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How New Beauty Store Riley Rose Was Designed to Be the Ultimate ‘Homage to Millennials’

Inside Riley Rose. Photo: Courtesy

Inside Riley Rose. Photo: Courtesy

There’s a lot of talk about how longstanding retailers are making adjustments to appeal to the finicky millennial and Gen-Z consumer, but it’s starting to seem like the ones who succeed are the newer retailers that start out by targeting those demographics to begin with. And we feel pretty confident in predicting that new beauty and lifestyle concept Riley Rose will be one of those success stories. In co-founder Linda Chang’s own words, it’s a literal “homage to millennials.” Of course, that’s pretty clear if you look at any of the store’s branding or social media. Every. Single. Thing. Is. Pink.

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HomeWork: How to design with brick, even when you don’t have a brick house

Q: Most homes in my neighborhood have similar styles inside and out. I want a unique high-end interior design like a custom accent wall. Any advice?

A: Putting a unique stamp on a home is a common desire for people in planned communities, where interiors often repeat a handful of designs. While builders may offer custom interior features when you purchase during the construction stage, afterward it is all on the homeowners.

For unique accent walls, here are two options:

Paint. The simplest and most common upgrade is to paint a single wall as a statement feature using bold colors or faux-texture painting techniques. You can mark your own style by the color selection to match key elements of your furniture or other design accessories.

Brick tile. For a strong and trending element that makes a wow statement for the neighbors to envy, a hard-surface natural material such as natural clay brick tile is a good choice.

Have you noticed that brick acts as a décor statement in many modern restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores and chic building interiors? Thin brick tile, once the secret of interior designers looking to produce character-rich urban commercial design, is now more readily available to homeowners in tile format, making it a hot item in high-end residential homes.

Why the move to the residential sector? Because beyond upgrading our kitchen appliances to commercial grade, we can now mimic the décor and ambiance of a favorite restaurant or urban coffee shop inside our homes by bringing in foundational elements like wall treatments as well as the color palette.

Getting inspiration from your favorite coffee house is just the start; go online to find ideas galore at sites like Pinterest and Find a look that you like and use it as a blueprint for your home. From classic aged brick walls to painted brick or color glazed brick tile, and unique design styles from farmhouse and shabby chic to ultra-modern luxury, brick is back in a big way.

The good news is you don’t need to live in a brick house to add a designer brick wall inside. With natural clay brick now available in slim tile format, it’s easy to add the beauty of brick almost anywhere because it can be installed like a typical tile product using mortar or simply by attaching individually with construction glue directly on diverse surfaces.

Three areas in the home to add brick accent walls:

Kitchens and dining rooms. Want to turn a kitchen or dining area from ordinary to extraordinary? Historic urban and stylish farmhouse looks can be achieved with natural clay aged brick tile. Prefer modern contemporary? Colorful, glazed slim brick tile is a character-rich alternative to plain subway tile as a backsplash.

Bathrooms. Brick in the bathroom? Yes, with washable and waterproof glazed slim brick tile options, brick is finding its way both onto bathroom walls and walk-in showers.

Home office. Recreate the creative industrial-loft look of a downtown office in your home by adding a “used” style of brick tile as a foundational wall directly behind your office desk.


Laura Hoffman works for Mutual Materials and is a member of Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, and HomeWork is the group’s weekly column. If you have a home improvement, remodeling or residential homebuilding question you’d like answered by one of the MBA’s more than 2,800 members, write to

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Review: The Gavel holds court for all-day East Naples dining

If you were born in the Midwest, chances are you were born in a town with a restaurant like The Gavel Grill. Generally, it didn’t have a conceived concept such as this neighbor to the Collier County government complex does — just some family patriarch’s name, like Kenny’s or Bill’s or something with an Old World nod like The Wooden Shoe.

The place served food all day, and if you didn’t want to fix it yourself, you would go here, because you could eat any style you wanted. Meals were big enough that your toast or half a burger left the restaurant with you in a napkin. The food was tasty; the coffee was godawful.

At The Gavel Grill, coffee is extremely decent. Otherwise, its three-part daylong dining shows some of the same quirks, both good and not-so, of the restaurants from our formative years.

Breakfast is a high point, updated a bit from Main Street coffee shop days with meals like its garden skillet. Ours included just-right poached eggs over sautéed onions, tomato, green pepper, spinach and mushrooms ($8.95). Throw on a mound of cheese for an extra 70 cents.

There are Greek, meat lover and Popeye (spinach) skillets in that price range as well. Benedicts come in two varieties at $10.95; a third, the lobster benedict, is $12.95. Hotcakes? Of course, with various fruits or chocolate chips, $5.95 to $7.95

The meal we’re aspiring to, however, is the pound cake French toast — a worthy reward for having lost that 15 pounds — with its whipped cream, warm syrup and powdered sugar ($7.95).

Our dining companion has had lunch there and pronounced its BLT well-loaded. But among its 20-plus sandwiches, the grilled chicken-bacon ranch ($10.95) caught our eye. So has the wiener schnitzel sandwich ($10.95) — The Gavel’s version of a pounded, coated, fried pork tenderloin, straight out of Indiana.

Both are around for dinner as well. So are half-pound burgers with various cheeses, plus a black-bean or turkey burger ($8.95-$10.95) and salads from Cobb to Greek to a cherry- and candied pecan-gorgonzola ($8.95 to $10.95).

The Gavel seems to be a favorite of the courthouse crowd, and it caters subtly to that with a few titled meals like the Throw the Book at Them pizza, $9.95 plus 50 cents per topping.

Entertainment is in the evening mix, which prohibits much conversation on most nights. (Wendy Renne on Tuesdays seems to be the most talk-friendly; we would lobby for a quiet guitar night, too.) On this particular Monday evening, the repertoire roamed from Bill Withers to Pink Floyd to Johnny Cash, most of it inhibiting grabbing the waiter’s attention or getting a full explanation of the meal being ordered.

That meant my dining companion, whose mouth was watering for spaghetti with meat sauce ($9.95) and sausage, got fettuccini with white wine sauce, vegetables and sausage ($10.95). 

We swapped dishes, and I felt I got the best end of the deal. Laden with chunks of nippy-sweet Italian sausage, peppers, tomato, onion and just a hint of garlic, it was fresh and light-tasting, and still enough for two meals. I might have dusted it with a bit of Parmesan, but none of the waiters could hear me over the lyrics to “Comfortably Numb.” 

My dining companion dug into what had been my choice, the house specialty four-piece “honey-stung” fried chicken ($13.95). He inhaled the mashed potatoes and gravy and even worked on his zucchini-squash vegetable sauté. He was being a trooper; he had already sacrificed his craving for the Mom’s Meatloaf entree ($12.95) to try a suggested Italian dish, and had been disappointed in the lack of red sauce.

It may have been made worse by the fact we had ordered Grandma’s Meatball (actually three of them) as appetizer; he had gotten a hint of The Gavel Grill’s rich sauce and a tender pork-beef-veal blend in its meatballs ($7.95). We rarely order red sauce because it’s hard to find a flavorful enough blend, but this one was hearty, with a rich sofrito of garlic, onion, parsley and other herbs.

Garlic bread comes with both, tender inside and with a crunchy crust and lightly herbed.

If you are as desperate to find liver and onions on a menu as I am to avoid it, The Gavel Grill is your place. It’s $12.95 here. If you’re a seafood addict, there are Case Closed crab cakes ($16.95), fish and chips (($11.95) and a honey-almond salmon with potatoes and veggies ($14.95). All come with knife-cut romaine salad (regular or Caesar) as well.

Dessert? Where would you put it?

Dining at The Gavel isn’t an open-and-shut case. We love the fact it had reduced the vast number of TVs that flanked the walls at its predecessor, Chrissy’s, and had scaled them down to two. We weren’t wild about the music dominance and the fact that smoke could waft in from the patio bar on occasion.. 

But the food was definitely yes-come-back. You won’t need a lawyer for that judgment.

The Gavel Grill

Where: 3340 U.S. 41 E., East Naples, in the Courthouse Shadows shopping center

When: 7 a.m.-11 p.m. Mondays to Saturdays, 7 a.m.-3 p.m. Sundays

Information: 239-316-7683

Rating: 3½ forks

Something else: Full bar; reservations recommended for large groups; an entertainment calendar is on its website

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IRP Design for Kitchens & Bath Launches the Cut Kitchen by IRP

PORT CHESTER, N.Y., Oct. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – IRP Design for Kitchens Bath (IRP), a provider of Italian manufactured kitchens and bath fixtures today announced the launch of The Cut Kitchen by IRP. This award-winning design by architect Alessandro Isola and manufactured by Italian kitchen maker, Record e Cucine, allows for greater flexibility in the kitchen module by using reconfigurable sliding units. The Cut Kitchen is available in the Northeast exclusively through IRP.

“We are very excited by the opportunity to partner with Record e Cucine to bring this amazing product to our clients which has already had great success in Europe,” stated Federico Martin, Founder, IRP Design for Kitchens Bath. “The Cut Kitchen offers a new way of thinking about the kitchen that delivers cutting-edge design, functionality, and harmony to one of the most important rooms in a home.”

The Cut Kitchen by IRP allows its users to rotate a part of the kitchen unit to serve various needs and occasions. The parallelepiped sliced horizontally creates two superimposed blocks which rotate and can create primarily three different kitchen configurations. The lightweight look is further accentuated by the movement of the table inserted into a horizontal slot which can slide out horizontally or rotate 90 degrees.

In addition, The Cut Kitchen can incorporate the option of ceiling mounted drawers whereby the drawers descend and once open, remain suspended in a convenient position placing food, condiments, utensils and accessories used in the kitchen within easy reach. Feather-touch sensors gently raise and lower the units, providing not only storage but also surfaces (glass and LEDs) as well as leaving the island’s main worktop clear, clean and tidy always. The modular system features a hood and minimalist lightweight structural frames for storage units with fixed open shelving.

For more information, please visit our website or

To watch a video about The Cut Kitchen please visit our YouTube page

About IRP Design for Kitchens Bath

IRP Design for Kitchens Bath offers its clientele kitchens, baths and interior accessories made exclusively by leading Italian manufacturers, delivering unparalleled quality, innovation, function, and design.

About Record e Cucine

Capable of organizing a complex production process with automated control systems for all phases, numerical control machines and qualified personnel for the highest standards of quality, the company produces modern, classic and masonry kitchens, marked by a true “Made in Italy” style.


IRP Design for Kitchens Bath

Federico Martin


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SOURCE IRP Design for Kitchens Bath

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Connected Refrigerators Dominate the Global Smart Kitchen Appliances Market

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A new analysis by Verify Markets shows the Global Smart Kitchen Appliances Market was valued at $371 million in 2016 and is expected to reach over $2 billion by 2023, growing at a double-digit CAGR during the forecast period. Currently, smart refrigerators dominate the market with more than 50 percent of the market share. Refrigerators were among the first appliances to be enabled with remote connectivity and have been improved upon over the last five years, giving them an edge over other appliances that have been introduced to the market recently.

North America is among the biggest markets with more than 35 percent of the market share. With a large number of early adopters, it is expected to be the fastest growing region for smart kitchen appliances. North America is followed by Europe, where consumer behavior varies across the continent, with Southern Europe being sensitive to price, while the West and the North focus more on design and added services of a product.

Asia Pacific is still an emerging market, but has the fastest growth among all regions towards the end of the forecast period. Consumers in the region are generally more price-sensitive and are weary to purchase premium products that are new to the market. This trend is expected to change over the next few years with an increase in purchasing power and reliance on technology.

Smart kitchen appliances are still a market in its infancy, but this is expected to change in the coming years with an increase in technological integration into everyday consumer lives. The current trend of adopting smart kitchen appliances is only expected to expand to include a wider range of appliances.

Connectivity is not just limited to appliances; cookware, such as pans, is also Wi-Fi enabled. These smart pans can record the different ingredients and its quantity of a personal recipe and then track the cooking style, enabling consumers to store their recipes digitally down to the last ingredient.

Major regions include North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Major appliances include refrigerators, ovens/ranges, microwaves, coffeemakers and cookers. Some of the key companies covered in this report include Whirlpool Corporation, GE Appliances, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH and Midea Corporation.

Our research methodology consists of primary interviews with key participants in the market along with secondary sources to validate our information. For more information on this report and other research (including custom reports and consulting), contact or call  +1.210.595.6987. A copy of the Global Smart Kitchenware Market report can be obtained at Follow us for more updates on Twitter @verify_markets and LinkedIn.

Contact: Haley Rico
Phone: 210-595-9687

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This Staub Dutch Oven Sale Will Make You Feel Like a Classy French Chef

As cold weather comes creeping into your life and you begin turning the oven on more than you did last month, make sure you have the right pots and pans for the job. Stock up by taking advantage of all the pre-winter sales on kitchen essentials. Up first: Dutch ovens.

One of our favorite cast-iron cookware makers, Staub, has a ton of products on sale over at One Kings Lane right now. The Alsatian French brand is known for its cocottes, or what most of us call Dutch ovens. These enameled pots have the rare combination of being luxurious and functional—you can braise meat in it for hours and then transfer it directly to the table because it looks that nice (just don’t forget a trivet!).


Dark blue is definitely your color.

From the Staub sale items, we recommend the 7-qt oval cocotte, an ideal size for family-style meals (marked down to $350 from $500), or the smaller 4-qt cozy cocotte (marked down to $150 from $275), whose circular base sits perfectly atop stovetop burners, though the 4-qt is also a good size for making BA’s best bread recipe.

staub escargot


Probably the most fun part of choosing a Staub Dutch oven is the color, and luckily the sale covers appealing warm tones like grenadine red, dark blue, and basil green. And if you’re feeling extra French, go for this cocotte with an escargot snail top handle. That last one isn’t on sale, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for when it is.

BUY IT: Staub 4-Qt Cuzy Cocotte, $150 or 7-Qt Oval Cocotte, $350 at One Kings Lane

The One-Pot Dish for Every Dinner Party:

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The Internet’s Favorite Cast Iron Skillet Is On Sale Right Now

Ask any chef or great home cook what’s on their list of kitchen essentials, and you’ll undeniably hear three little words over and over again: cast iron skillet. While you can find one of the evenly heating, built-to-last wonders just about anywhere, the one the Internet writ large seems to like best is the ultra lightweight model from Field Company. And as luck would have it, the 10.5” model is on sale on Huckberry right now.

The skillet, which raised $1.6 million on Kickstarter before its launch, goes for a pretty reasonable $100 at full price, but Huckberry is offering it for $89.98. At either price, the skillet is an investment not only in your culinary prowess, but also in American manufacturing and sustainability: each skillet is forged in the USA, and each is made from between 75 to 90 percent recycled iron.

And even though they weigh a lot less than options than you’ll find from other kitchen outfitters, it’s just as durable as its heavier cousins (Field Company backs all of its skillets with a lifetime warrantee) and it does just as much. Because it comes pre-seasoned, you can do everything from scrambling eggs to sear steak right out of the box. Take good care of it (check out Field Company’s guide to doing just that) and this might be the last pan you ever guy.

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