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Annual Phipps Conservatory winter flower show a feast for senses – Tribune

Updated 2 hours ago

One of the most anticipated new additions to this year’s holiday flower show and light garden at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is the opportunity for visitors to avoid the traditional long lines to view the annual show.

Phipps is introducing a timed ticket system that enables guests to reserve their visit time in advance — similar to Walt Disney World’s popular FastPass program — for “Holiday Magic!” which opens on Nov. 24.

Phipps spokeswoman Jenna Bodnar says they have had a great response to the new program.

“Timed ticketing makes it easier for people to have an enjoyable experience,” she says. “They can go online and choose their time and date of arrival and number of tickets for adults and children and get an email confirmation before they visit.”

Bodnar says timed ticketing is recommended, especially during peak days, Thursdays through Saturdays and Dec. 20 to Jan. 1. Tickets can be reserved in advance on the Phipps website, by visiting the welcome center at Phipps or by calling 888-718-4253.

Once inside, visitors will be treated to new displays featuring more than 2,300 poinsettia plants in 24 varieties and assorted colors, special lighting and props in vignettes depicting a sit-down winter feast, Santa’s workshop (with visits scheduled from the main man himself) and a colorful New Year’s Eve celebration.

Jordyn Melino, Phipps exhibit coordinator, is the designer of the conservatory’s winter flower show, along with Terra Design Studios, South Side. She also designed this year’s Garden Railroad in the South Conservatory that features a “Treasure Island” theme.

The focal point of the railroad display is an island with a working Fountain of Youth and interactive push buttons that enable kids to hear a pirate telling jokes and play a game to look for hidden treasure.

Melino — who prides herself on her ability to repurpose props from past shows — says the pirate theme made good use of a large pond leftover from the summer show. She added a color palate of bright lime greens and reds in plantings of kalanchoe and other tropical plants. Animatronics for the railroad scene were created by Paul Widek, Phipps’ maintenance technician.

The designer also reimagined a use for gold chargers from her wedding in September as part of a 20-place formal table setting for a “Family Feast,” the theme of the Sunken Garden. The tables feature place settings of gold formal dinnerware and are bordered by “Eckespoint Classic Red” poinsettia and “White” florist kalanchoe.

Also in the Sunken Garden is a selection of historic Pittsburgh photos from Phipps’ archives, including a portrait of philanthropist Henry Phipps, who presented Phipps Conservatory to the city of Pittsburgh as a gift in 1893. The picture frames feature a variety of live succulents, which also were used to create some fancy cupcakes for dessert.

Some other highlights in the winter show include:

• In the Victoria Room, a massive locally sourced 21-foot Fraser fir tree is decorated with oversized ornaments, swags, bows, candles and lights, surrounded by window box plantings of “Ice Punch,” “Infinity Red” and “Autumn Leaves” poinsettias, “Wedding Dance” white amaryllis, “Red” Kalanchoe and English ivy.

• In the Broderie Room, the “Peaceful Night” theme is depicted in soft white tree lights and stars suspended from the ceiling. Two new poinsettia varieties — “Christmas Joy” and “Christmas Party” — are among the plantings.

• In the Winter Light Garden outside, lighted orbs, trees, fountains and a tunnel of lights sparkle along with a new addition of illuminated gift-wrapped boxes.

• During Candlelight Evenings, with extended hours until 11 p.m., live music and glowing candles lighting the walkways add a special ambiance to the displays.

• Santa visits in the Gallery from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays from Nov. 25 to Dec. 23, in addition to Nov. 27 and Dec. 18 to 22. A family photo with Santa is free with Phipps admission.

• Special Family Fun Days from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Dec. 26 to 0 will feature a variety of free educational activities with the price of admission.

Candy Williams is a Tribune-Review contributing writer.

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Buyers Beware! These Are the Worst Black Friday Deals

The thrill of finding a bargain on Black Friday is a real thing, but sometimes the hunt for those deals can overrule common sense. Surely, most shoppers think, these are the best prices of the year so far, right?


While plenty of good buys abound on this retail holiday, some aren’t as good as they seem, with items costing more than they did just a few weeks ago or stores listing products at the full retail price, but slapping the label “Black Friday deal” onto the flyer to entice shoppers.

DealNews, which regularly scans for bargains, has cast its eye upon the flood of flyers that are advertising Black Friday deals, and found some of them wanting. Here are a few ‘bargains’ that are just the opposite:

Xbox One S 500GB Console ($189.99 at GameStop) – It’s not that it’s a bad price for the console. But there are plenty of other places that will bundle a game or store credit for the same price.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 6″ eBook Reader ($89.99 at Amazon) – It’s less than the ‘list price’ for this eReader, but the deal’s really no better than what you can find regularly on Amazon (and other retailers). If you’re thinking about buying a Paperwhite, roll the dice and see if prices come down more in the weeks to come.

Nintendo Switch 32GB Console ($299 at Walmart) – Given the popularity of this console and how in-demand it’s likely to be this year, just finding one in stock is a good day. But there’s no discount here. Walmart (and every other store) is asking full retail.

Super Mario Odyssey or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ($59.99 at Best Buy) – Mario’s latest adventure might be his greatest and Link’s journey in the new Zelda game is breathtaking, but just like Walmart’s ‘deal’ above, Best Buy isn’t discounting either title at all.

KitchenAid Artisan 5-Qt. Stand Mixer ($339.99 at Kohl’s) – This one’s tricky, because you’ll also get $75 Kohl’s Cash and a $60 rebate will bring the price down to $279.99. So it seems like a strong deal—but last December, the same mixer was going for $150 after rebate. And prices earlier this year have been as low as $180.

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Tamale pie makes tasty use of leftover turkey

Whether or not to get up before the crack of dawn to go shopping isn’t the only question to be answered on Black Friday. If, like most Americans, you made too much food, you’ll also be wondering what to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers.

Of course, you can always make turkey sandwiches, but why not shake things up this year with this easy, cheesy turkey tamale pie? It requires only one pot, and it’s the type of dish that warms you up from the inside.

This recipe can be made two ways: family style, in a large casserole or skillet; or in single-serving mini skillets. Pomegranate arils add crunch and color.



Makes 6 to 8 servings


For polenta:

2 cups chicken broth

2 cups milk

1 cup polenta or cornmeal

4 ounces shredded sharp white cheddar cheese, plus 4 ounces more for topping

¼ teaspoon each salt and pepper

2 to 4 tablespoons butter

For turkey:

2 cups leftover turkey, shredded

1 cup leftover gravy

1½ cups red enchilada sauce

2 tablespoons chili powder

2 teaspoons smoked paprika

½ teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon pepper

1 red pepper, diced

1½ cups canned black beans, rinsed and drained

Garnish options:

Diced avocado

Fresh cilantro


Pomegranate arils

4 ounces queso fresco or cotija cheese, crumbled

Crushed tortilla chips

Start by making the polenta. Pour chicken broth and milk into an oven-safe, high-sided skillet and bring to a boil. Lower heat to medium and slowly whisk in the polenta. Cook, stirring frequently, until polenta is soft and thick, about 15 to 20 minutes. Keep warm and then just before serving, stir in cheddar cheese and butter. Season with salt and pepper. If the polenta seems a little thick, you can add a tablespoon of butter or extra milk.

Heat oven to 375 degrees.

While polenta is cooking, mix together turkey, gravy, red enchilada sauce, chili powder, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, cumin, salt and pepper in mixing bowl. Stir in red pepper and black beans. Once the polenta is done cooking, smooth it out into a single layer and then pour the turkey tamale mixture over, spreading it in an even layer. Top with remaining 4 ounces shredded cheese.

Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until the pie is bubbling and the cheese is melted. Allow to sit 5 to 10 minutes, and then serve with cilantro, salsa, pomegranate arils, queso fresco or cotija cheese and tortilla chips.



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Cyber Monday 2017 Deals: The best Amazon, Walmart, EBay, Etsy & Old Navy offers, flight deals & more

Any stealthy online shopper knows the discount force will be with them on Cyber Monday and that the sales this year could be epic. While plenty of hearty souls brave the crowds for doorbuster sales on Black Friday, others stay home and dive head first into the digital shopping event known as Cyber Monday instead.

In fact, 71% of consumers say they’ll shop on Cyber Monday, according to an 2017 holiday shopping data survey. It’s also expected to be the largest online shopping day in history, with $6.6 billion in sales, according to Adobe Digital Insights. Most of the bargain hunters are millennials, with 95% saying they’ll use their mobile device to browse and make purchases, according to

If fighting with strangers at the store for the last Marvel super hero action figure isn’t your jam, the good news is you can still land amazing deals online: “The only place you should line up on Thanksgiving afternoon is on the line of scrimmage for a family football game,” Shep McAllister, editor of Kinja Deals told the New York Times. “Basically every deal you can get in stores will be available online, and usually matched by multiple other retailers. There are still a handful of doorbusters that are really and truly brick-and-mortar only, but they’re typically low-quality products that you should probably avoid anyway.”

How to save money on Cyber Monday

Before you dive into the best specific deals around, it’s smart to have a game plan. While discount-seekers can save a decent amount of cheddar online, knowing where and how to shop can save you even more. Black Friday deals arrived earlier than ever in 2017, and the same is true of Cyber Monday sales. Sunday, Nov. 26, is actually the best day to get discounts, and you need to act fast — many offers are for limited quantities that sell out fast. Some deals start even earlier: EBay’s sale starts at 5 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 25, for example.

That said, while early birds are often rewarded, know that you can often actually get a better deal on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday, including on clothing, shoes, technology accessories and even travel, reported. However, you might want to be more cautious with fitness equipment, furniture, laptops and high-end gaming consoles, as some of these products are better priced on Black Friday or after the holidays.

One cool thing about Cyber Monday? While Black Friday tends to be best for heavy hitters like Amazon, Kohl’s and Target, on “Black Monday” you can also expect deals from smaller retailers, like Cole Haan, Crocs, Levis and the Body Shop, as well as some online only deals from big names like Old Navy.

Of course, the big retailers are hardly bowing out. Target recently announced Cyber Monday shoppers can take 15% off their entire site, beginning early Monday morning. Special “digital daily deals” will extend throughout the week. And while Amazon had yet to announce its deals at press time, it historically offers discounts as impressive as those on Black Friday, Forbes reported.

Lastly, don’t forget to check shipping fees and return policies, as many are quite generous during the holiday season. Using a price comparison tool such as PriceGrabber or Honey can also help you get the best deal. If you just want to quickly check offers from your favorite retailer, check out

Deal-thirsty buyers should stick to online sellers they know, as shopping based on price alone could land you a counterfeit product without a factory warranty: “The interesting thing about always buying based upon the lowest price is that you don’t often know whom you’re buying from,” said Andrew Schydlowsky, founder of internet brand market data company TrackStreet, in an email. No one wants a cheap knockoff in their stocking.

The best Cyber Monday 2017 deals

Since speed will work in your favor, having a plan and knowing which retailers to hit up could help you save time and money. Without further ado, here are categories where are you bound to find a good offer — plus some of the best specific deals we could find at each retailer.


Amazon: While, again, this year’s deals are not yet public, based on last year’s offers, you can expect to save money on electronics, toys, movies, and more — including free digital goods (like Android apps and audiobooks), according to DealNews — as well as $15 to $100 off products like the Sony PlayStation 4 1TB Console, Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, Microsoft Xbox One S 500GB Console, or Amazon Echo Dot, according to Forbes. Here is Amazon’s main Cyber Monday landing page, which you can bookmark and periodically check when the time comes.

EBay: For those in the market for a new headset on Cyber Monday, check out Jabra earbuds for 64% off. If a full headset is what you seek, take 40% off a HyperX headset.

Google: If you’ve always wanted a cute Google Home Mini, now seems to be the best time to pounce. You will be able to pick one up for only $29 (regularly $49), plus, add a $10 store credit to lower the price to $19. Or get a Google Home for $79. Google will also lower the price of its Chromecast from $35 to $25.

Newegg: Deal hunters can get some serious discounts throughout the Newegg site, such as 71% off a pair of Klipsch noise-isolating headphones, for a final price of $99.99.


Rather than giving a “thing” for the holidays, consider surprising that special someone with a trip. Check prices on apps like Priceblink or Hopper or nab these deals right now.

Expedia: You can get up to 90% off on select hotels, the New York Times reported, but only if you shop from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern on Nov. 27 and use the Expedia app. If you log onto the site, however, you’ll just get 50% off. Expedia is also offering $100 off on $1,000 travel packages, plus you can get a $100 credit for a hotel stay if you book a cruise through Expedia.

Priceline: If you subscribe to Priceline’s email insider, you can participate in the 24-hour Cyber Monday sale, where you can get 10% off express deal hotels, $25 off a minimum 4-star hotel, $50 off a $200 hotel or $600 off a $1,200 hotel stay, only available in the Priceline app.

Resort deals: Some specific resorts are offering discounts and deals on Cyber Monday, too. For instance, Velas Resorts has rates starting at $161 at Velas Vallarta, $241 at Casa Velas, $291 at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, $427 at Grand Velas Riviera Maya and $457 at Grand Velas Los Cabos.

The Cloister at Sea Island is offering 90% off one night to guests who book three or more nights from Jan. 2 to Feb. 28, the New York Times reported. Also, Viceroy Hotel Group properties are offering nightly rate discounts between 30% to 40% if you stay between Nov. 27 through December 2018.

Home accessories and kitchen appliances

Some kitchen accessories and appliances may be on sale Monday, including some with a more creative flavor.

EBay: If you are searching for the ultimate chef’s gift, consider a KitchenAid mixer for only $200 (regularly $400). Or get 77% off a Cuisinart 12-cup programmable coffee maker.

Etsy: Looking for something with more of a creative flair and personal touch? Etsy is holding its first ever Cyber Week sale, where you can save up to 60% on select items. Buyers can explore personalized mugs and glassware, kitchen accessories like creative bottle openers and coasters or even a cool house number plaque.

Walmart: Need a shock-and-awe gift for your favorite cook? You can save $30 on a programmable slow cooker from Crock-Pot, for a final price of $49.99. Look for more Cyber Monday deals on the site after Black Friday.

Clothes and shoes

In some cases you can get up to 50% off on everything at some of the major clothing retailers, reported. However, some of the boutique apparel retailers also have some smoking-hot deals you shouldn’t miss:

Ali and Jay: You can score 30% off select styles, plus 30% off sale items using code ITSNOTOVER.

Bailey 44: Buyers can browse the fashions and get up to 40% off select styles. Plus, you can get 30% off sale items using code CYBERMONDAY.

Etsy: Have fun with fashion during Etsy’s Cyber Week special and pick up funky tees, earrings and men’s fashions and accessories. Even the kids can get in on the fun.

My 1st Years: Do you need something for a little one? You can outfit the baby in your life and get 25% off the entire site and 50% off select styles using code CYBER25.

Old Navy: You can outfit the entire family with 50% off everything online. Check out a hot pair of rock star jeans for women or one of the cozy mens’ flannel shirts.

Finally, before you shop Cyber Monday, take important steps to protect yourself, such as paying with a credit card and making sure you are shopping at a legitimate retailer. You can also save even more using these smart online shopping tips, too.

Sign up for the Payoff — your weekly crash course on how to live your best financial life.

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Christmas Connection cases: Day 2


How to help a family in need this holiday season with Christmas Connection.
Democrat files

How it works: Our opinion: Help a neighbor in need this holiday season

More: Local single mom turns to community for help as son fights cancer


CASE #034 

Man without family recently lost wife of 32 years. 

Details: This man lost his wife of 32 years three months ago and has little income. He has lost weight and is not eating. He does not have any close family members who are able to help him and depended on his wife to take care of him. 

Man, age 78: Pant size male 36-waist, hoodie sweatshirt L, socks L. Suggested gift items: Queen-sized comforter, Walmart gift card. 

CASE #051 

Mother has chronic pain and lives with grown sons. 

Details: 78-year-old woman suffers from lupus and is in constant pain and is limited to her home. She lives with her two sons who assist with her care. She lives off a small Social Security check and would appreciate anything to help with Christmas. 

Critical items: Food. 

Mother, age 78: Bedroom shoes size 10, night gown size XXL. Suggested gift items: Pots and pans, bath towels, wash cloths (dark red or black), toiletries. 

Son, age 44: Pant size 38-waist dress, shirt size 17 1/2-neck dress, bedroom shoes size 10. Suggested gift items: Queen-sized blankets, gospel CD’s. 

Son, age 57: Pant size 36-waist, Shirt size 17-neck dress, bedroom shoes size 10. Suggested gift items: Queen-sized comforter and sheets set. 

CASE #052 

Grandmother diagnosed with Lupus and cancer lives with daughter with Lupus and two granddaughters. 

Details: The parents of this family are in the process of divorcing and need compassion for the holidays. The mother struggles with chronic pain as she fights Lupus. The maternal grandmother lives with the family because of her own Lupus and cancer diagnosis. The eldest child has a seizure disorder, an improperly formed bladder and asthma. The home is in poor repair and the car has transmission problems, which makes it difficult to get to doctor’s appointments. Anything the community can provide would help this family for Christmas. 

Mother, age 41: Sizes not listed. Suggested gift items: bath towels, lawn mower, rugs for inside. 

Daughter, age 10: Pant size 13 junior, shirt size L junior, underwear size 7 women’s, dress size 13 junior, shoe size 8 1/2 women’s wide. Suggested gift items: Bicycle, board game, anything to play with outside. 

Daughter, age 3: Pant size 4T girl’s, shirt size 4T girl’s, underwear size 3-4T girl’s, shoe size 8 or 9 regular toddler’s, dress size 4T girl’s. Suggested gift items: Bicycle, Princess Elena or Paw Patrol toys. 

Grandmother, age 67: No sizes given. Suggested gift items: Pots and pans, gift cards for groceries and other household necessities. 

CASE #072

Family struggles financially with high-risk pregnancy and taking care of niece. 

Details: The mother in this family is having a high-risk pregnancy, was put on bed rest and had to stop working, which is causing severe financial difficulties. The father is still working. They are also taking care of the mother’s niece after the recent death of her sister. 

Critical items: Curtains — beige and 84 x 63, queen- and full-sized navy/grey comforter set blankets, towels, sheets, area rug in a neutral color, a bathroom set, vacuum cleaner, muffin pan, baking set, cookware, eating utensils, handheld mixer. 

Mother, age 29: Pant size 3/4, shirt size S, underwear size 6, shoe size 6, dress size S. Suggested gift items: Clothing, romance novels, gift cards, Lovespell lotion, pajamas, jacket. 

Father, age 29: Pant size 36, shirt size XL, boxer size 36, shoe size 10.5. Suggested gift items: Clothing, knee braces, fishing items, ankle braces, wallet, books. 

Niece, age 3: Pant size 4T, shirt size 4T, underwear panties size, shoe size 8/9 children’s, dress size 4. Suggested gift items: Barbie doll, stethoscope, crayons, coloring books, tricycle, jacket. 

Other member, age 7: Pant size 16 boy’s, shirt size XL, underwear boy’s boxers, shoe size 6.5 children’s. Suggested gift items: Football sports equipment, Thor comforter, Thor decorations, razor scooter. 

Daughter, age 1 month: Pant size 3/6 months, shirt size 3/6 months, underwear size 2 diapers, shoe sized for infants, dress size 3/6 months. Suggested gift items: Children’s learning toys, bottle warmer, stroller, sleepers, socks, swing, jacket. 

CASE #085 

Single father has stable employment but struggles with additional expenses for grown daughter and two sons. 

Details: This single father has stable employment but earns a low income to support his family. He is able to meet his family’s basic needs but there are not funds left over for anything extra. Mother has sporadic involvement with the children and does not pay support. The father values his sons’ education, as evidenced by their consistent school attendance, and his advocacy for education supports one of the boys who has some learning challenges.

Father, age 40: Pant size 34W/36L men’s, shirt size XL men’s, underwear size 34, shoe size 13 men’s. Suggested gift items: Clothing, tool set — socket set and screwdrivers, kerosene heater. 

Daughter, age 22: Pant size 34 waist women’s, shirt size medium in women’s, underwear size medium, shoe size 8. Suggested gift items: Queen-sized sheets and blankets. 

Son, age 10: Pant size 10/12 children’s — khaki uniform style, shirt size 10/12 children’s — color royal/navy/gold uniform style, underwear size 8, shoe size 6. Suggested gift items: Twin-sized sheets, bicycle for a 4′ child. 

Son, age 8: Pant size 10/12 children’s — khaki uniform style, shirt size 10/12 — color royal/navy/gold uniform style, underwear size 8, shoe size 5. Suggested gift items: Clothing, coat size 10/12, bicycle for a 4′ child. 

How to help

Donate in person: Drop off donations at the Centre of Tallahassee (formerly Tallahassee Mall), 2415 N. Monroe St., Suite 650, from Nov. 28 to Dec. 15. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. (Please Do not bring donations to the Democrat.)

Donate online or by mail: Monetary donations can also be made online at or donations may be mailed to: P.O. Box 20165, Tallahassee, FL 32316.

Adopt a family: Complete a brief form at the website and a family will be assigned to you by a volunteer adoption specialist.

Host a Christmas Connection holiday party: Gather people from your office, school, church, sports team, family or friends and host a party to benefit our less fortunate neighbors. You can collect gift items, gift cards and/or monetary donations, which can be brought to the site during regular operating hours.

Volunteer: Come by the location during our scheduled hours to donate your time and talents

Most needed items this year: Bikes, gift cards, baby food (all stages) and formula, baby items, disposable diapers (infant/adult), heaters (electric/space), blankets, new clothing (all sizes including extra large, infant to adult), new coats, toiletries and household items and nonperishable foods. Especially protein foods.


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Canadians can get better Black Friday deals in the US

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the biggest retail events of the year, may not be the best days to get big projects finished at work. It’s the time of year when Canadians shop furtively online while keeping an eye out for the boss as they search for Fingerling toys and debate which model of Instant Pot or smart phone to buy.

A recent survey of 400 office workers and 270 CIOs by Robert Half found that 64 per cent of workers surveyed admitted to shopping during work hours on a company device, and 16 per cent of said they spent one hour or more shopping on the job during last year’s Cyber Monday.

Hot retail market

In the U.S., consumers have already seen great deals for Black Friday and they’re going to last until Christmas, says Melissa Martin, spokesperson for, a site which will alert you when the items you want are discounted.

“It’s very hot in retail and we have Amazon to thank for that,” says Martin. “Last year Amazon started a countdown to Christmas, and so this year retailers got a jump on it…offering discounts well in advance of Black Friday.”

“It started a couple of weeks ago and the sales were amazing,” said Martin, adding she saw boots for as low as $19.99 at many major retailers including Macy’s, and “tremendous deals on clothes,” with thermal jackets at 60-70 per cent off at Kohl’s, JCPenney and Macy’s.

The deals in technology have started early too. Martin says that this year Samsung has started selling direct to the consumer, with 40 to 60 per cent off televisions, $120 off tablets and 70 per cent off wearables.

Apple doesn’t tend to discount their products, but Walmart, Target and BestBuy in the U.S. are offering iPhones with bonus gift cards of up to $300.

Is it worth shopping in the U.S.? 

Some U.S. retailers like Nordstrom, ASOS and Macy’s have stepped up their online game, making international purchases easier for Canadians by adding taxes and duties at the time of purchase; alternately, some Canadian shoppers find that if the total is low they can often avoid prohibitive shipping and handling fees when ordering from American sites.

Kohl’s has offered great Black Friday deals said Martin, but they don’t ship to Canada. Another popular option for Canadians who live near the border is to rent a mailbox and have deliveries sent there, or use a service like Kinek, which will receive packages and large items such as tires that can’t be delivered to Canada easily.

We took a look at a few items that make it worth shopping in the U.S. in person or online, but please share your deals – Canadian and American – in the comments!


Macy’s has a 13-piece set of pots and pans for just $29 says Martin. Yahoo Canada Finance also noticed a significant price difference on a 14-piece set of Rachel Ray cookware; Macy’s is selling the set for $89.99 (about $114.58 CDN), while in Canada the same package is $179.99 on


At Kohl’s, we saw the unbeatable deals that Martin mentioned. Men’s Levis 501 jeans are $35.99 ($45.83) plus there’s an extra 15 per cent discount and shipping is free in the U.S. At The Bay in Canada they’re full price, $69.99.

American Eagle and Abercrombie, both are going through some tough number crunching, and they ship to Canada for free for orders over $50,” says Martin.

For Gap clothes, you can stay in Canada, since the deals are similar on either side of the border. Their ladies “perfect boot cords” are $30 in Canada after the 50 per cent off everything coupon is applied, while they’re $25 USD after discount on the American site.


TVs are a deal south of the border. We found a 65-inch Samsung (Samsung – 65″ Class (64.5″ Diag.) – LED – 2160p – Smart – 4K Ultra HD) for $914.99 ($1,165.29 CDN) at, while the same model is $1,499.99 at

Martin says that ultimately, Canadian retailers can’t compete with the sales that are seen in the U.S.

“When I go up there to shop, it’s crazy. I don’t know how people live, how they dress themselves,” says Martin.

She recalls a shopping trip to Bath and Body Works in the U.S. last year on Black Friday, where she purchased over $600 worth of merchandise for $127.

“You’re not going to get the same deals in Canada,” says Martin. “You have Boxing Day but it’s nothing like you see in the States.”

Download the Yahoo Finance app, available for Apple and Android.

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Dinnerware Market Analysis and In-Depth Analysis on Market …

The “Dinnerware Market” Report describes detailed information about tactics and strategies used by leading key companies in the Dinnerware industry. It also gives an extensive analysis about different market segments and regions. The global and regional Dinnerware market report, providing information on major players like manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, traders, customers, investors and etc., major types, major applicationsand etc. Data type include capacity, production, market share, price, revenue, cost, gross, gross margin, growth rate, consumption, import, export and etc. Industry chain, manufacturing process, cost structure, marketing channel are also analyzed in this report.

Dinnerware Market Report Provides Comprehensive Analysis as Following:

  • Market segments and sub-segments
  • Market size shares
  • Market trends and dynamics
  • Market Drivers and Opportunities
  • Competitive landscape
  • Supply and demand
  • Technological inventions in Dinnerware industry
  • Marketing Channel Development Trend
  • Dinnerware Market Positioning
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Target Client
  • Distributors/Traders List included in Dinnerware Market

Ask Sample Report @

Development policies and plans are discussed as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures. This report also states import/export, supply and consumption figures as well as cost, price, revenue and gross margin by regions.

Type Segment Analysis (Consumption Volume, Average Price, Revenue, Market Share and Trend 2013-2023): Plates, Bowls, Sets, Cups, Others,s

Application Segment Analysis (Consumption Volume and Market Share 2013-2023; Downstream Customers and Market Analysis): Home Usage, Commercial Usage,

Along with Dinnerware Market research analysis, buyer also gets valuable information about global Dinnerware Production and its market share, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin, Supply, Consumption, Export, Import volume and values for following Regions: North America, Europe, China, Japan, Middle East Africa, India, South America, Others 

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Manufacturers Segment Analysis (Company and Product introduction, Dinnerware Sales Volume, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin): Meissen, Hermes, Arabia, GIEN, Herend, Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Royal Worcester, Corelle, WMF, Libbey, Guy Degrenne, Lenox, Zwilling,s

Key questions answered in Dinnerware Market Report:

  • What will the market size be in 2021 and what will the growth rate be?
  • What are the key market trends in Dinnerware Industry?
  • What is driving Dinnerware market?
  • What are the challenges to market growth?
  • Who are the key vendors in Dinnerware market space?
  • What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the key vendors?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key vendors in Dinnerware Market?

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Thus, the Dinnerware market report provides comprehensive analysis covering all the major regions, competitors, and dynamic aspects of the Dinnerware industry.

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