British high priest of deep-fried poultry, the man behind the wonderful Chick ’n’ Sours, where sharp cocktails meet well brought-up fried birds. And now, alongside business partner Dave Wolanski, he’s opened CHIK’N in Baker Street, the ‘guilt-free alternative’ to the likes of Chicken Cottage. Birds are free-range, employees are paid in excess of the London living wage, and you can get a chicken burger for under a fiver. They hope to roll out across the land.

With decent British birds, they can’t hope to compete with the fast-food joints who use cheap, miserable, intensively farmed imported birds. Birds that allow them to make money from charging £3 for a fillet burger. But Clarke and Wolanski have Nando’s very much in their sights.

The CHIK’N hot burger is a serious beast, a great fat wodge of divine fried chicken, slathered in Sriratcha sour cream, loaded with a sharp tangle of spicy slaw, and wedged into a bun

The ‘guilt-free alternative’ to the likes of Chicken Cottage. Birds are free-range and employees are paid in excess of the London living wage

The room, clean, bright and clad in primary colours, has a few chairs and tables, but is certainty not a place in which to linger. We arrive just after 11.30am, and within minutes a queue snakes down the road. The children vacuum down thick Chocolate Coco Pop shakes, and rave about the curly fries, and swing their legs merrily from the high stools, watching Baker Street go about its lunchtime business. They eat Tenders. ‘Good crunch,’ says Lola, ‘but the meat’s too dry.’ Everyone’s a bloody critic, eh. But she’s right. They lack all-important succulence.


Chik’n Hot £5.95

Straight Up Chik’n £4.95

Chik’n Classic £6.95

Chik’n Wings £2.45

All In Fries £5.95


Still, the CHIK’N hot burger is a serious beast, a great fat wodge of divine fried chicken, slathered in Sriratcha sour cream, loaded with a sharp tangle of spicy slaw, and wedged into a bun that manages to be both soft AND hold the whole thing together. Juice drips and dribbles down the fingers, just as it should. A burger that could steer even the most bovine obsessed over to the fowl side.

Better still are the nacho style ‘all in fries’, which is a classic Clarke dish. Oodles of lurid fake cheese, studded with good bacon and pickled onion, and flavoured with a grunt of chilli, and a numbing of Sichuan pepper, poured lustily over those wonderful fries. American diner by way of Chengdu, it’s a messy, mucky junk food masterpiece.

Throw in the fact we’re in and out in under 15 minutes, with a bill just over £20, and you have real fast food that actually satisfies. Look out for it in a town near you soon.

This Chik’n has wings.

What Tom ate this week 


Lunch of more wild boar salami, more Aqua Cotta soup, then excellent home made sausage at La Porta da Alma in Capalbio. Then off home, via a decent pizza at Farinella at Rome airport. Arrive home late. Toast and Marmite, then bed. 


Lunch of typically fine sushi and sashimi at Roka, plus that sublime crab rice hotpot, Korean lamb chops and tuna tartare. Then an early dinner at El Pastor of tacos and guacamole, before home for a fistful of cheap cheese slices, lavished with pepper. 


My belly is now so large that people are starting to ask when it’s due. So 5/2 time. Daylesford soup, prawns, Carr’s water biscuits and Mr Freeze. Yum. 


More 5/2 penance. See above for details. To bed early, dreaming, for once, of Monday.


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Melissa Guerra Bids Adios to the Pearl

The papel picado is coming down. The remaining molcajetes and molinillos going into boxes. And the hot pink, vintage fridge is being shipped to a buyer in Galveston. At the end of September, the colorful cocina store at the Pearl, Melissa Guerra, will close its doors for good.

Guerra, the store’s namesake and owner, is not renewing her lease on the space she’s occupied since the former brewery was renovated and opened. But it was a choice forced upon her as much by the “Amazon effect” as her own desire to pursue passions beyond the kitchen.

“It’s been a great journey – that’s the part that’s sad,” Guerra said, talking with the Rivard Report Thursday evening from the back office of her shop, a space filled with packing boxes and some items ready to be shipped out. “But going online makes sense. The same people who are online are the same ones outfitting their kitchens right now.”

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Around the home: Feeling urge to decorate for fall? Do it!

If you’re like me, once Labor Day rolls around, you start anticipating the Fall season.  Cooler temperatures, shorter days, pumpkin spiced everything and the holidays right around the corner. 

That’s about the time I like to start pulling out Autumn decorations and creating table centerpieces and table top decorations.  While you may have your own techniques for adding some seasonal décor around your home, I thought I might share my tips and tricks for getting your home ready for Fall.

First, start by taking inventory of your seasonal decorations, so you know what you have to work with before starting.  The usual items, such as pumpkins, seasonal flowers, pine cones, candles, etc. make good centerpieces, but don’t limit yourself.  Use your imagination and look around your house for items that you wouldn’t necessarily consider for a table decoration.  Antique teacups, small family photos, decorative bowls or even costume jewelry, to name a few things, can spark up your arrangement and make it unique.

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Artisanal elegance for curated design in the kitchen – Brownsville …

Artisanal elegance for curated design in the kitchen

Artisanal elegance for curated design in the kitchen

Posted: Thursday, September 7, 2017 12:01 pm

Updated: 2:38 am, Sat Sep 9, 2017.

Artisanal elegance for curated design in the kitchen

Brandpoint (BPT)

Brownsville Herald

(BPT) – Original, handcrafted décor brings an artisanal elegance to today’s modern kitchen. Designers and homeowners alike are incorporating more one-of-a-kind pieces that bring an individualized artisanship to the heart of the home. These unique fittings and fixtures adapt to multiple style preferences, from modern and contemporary urban design to rustic elegance. When it comes to the kitchen space, handmade furniture and accessories coupled with exposed natural materials infuse a sense of artistry for unmatched style.

Authentic elegance

Handcrafted materials make for eye-catching pieces in the kitchen. An island created from reclaimed wood transforms a functional aspect of the room into a beautiful piece of art. Live-edge countertops invigorate the wood grain and serve as a centerpiece for entertaining. A hammered copper sink paired with rich gold accessories doubles as a stunning complement to earth tones. Extend wood elements throughout the entire space with exposed beams and open shelving for a unified look.

Refined fittings

Deemed the jewel of the kitchen, the faucet serves as a focal point that brings all elements of the space together. The Litze Kitchen Collection by Brizo is inspired by the revival of the arts and crafts movement to meld artisan style with clean and contemporary sensibility. Every design element — from the three distinct spout configurations to the unique handle options — makes this collection feel at home in both modern, minimal environments and urban, industrial spaces. The Brilliance Luxe Gold and split Matte Black/Brilliance Luxe Gold finishes effortlessly bring luxury and style, while knurling details add textured appeal to any artisanal kitchen design.

Curated accents

Hand-painted accessories serve as beautiful statements in the kitchen with each piece containing a story as unique as the individual who created it. Whether decorated with bold colors or a muted palette, hand-painted accessories create striking displays of authenticity and originality. Use these pieces to adorn open shelves or feature them as table centerpieces to further accentuate a curated artisanal design.

Custom hardware

Custom drawer pulls and handles make a powerful statement in kitchen design. While seemingly small, these pieces unite all elements in the room’s aesthetic. Handles wrapped in leather bring both textural and visual appeal, while hand-carved wooden pulls cater to rustic elements when paired with exposed brick or mineral gray countertops.

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Updated: 2:38 am.

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