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Regal Ware acquires Canadian coffee equipment maker

Kewaskum-based Regal Ware Inc. has acquired Vancouver, Canada-based ESPRO. The transaction closed April 3 for an undisclosed price.


Regal Ware makes cookware.

Regal Ware, which has about 300 employees, manufactures stainless steel and cast aluminum cookware, which is distributed internationally under the Saladmaster, Kitchen Fair, Lifetime, Classica and Royal Queen brands.

ESPRO, a startup with 13 employees, manufactures premium coffee and tea presses and accessories. Acquiring the company provides Regal Ware with a premium beverage brand, and ESPRO with an influx of capital so it can execute its growth strategy. Regal Ware plans to retain all its employees at its existing location.

“We’re planning on growing the business. ESPRO is a startup company, very new, and what we bring to the deal with them is a steady parent and a good capital structure,” said Jeff Reigle, president and chief executive officer of Regal Ware. “That capital structure allows them to move forward on their product development agenda and having enough inventory to take care of their customers.”

Through the transaction, ESPRO will become a division of Regal Ware and continue operating in Vancouver under the ESPRO name. Founders Bruce Constantine and Chris McLean will remain with the business, Constantine as president and McLean as senior product development engineer.

“ESPRO remains committed to elevating the coffee and tea experience with advanced technology and premium quality. Joining the Regal Ware family will allow us to move our technology agenda forward a lot faster,” said Bruce Constantine, president of ESPRO.

In the past, Regal Ware was a very large player in the mass market percolator and drip coffee maker business, but it sold off its small appliance business in 1999, Reigle said. It does not currently have a coffee offering.

“We are pleased to add the ESPRO line of premium coffee and tea presses and accessories to our portfolio of brands, enhancing our line of innovative kitchen products,” he said. “Our cookware is crafted to provide superior results in the kitchen and make cooking more enjoyable; ESPRO will complement this by bringing the best cup of coffee and tea to every table.”

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Get a Workout With a New Dutch Oven – The New York Times


The “F” on the brass handle is for Finex, but you can claim it for your own if your name is Fred, or Faye … or Florence.

Sonny Figueroa/The New York Times

Cast-iron cookware is in the spotlight. Having started with skillets, producers are now introducing Dutch ovens. Despite already owning pots from Staub and Le Creuset, I could not resist the new Dutch oven by Finex Cast Iron Cookware, an American company that makes distinctive octagonal pieces with a dark bronze finish. The brass knob on the lid bears my initials (they happen to coincide with the company logo). It was fine for a test-drive pot roast, snugly holding a four-pound piece of chuck. The angled shape, meant to facilitate pouring, proved effective, and clean-up, thanks to its pre-seasoned organic flaxseed oil coating, was a breeze. You just need a few sessions at the gym to lift its nearly 12 pounds (empty): Finex 5-Quart Dutch Oven With Cover, $300,

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StikChops are a universally designed, affordable, and environmentally friendly eating utensil, the "One For All"

The StikChops™ – One For All – is the universally designed
utensil for chopstick and fork users alike! Why is there no dinnerware solution
for chopstick and fork users to crossover the culinary divide required
effortlessly? Currently, a range of “Cheater Chopsticks” enables those
untrained with their use and grasp to manage, but these fall short when
navigating into foods prepared and selected with forks and knives. What about
an intuitive and user-friendly voyage from one eating utensil and culture easily
into the other? Food preparations throughout the world for chopstick and fork
vary according to the cultures and utensils used.

If you haven’t grown up using
chopsticks or forks as your primary eating utensil yet have decided to master
the technique, you’ll know that the learning curve is steep to say the least.Maneuvering
these utensils to pick up food items for the untrained hand is certainly easier
said than done.Understanding
the struggle, Michel designed StikChops™, a revolutionized take on chopsticks
and forks for consumers trying new culinary experiences and traditions while
dinning locally and traveling abroad.

The StikChops™ utensil is a
beautifully designed, simple to use, and user-friendly utensil that bridges the
gap between Chopstick and Fork eating for cultures for those expanding their
culinary treats. StikChops™ also has a slightly curved body that makes actions
like twirling pasta noodles a breeze.Added perks of StikChops™ ergonomic design include its ability
to stably rest on the edge of a plate, and act as serving tongs if necessary.

Currently, StikChops™ will be available in five different colours, and comes in
two sizes, regular and children size. The multi-purpose utensil is also
environmentally friendly, is reusable, and recyclable. A travel-friendly
utensil, StikChops™ even comes with a protective cap to keep your on-the-go
experience clean and sanitary.So put the days of flying peas and dropped noodles behind you
with StikChops™. Your non-cramping hand and full stomach will certainly
thank you.



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Design Team

Michel Ina – Design Development

Michel Ina
StikChops – One For All
The StikChops design and dinnerware product delivers multiple user benefits, here are but a few examples.

Michel Ina
StikChops – One For All
Selecting multiple food items with StikChops is quick and simple.

Michel Ina
StikChops – One For All
StikChops kid and adult sizes enable all to enjoy their meals easily.

Michel Ina
StikChops – One For All
Resting StikChops on one’s plate and table easily like a fork is a breeze!

Michel Ina
StikChops – One For All
Easy StikChops holding positions.

Michel Ina
StikChops – One For All
StikChops are the crossover utensil for chopstick and fork users to early with.

Michel Ina
StikChops – One For All
StikChops design explorations.

Michel Ina
StikChops – One For All
Pasta with StikChops is a breeze!

Michel Ina
StikChops – One For All
StikChops detail and drawings.

Michel Ina
StikChops – One For All
Clean StikChops grasping ends elevate at rest to enjoy meals with easily.

Michel Ina
StikChops – One For All
Selecting different foods with StikChops is simple.

Michel Ina
StikChops – One For All
Here are the StikChops station/holder design explorations.

The StikChops – One For All – a multi-purpose utensil is also
environmentally friendly, reusable, dishwasher safe, FDA approved for food
contact, and recyclable.The StikChops™ utensil its injection molded using the plastic material Delrin from DuPont.

The StikChops™ design and
product concept delivers multiple user benefits, here are but a few examples:

users multiple right and left-handed grasping positions, rests securely on
plate when not being used, and end portions are elevated and not in contact
with a table’s surface when at rest.

of selecting food items from both an upright and downward facing positions,
similar to how a Fork operates.

eating some types of food, such as noodles, chopsticks are often ill
suited.The noodles cannot be easily gathered in multiples due to
the users inability to rotate the chopsticks in one’s hand while grasping
noodles as with a fork.

mothers have said countless times to their kids – “Eat More
Slowly”.The StikChops™ extends the eating time to finish one’s meal
and allows ample time to trigger the 20-minute signal from your stomach to your
brain that you are full – And feeling full translates into eating less!

·In a recent Health studies
article, people who use chopsticks on a daily bases are more likely to develop
hand osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis that is often due to
excessive use of joints. The StikChops™ are universally designed with multiple
ergonomic grasping positions that help to reduce the stress incurred from
chopsticks which places stress on particular joints in the first, second, and third

· The universal
design of StikChops™ is reusable, made of Delron from Dupont

In 1500 or less words please describe the details of your project…

Learn More About This Project

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Hit the Road With 10 Car Camping Must-Haves

By Rachel Walker

Ahhhh, car camping—the traveler’s embodiment of the “think global, act local” mantra. Unlike journeying to exotic destinations, which tend to require significant expense and loads of greenhouse gases, car camping is simple. Whether you’re traveling five or 500 miles, all you need to do is throw your gear in the car, pick a destination on the map, and go.

Further sweeten your summer explorations by streamlining your gear system. Since weight doesn’t really matter (this isn’t a backpacking trip), car camping practically begs you to bust out the extra-thick camp pad, the cozy bag, and even the cast-iron skillet. While car camping’s most luxurious perks are bound to be found in star-studded skies, al fresco dining, and sunsets, the below creature comforts will make your trip downright deluxe.

Coolers have come a long way from the days of the $5 Styrofoam box. Otter Box’s Trooper LT 20 Soft Cooler ($250) keeps ice cold for days and doesn’t leak. It’s big enough to store several days’ worth of provisions, yet small enough to fit on even the most jam-packed ride. Thanks to the cooler’s wide-opening hinge top, loading it—and reaching in to retrieve deliciousness—is a piece of cake.

The best thing about the Big Agnes Big House 6 Deluxe ($400) is its ease of setup. As in a five- and seven-year-old recently erected one in their (OK, my) living room with minimal supervision. Once assembled, this tent is a spacious, shack-size shelter with room for up to six. Inside there’s plenty of ventilation, a star-viewing mesh top (and a rain fly for stormy nights), and ample built-in organizers. With so many mesh pockets and shelves, your contact lens case will never again get lost among the kids’ coloring books.

Sweet dreams are made of sleeping pads that do the dual duty of insulating campers from the cold, hard ground and eliminating lumps. The Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D ($180 to $210) does all this and more. But what sets this plush pad apart from the competition is how easy it is to inflate. Blow into the nozzle (versus engaging in the full-body workout required by the usual floor pump or pillow pump), and just a short time later, you’re sawing logs.

The Homestead Twin sleeping bag ($119) from The North Face is a roomy, rectangular sack that comes in two temperature ratings: 20 degrees and 40 degrees. A modern twist on the classic sleeping bag, the Homestead has plenty of room for extra blankets, stuffed animals, family members, and even the dog. In other words, it’s the opposite of restrictive.

One glorious aspect of car camping is tuning in to the day’s natural rhythms. But sometimes, you still need artificial light. Whether you’re pitching a tent in the dark, heading out on a nocturnal adventure, or cooking, reading, or playing Scrabble long after the sun’s gone down, the indestructible Black Diamond Icon headlamp ($100) lights the way. It’s water- and dustproof and comes with three different night-vision modes (red, green, and blue). It also has a removable battery pack to help preserve battery light and “brightness memory,” which means you can customize its power.

It might be tempting to throw your kitchen cutting board and knife into the car, but don’t. This compact combo from Snow Peak ($56) safely holds the knife in place when not in use and folds up for easy storage. Post chopping, cook dinner in the company’s featherweight Titanium Mini Solo Cook set ($76).

Go gourmet with Camp Chef’s Summit two-burner stove ($132) and cast iron skillet ($23). The powerful stove comes with two high-pressure, 20,000 BTU burners (boiling water has never been quicker), matchless ignition, and a locking lid and handle. It’s strong enough to hold all sorts of cookware, including the company’s durable, classic skillets, which come in a variety of sizes.

Keeping your car camping gear organized is a fine art. Luckily, the innovative, tough bags from Mystery Ranch Mission Duffel do wonders to sort and protect everything. Use the Mission Duffel 90 ($195) for tent and bedding, the 55 ($165) for cookware, and the 40 ($130) for clothes. These expandable workhorses convert into surprisingly comfortable backpacks, making for easy schlepping from truck to tent.

Naturally, car camping doesn’t mean that you never leave the site. You’re bound to hike and explore, and the Osprey’s Skimmer 30 ($120) hydration pack is big enough to store multiple layers and food. Thanks to its ergonomic design, this pack can be worn all day, up and down mountains (or wherever you go) without complaint. Parents will love its myriad pockets and compartments for toting kids’ various sundries; non-parents will appreciate this pack’s versatility.

Hang the BioLite Powerlight Mini ($45) in the tent for evening illumination, or prop it on the picnic table if you need an outside light. This solar-powered lantern can also be charged via USB. Once fully charged, it runs for five hours on high or 52 hours on low. It’s convenient, compactible and reliable.

Reposted with permission from our media associate SIERRA Magazine.

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Designing in days

Folks will tell you that engaging the services of interior designers often entails months of preparation and wait.

Don’t believe them.

When Debi Hester of Amek Homes wanted to showcase the company’s new Santa Rosa model at Viera’s new Seville community, she didn’t want to wait months for the furniture to arrive.  

She didn’t have to.

Enter Andrea Zgonc, interior designer with Indian River Furniture in Rockledge. Zgonc  orchestrated a completely decorated 4,327-square-foot house, including the 60-foot long infinity pool/outdoor kitchen area, in a week’s time. Even better, she accomplished it just the way the client wanted.

“We were looking for a coastal look to match our Mediterranean style home,” Hester said. “She did a great job intermingling the two styles. The furniture and the house look like they were built for each other.”

Hester was going for a warm, comfortably, yet stylish, feel to the décor, so prospective homebuyers could easily see themselves in the space. Gzonc inherited the travertine  flooring and the beige and gray tones of the walls. Other than that, there were no furnishings.

“It was a completely blank canvas,” she said.

Utilizing only in-stock items, she created an ambiance that complements the classic, timeless construction of the new house.

“The tone on tone combination made it very easy to work with,” Zgonc said.

She opted for an understated coastal look that depends on the judicious addition of accessories such as vintage glass floats, driftwood, sisal-accented lamps and organically shaped sculptures of nature imagery, including a nautilus shell. Pops of blue in fabrics and accessories add visual interest without going over the top.

With assistance from Sonja Polster of Blinds of All Kinds, Zgonc delivered natural-textured Roman shades from Hunter Douglas and even custom-designed drapes.  

Zgonc intentionally kept the furniture light to enhance the house’ airy feel, opting for a rustic chic combination of whitewashed grays and beiges that still permit the wood tones to contrast. Furnishings and accessories were inspired by the architectural design of Old World Europe with luxury vintage charm.

When outfitting a model home, a designer must work within different parameters than those of a traditional residential project. Staged houses have been proven again and again to attract more potential buyers than empty model homes.

“It is hard for customers to visualize what you can do with an empty space,” Hester said.

That said, the furnishings should not claim so much attention that prospective buyers end up focusing on sofas and tables instead of the built-in amenities.

“You want to show the house to its best, but you don’t want the furniture to overpower the spaces,” Zgonc said. “You are selling the home, not the furniture.”

Zgonc must have gotten it right on the money, because realtor Wendy Lockwood with Viera Realty says Zgonc’s design has created quite a stir among visitors to the Santa Rosa.

“We have a waiting list of a couple of dozen people interested in the house,” she said.

Good design makes a house inviting, whether it is a new model home awaiting a buyer or a well-lived house in need of a makeover. Zgonc has proven it need not take months to achieve the perfect look.

For Hester, the transformation of the Santa Rosa from empty house to showpiece achieved her goal.

“Filling each room with beautifully chosen furniture gives our clients the feeling of how the house flows from room to room,” she said. “Furniture makes a world of difference.”






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Calvin Klein Is Selling $390 Rubber Kitchen Gloves

Calvin Klein’s Spring 2018 runway was pretty tame and tailored, especially as compared to many other avant-garde designers, like Gucci’s Alessandro Michele and Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia. The collection, rife with bright colors and dip-dyed patterns, was a collection of well-tailored pencil skirts, pants, button-down shirts, and gorgeous coats. That said, there were accessories that turned heads, like tassels larger than the bags to which they were attached, totes that completely disappeared underneath the elongated tassels that encapsulated their structures, and over-the-elbow rubber gloves in a variety of colors. It’s those such gloves, however, that have us doing a double-take, as they’re finally for sale—for $390.

If you’re not familiar with Calvin Klein’s rubber gloves, think about the bright yellow ones you clean your kitchen counters with, and then make them fash-un. Made of 100% synthetic rubber (that’s right: pretty much the same as those you have under the sink…), you can shop them here for the low low price of $390.

True, PVC and rubber-inspired pieces are a huge trend this season, and have been for a few past as well. That said, we’re not quite sure we’re ready to drop that much money for something we can shop at the drugstore. But who knows, if anyone could convince the world that these rubber gloves are the next big street style trend, it’s Raf Simons.

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Check this out:

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22 Things From Jet That Only Look Expensive

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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