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5 trends driving homeowners to remodel


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9 things I learned from watching ‘Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food’

“Quick Easy” lol ok??

James Trevor Oliver MBE. He was a good man right up until the point where he banned turkey twizzlers from every school in the country. At that point, everything changed. Mercy was put to bed and anger emerged in its place.

Jamie’s latest TV show is called ‘Jamie’s Quick Easy Food’ and I’m going to investigate whether the food is any of those things.

We need to know what kind of man is making decisions in our school canteens. We need to know who is responsible for ruining childhoods.

Here’s 9 things I learned from just one episode of Jamie’s Quick Easy Food.

1. Jamie’s list of ‘kitchen essentials’ vary greatly from the average person’s

Jamie starts off the show by letting us know that the meals he prepares are going to require five ingredients, along with some kitchen essentials. Off the top of my head, kitchen essentials are milk, bread, chocolate, eggs and a Nigella cookbook to use as a talking point when your parents visit, mostly to distract them from the squalor that you’re living in. But Jamie has other ideas. His kitchen essentials (pictured above) are a learning curve for us all. For example, did you know that olive oil comes in multiple varieties? Or that vinegar has a fancy French cousin? Nobody’s kitchen has those five items at any one time. Not even Antony Worrall Thompson. Tesco doesn’t even have all of those items in stock. Jamie has set us up for a loss already.


2. Jamie continually overestimates the quality and supply of cookware that a normal person’s kitchen contains

Jamie will often say something really quickly so you don’t even realise what’s happening, but I definitely just heard ‘griddle pan’. He wants us to whip out our griddle pans and start cooking, but therein lies the problem. I do not know what is a griddle pan, nor does my house contain one. I have one singular frying pan and it is old and scratched. Look at Jamie’s kitchen ffs, look at all the appliances. He doesn’t have a spice rack, he has multiple spice drawers. He’s got so many pans he’s had to hang them on the wall, where they probably don’t even sit idle long enough to gather dust. We’re from different worlds, Jamie. Just show me how to make scrambled eggs so they’re not soggy. Please. I beg you.


3. Jamie flaunts his expertise and sets you up for a loss from the beginning

In this particular episode, Jamie is making lamb kofta flatbreads. Sounds simple, right? Certainly the flatbread part at least. Well no, not quite. Jamie produces a readymade tortilla and places it in a second(!) frying pan. An additional one to the griddle pan we’ve seen earlier. Then he takes the tortilla out of the pan. Rather than using the perfectly functional tortilla in his hand, Jamie tells us that we’re actually going to make flatbreads from scratch. Terrific! What a joy! You have to get flour, then make a well and pour in oil, then pour a random amount of into it (whatever feels right?) and use that to make dough. Got it? Brilliant. Now fry it without burning it and hey presto – perfect flatbread. Or, maybe we could use the tortillas you already bought, Jamie? Cut the shit.


4. Jamie does not hold back in praising himself upon tasting his food, not now and not ever

What a surprise, the food that Jamie has just made is, you’ve guessed it, absolutely fucking delicious. Has a television chef ever prepared something, then tasted it and said anything other than ‘I have just orgasmed, this is the best thing I have ever put inside my body’. Just be honest, say it needs a bit of salt or 2kg of melted cheese to complete the dish. There’s no shame in self-critique. It’s always an over the top expression, mixed with multiple groans and an eye roll. There’s just no way it’s as good as you’re letting on. I have never eaten a single thing that’s made my eyes roll back into my head. Not even a caramel Freddo. The only reason my eyes rolled was at the extortionate price.


5. Jamie normalises cheating when he’s cooking because he is a fraud and he wants you to be one too

Peppers? Out of a jar? Is that allowed, Jamie? You’re supposed to be a chef. This is like a gardener using fake grass. Jamie has the skills to de-seed a pepper, surely that was the first task at culinary school, followed by learning how to make toast and how to fill a glass of water to the right volume so that it doesn’t spill. Jamie Oliver isn’t allowed to use pre-prepared goods, that’s us muggles do. He must make the food from scratch and allow us to cheat. I want to see him slaughtering animals, trying to milk an almond and squeezing the life out of various citrus fruits so that they cause him a world of pain as they run over various cuts on his hands that he’d previously forgotten about. I want to see him cry.


6. Jamie Oliver has run out of adjectives to describe his food

Have a think, truly, have a good thorough think about when the last time you used the word ‘gnarly’ was. If your answer is anything other than ‘never’, you are a liar. Nobody outside of the American surfing community has ever used the word ‘gnarly’ because they are not allowed to. Those are the rules. Jamie Oliver has no business adopting a word so alien to his natural vocabulary and using it to describe a piece of chicken. Stop trying to be “cool” or “down with the kids”. You are a 43-year-old turbo Dad with five children and a career built upon lies. Lies such as saying that a meal will take fifteen minutes when most ovens don’t even reached the desired temperature in that time. Get out of my sight, you make me sick.


7. Jamie knows you can’t use a knife properly, but he doesn’t give a fuck because that’s your problem, not his

“Just grab a big sharp knife there pal and score the chicken breasts with it. I realise you’ve already come close to several unintentional incisions when you were getting the gross white stuff off the chicken, but now it’s just for sport. Cut some diagonal lines halfway through the chicken breasts, then do it in the opposite direction. This offers no difference whatsoever to the way the chicken will taste, I just want you to cut yourself so that you may gain some appreciation for my craft. What I, Jamie Oliver, am doing isn’t easy. A bit of respect wouldn’t go amiss, buddy. Sure, I might cheat by using jarred items, I might even ruin school dinners by introducing healthy alternatives, but at least I can use a knife to make unnecessary patterns in raw chicken”.


8. When he makes a blatant mistake, Jamie will pretend that it was the intended outcome all along

Look at the edges of that sauce, it’s burnt to fuck. They’ve gone with a tight camera angle to conceal most of it, but you can still make out the black parts. Rather than saying “Listen, hands up, I’ve fucked it. We’re not arsed recreating and shooting the whole thing again, sincere apologies”. Instead, Jamie says “You can see it’s started to catch on the edges and that’s absolutely perfect, some char is always delicious for that smokey texture”. Jamie. We have not come down in the last shower. We can see that you’ve fucked it. The only person you’re lying to is yourself. The smoke detector is lighting up in the background, you’ve obviously just triggered it, paused filming and opened a few windows. You are a fraud. Chicken looks delicious though, tbf.


9. Jamie sometimes dumbs down his skills so you feel better about your lack of talent because he is a deeply patronising man

Jamie started off with the dish on the right. He piped perfect little stars all around and then proceeded to dumb down his talents little by little, eventually ending up with the monstrosity on the left. He could’ve made them all perfect like the first one, but he decided to patronise us. Look at the progressively worse concoctions he’s turned out. It’s like when a charity football match allows kids to compete and the footballers purposely allow them to score. Why do they do that? Surely the kids would be more elated to score against them when they’re playing at 100% skill. Jamie Oliver is making fun of us and we are allowing him to do it. The injustice must stop. Those meals were neither quick nor easy.



Images via Channel 4

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10 Reasons To Attend The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market® This July

© Elle Wood Photography LLC All Rights Reserved

The 61st-annual summer staging of The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market® promises new introductions, new product collections and presentations, and industry-leading programming featuring celebrated tastemakers, business visionaries, and innovators across its newly-timed seven-day run, July 10-16, 2018.

1. AmericasMart LIVE Returns

The spectacular Main Stage in AmericasMart Building 3 is the epicenter of thoughtleadership during the Market. Headlined this year by lifestyle legend Martha Stewart, business mogul Bethenny Frankel, and multi-hyphenate Trisha Yearwood, AmericasMart LIVE will deliver a rare opportunity for Marketgoers to be inspired by stories and strategies from a trifecta of forces in entertainment, design, and business.

2. Savor the South

The Fiesta Dinnerware Demonstration Kitchen in Building 2, Floor 8 will celebrate the diverse flavors of the South with the “Savor the South” series presented by Atlanta magazine. Catch James Beard, award-winning Chef Steven Satterfield of Miller Union, Local Three’s Chef Chris Hall, Chef Meg Brent of White Oak Kitchen Cocktails, Chef Nick Leahy of AIX, Chef Ian Winslade of Mission + Market, Gigi Butler of Gigi’s Cupcakes, and Dr. Seung Hee Lee, food influencer and cookbook author of “Everyday Korean.”


The industry’s most anticipated and important night—2018 ICON HONORS—now takes place as part of AmericasMart LIVE. In an exclusive presentation, Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post and founder and CEO of Thrive Global, will imprint a new mark of contemporary cultural thought leadership upon ICON HONORS, which from its founding has championed the role of independent businesses in the global economy.

4. Shop the Show

“Shop the Show” is an all-new program where retailers, designers and home décor lovers near and far can see curated shopping adventures through the eyes of leading lifestyle influencers. Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit, Orlando Soria of Hommemaker, Chris and Julia Marcum of Chris Loves Julia, and Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House that Lars Built will descend on AmericasMart during the Market week to document their favorite finds, experiences, events, and more. Buyers, exhibitors, and design fanatics can follow their adventure on social media with the hashtag #ShoptheShowATL.

5. Museum Collective

The Museum Store Association and AmericasMart are bringing the nonprofit retail community an unmatched wholesale buying experience with The Museum Collective. This all-new curated merchandise collection will make its debut at Market. Custom-designed to serve the refined merchandising requirements of museum stores, zoos, aquariums, catalogues, online sellers, and other specialty retail enterprises, The Museum Collective presents a curated selection of quality gifts, décor, collectibles, and private label products.

6. Design Seminars

A must-see coterie of globally-celebrated design talent will grace the Main Stage for AmericasMart LIVE. Cam Wolf, style features writer at GQ magazine, will moderate a panel discussion of ultimate home décor and fashion trends for the style-savvy man. Panelists include Jeremiah Brent, TV host and interior designer; Justin Williams, photo stylist, designer, and lifestyle specialist; and Sid Mashburn, CEO and designer at Mashburn, LLC. Lifestyle gurus and authors India Hicks and Nathan Turner will also share advice on tapping into creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit in a discussion moderated by Brittany Chevalier McIntyre of Luxe Interiors + Design. Dennis Scully, contributing editor of sponsor Business of Home by Editor At Large, will lead a lively panel discussion with the Shop the Show influencers. Tom Mirabile, SVP of Global Trend and Design for Lifetime Brands, will share “Top Trends 2018: Survival and Success in the Retail Renaissance.”

7. Let’s Do Lunch

“Let’s Do Lunch: A Home, Gift and Design Series with Progressive Business Media” is a new business-building Lunch Learn series presented by Progressive Business Media. Topics include “Top Tactics for Building a Loyal Social Media Following,” “Stargazing: Retail’s Best Brightest,” “Exploring Retailer and Consumer Gift Home Trends in 2018” and “Straight Talk from the Editors: Navigate the World of DIY PR Like a Superstar.”

8. Parties

Everyone knows one of the best parts of Market is the parties. Celebrate throughout the Market at the Made to Merlot Party, Shop the Show Soirée, and the To The Nines Party.

9. New Temporaries

New buying experiences in the temporary collections, which run on a new Wednesday to Sunday schedule, include a consolidated home décor temporary collection in Building 1 with DÉCOR | Light Lifestyles, joining the Home Accents Home Furnishings and Fine Linens and Home Textiles collections on Building 1, Floor 7. A reimagined Emerging Artists Collection and a new Body and Soul LUXE collection highlight Building 3.

10. Lounges

Buyers will find enhanced relaxation spaces in the Simply Southern Lounge in Building 2, Floor 6; the DEMDACO Crossroads in Building 2, Floor 6; Creative Commons in Building 2, Floor 10; The Wellness Rejuvenation Lounge in Building 2, Floor 12; and the Headshot Glam Studio in Building 1, Floor 7.

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Restaurant specializing in hash skillets and comfort foods opens at former Gregory’s site in Hanover Township

A new restaurant has opened at the former Gregory’s Roadhouse Grill building in Hanover Township, Northampton County.

Hash Hearth, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, opened Monday at 2201 Schoenersville Road.

The 178-seat restaurant occupies the ground floor of the three-story structure that previously housed Gregory’s Roadhouse Grill, which closed abruptly in the spring after two years of business. Before that, the site was home to Gregory’s Steakhouse for more than 25 years.

According to Hash Hearth general manager Mike Barrera, the new, family-friendly “modern diner-restaurant” offers traditional and unique dishes.

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Your ultimate guide to choosing (and styling) a conservatory

A conservatory is one of the most effective ways of extending your living space, from expanding your kitchen or incorporating a dining room to creating a home office or even a spare bedroom.

Whether you’re interested in an ultra modern construction or something more traditional, want maximum light or greater insulation through a solid wall surface, there are countless ways to create a truly customised garden room – and Everest is a source of endless inspiration. And that’s before you’ve even considered the interior design….

Create a cosy orangery

First introduced in Renaissance Italy, the orangery remains as popular today. Slightly more substantial than a glass conservatory, but still allowing plenty of light, it works just as well on a listed property as it does on a modern one. And, it can be furnished in the same way you might decorate a living room, creating a cosy space that can be flooded with light in the day or shut off to everything but the stars above at night.

Colour the walls

If you’re looking to maximise the light and don’t want curtains in your orangery, choose a favourite paint colour for the walls. It will add some interest to the design scheme and will soften the room more than just using a brilliant white.

Go for glass

A modern glass extension can be a brilliant way of extending the space in your home, creating a light-flooded dining room off a kitchen or a sunny chill-out area off a living room. Adding bi-fold doors will further open up the space for a beautiful indoor-outdoor room in the warmer months.

Keep it sleek and contemporary

A super sleek modern glass extension undoubtedly adds wow factor. Whether using it as a reading room, a dining room or an at-home office or yoga studio, keep the furnishings pared back and let the stylish structure do the talking.

Style it like an interior room

Solid and glazed roofing can be combined in any proportion you see fit. A more solid roof will make the room feel part of the rest of the house and provide better insulation in winter months, while greater use of glass creates a sense of a separate area: a stylish add-on. For the former, you can bring your interior style to the indoor/outdoor space, with plentiful soft-furnishings and accessories to create a comfortable, stylish room with the added benefit of it being open to the outdoors.

Choose a traditional style

A more traditional style conservatory is a beautiful addition to a period home and can even be customised to blend with the property’s original features, such as in the window design.

Consider flooring

The flooring will set the tone. Here, marbled stone floor references the outside, while a bright floor rug ensures it is a comfortable interiors space too.

Embrace an industrial look

Even the smallest extension can make a difference, and the entire structure can be customised to suit your needs and the interior decor of your house. We love an industrial look that makes a feature of the framework rather than trying to downplay it.

Change its use

While most conservatories become an extension of a kitchen/dining room or living room, they can also be designed as a light-filled home office or even a bedroom. Can you imagine anything more peaceful than waking up to a gorgeous view of the garden every morning?

Head to Everest to find out more and to book a free conservatory design consultation.

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4 Early Prime Day Deals You Can Shop Right Now

Amazon announced some exciting news today: The fourth annual Amazon Prime Day, their biggest sale of the year, is going to be on July 16.

If you don’t want to wait until then to take advantage of incredible savings, you’re in luck—the retailer also revealed some early deals that you can nab right now. Here, four can’t-miss sales we’re going to be shopping today. (Note: You need an Amazon Prime membership to get access to these discounts. If you aren’t already a member, we recommend signing up for your free trial now; in addition to the deals below, you’ll need to be a member to shop all the Prime Day deals on July 16.)

Save $100 on the Echo Show: Last Prime Day, the Echo Dot was one of the most popular items sold; this year, though, we predict the Echo Show will top the bestsellers list. This smart home device uses Amazon’s Alexa technology to give you hands-free viewing of everything from the weather report to your favorite TV show to your home’s smart camera. And right now, Prime members can save a whopping $100 on the device, bringing the price tag down to $129 from $229. This is a huge and rare discount, so if you’ve been considering buying the Echo Show (or are thinking ahead for holiday gifts), now is the perfect time to hit add to cart.

Get 20% off AmazonBasics: Here’s something you probably didn’t now: Amazon has a line of home basics aptly called AmazonBasics that includes items like kitchen gear, furniture, computer accessories, and more. The quality of the line is terrific, and the always-low prices don’t hurt either. Right now, select products in the collection are 20% off. Our favorite deal is this 18-piece knife block set, a great value at just $50.

Up to 30% off Presto!: Another Amazon-exclusive line, Presto! includes products like paper towels, hand soap, toilet paper, and more in huge value packs. Honestly, with these kinds of discounts, there’s no excuse not to stock up on these home essentials (you’ll thank yourself later).

Amazon Music Unlimited for just $.99: Runners, take note: If you currently have a Prime membership but haven’t yet signed up for Amazon Music Unlimited, you can get this amazing limited-time offer. For just $.99, you’ll get four months of the service, which lets you stream unlimited songs ads-free on your phone. With all that music at your fingertips, those miles will fly by.

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Franke Launches New Professional 2.0 Collection – Virginian

SMYRNA, Tenn., July 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Franke, the world’s largest stainless steel kitchen sink manufacturer and a leading name in kitchen faucets, today announces the immediate market availability of its new Professional 2.0 Collection. Building on the success of the original Professional Collection, this second-generation series offers refined touches for the serious home chef including a stainless steel finish, deeper bowls, and custom-fit accessories.

Made of 16 gauge, commercial-grade stainless steel and available in a variety of size and configuration options, the Professional 2.0 Collection provides homeowners with a long-lasting entertaining focal point through its classic style and enduring finishes.

“We’re thrilled to build on the success of one of our favorite collections through the introduction of new innovations,” said Daniel Schwab, Vice President of Sales Marketing Franke Kitchen Systems. “With key updates to maximize functionality and style, we’ve tailored the Professional 2.0 Collection for the serious home chef, creating an enduring collection that’s as beautiful as it is useful.”

Key Franke Professional 2.0 Collection features include:

New Silk Finish: Sturdy design doesn’t require sacrificing elegant aesthetics. The new silk stainless finish takes minimal care to maintain a clean, attractive look for years.Deeper Bowls: The depth and width of the new bowl easily accommodates large pots and pans and minimizes splashing. Undermount bowls integrate beautifully into the surrounding worktop.Drain Placement: Small touches can make a big difference. Professional 2.0 Collection sinks now feature a rear drain to provide more under-counter storage space and in-sink workspace.Accessories: The Professional 2.0 line of sinks has an assortment of custom-fit accessories to expand the functionality of each sink, including a bottom grid, maple wood cutting board, over-the-sink colander, strainer basket, roller mat and drain cover.

Franke’s Professional 2.0 Collection is sold exclusively at authorized Franke showrooms for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) between $1,349 and $2,099 (depending on style and finish). To find a Franke showroom near you and to learn more about Franke products, visit

About Franke Group

Franke belongs to the Artemis Group and is a world-leading provider of solutions for residential kitchens and bathrooms, public washrooms, professional foodservice and coffee preparation. The Group operates worldwide and employs around 9,000 people in 40 countries. For more information, visit

View original content with multimedia:

SOURCE Franke Group

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