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David Jones aiming to be Australia’s premier retail destination

David Jones’ drive for its Elizabeth Street store to be a global premier retail destination has been boosted by a new partnership with Disney, as well as exclusive partnerships with iconic, luxury global brands, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci.

It comes at a time when bricks and mortar retailers are struggling, particularly after Amazon’s launch in Australia. Savvy bricks and mortar operators are looking for ways to make stores destinations and to create new ways of connecting with customers, to lure consumers back. 

As part of the $200 million Elizabeth Street store redevelopment, David Jones and The Walt Disney Company (Australia and New Zealand) have announced a new children’s world featuring Disney, Star Wars and Marve. The joint partnership will see the top floor of the Sydney flagship location transformed into a magical, one-of-a-kind destination.

The children’s floor will offer five distinct neighbourhoods designed to transport customers to different mini worlds and immerse themselves in Disney’s much-loved stories and characters.

Key elements of the children’s floor experience will include: 100 Acre Wood, with views over Hyde Park and shareable moments under the canopy of Winnie the Pooh’s much-loved honey tree; Marvel – Time to suit up! Roam this New York-inspired locale and then head over to the Brooklyn-inspired loft story-telling area to explore the world of books, games and puzzles; Star Wars – featuring contemporary apparel for the young Padawan in a world of play, interactivity and technology;  Disney Princess – Dreamy visions of fairy lights, castles, carousels and a Magic Mirror; High Street – a premium range of boutique shops.

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Dollar Tree opens in Magnolia

  • Dollar Tree
    Courtesy Dollar Tree

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Dollar Tree opened its Magnolia store Thursday at 17685 FM 1488, Magnolia. The store offers a broad selection of merchandise all priced at $1 or less, including seasonal decor, household products, party and craft supplies, dinnerware, food, teaching and school supplies, health and beauty products, toys and books.

“Dollar Tree continues to grow, and we are proud to be part of the Magnolia community,” said Kayleigh Painter, manager of investor and media relations, in a statement.

The KitchenAid Experience in Greenville hosts annual sale

From July 26 to 29, perhaps the most iconic name in kitchenware will feature a sale you won’t want to miss.

 Local Asian food truck opens its brick mortar restaurant TODAY


The KitchenAid Experience, located at 423 S. Broadway St. in Greenville, is home to the most complete collection of KitchenAid products. … read more

The KitchenAid Experience, located at 423 S. Broadway St. in Greenville, is home to the most complete collection of KitchenAid products. Here, you’ll also find refurbished products, vintage marketing materials and see live demonstrations.

 New Downtown Date Night event to feature 4 truly Dayton experiences

If you RSVP on the Facebook event page and tag a friend, you’ll both be entered into a drawing to win free a KitchenAid stand mixer. 

 Food trucks, beer, music and shopping await at Yellow Cab this weekend

The sale runs in conjunction with the city’s annual Annie Oakley Festival, taking place July 27-29, with festivities running through the week. The store is open Monday through Saturday 9 a.m to 3 p.m.


 Carvers announces ‘Tour de France’ event with $300 VIP wine tastings

Want to go?

WHAT: KitchenAid Experience Legendary Sidewalk Sales

WHERE: KitchenAid Experience, 423 S. Broadway St., Greenville

WHEN: July 26 to 29, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

INFO: Facebook


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Brunch review: New classic fare makes diner Over the Counter a staple

Over the Counter is a relative newcomer to the central Ohio dining scene, but its theme recalls soda fountains and lunch counters of old. Eager brunchers can find the bar and restaurant in the center of the Sharon Square shopping center, marked by a small neon sign and a patio with bright yellow-and-white umbrellas.

One side of the long, narrow interior is dedicated to the bar, with a long line of seats and a row of televisions overhead. Along the other side are collections of two- and four-top tables.

The focused brunch menu features most of the classics, all properly executed and presented nicely. The strawberry-and-doughnut kebabs ($6.99) make a fun start to a meal, with three pairs of warm fried dough balls skewered with slices of strawberry and dusted with sugar. Certainly don’t forget the orange-liqueur-and-cream-cheese dipping sauce.

Beverages span juices, sodas and milk plus hot and cold preparations of locally roasted One Line Coffee. Aside from the full bar service, a collection of brunch cocktails is offered, from a strong espresso martini ($9) to a hearty and balanced bloody mary ($7).

The chicken and waffles ($8.99) should please fans of the dish. The herb-heavy batter of the chicken plays slightly against the sweet, vanilla-tinged waffles; the bourbon maple syrup ties it all together.

The pesto egg sandwich ($6.49) was a favorite at the table, using a simple combination to create a memorable dish. It layers scrambled egg, provolone, bacon and a rich pesto aioli on a split-top bun.

Over the Counter offers three versions of eggs Benedict: a classic, a black bean and a Californian. The colorful and filling Californian ($12.49) features thick slices of avocado and tomato on English muffins and doused in hollandaise.

Guests can also build omelets or skillets (starting at $5.99). The skillets begin with a base of breakfast potatoes and eggs cooked any style; our table was quite pleased with the size and seasoning of our choice of peppers, mushrooms, sausage and Swiss cheese.

With quick service, artful preparation and a comfortable space, Over the Counter should prove to be a staple for quite some time.

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How Corelle plates came to fill immigrants’ kitchen cabinets – NewsOK

Corelle is a trusted brand across many cultures, said Torelli, 53, who moved to the United States with his wife in 2003. The couple had a set of Corelle dinnerware in Venezuela, as the brand developed a strong global presence over time. When people move to a new country, he said, their socioeconomic level often leads them to purchase solid products they are already familiar with, to minimize risk and maximize durability.

The same goes for gifts. Nguyen’s parents, who left Vietnam during the war and eventually wound up in the Bay Area, received their first set of Corelle dishware as a housewarming gift around 2003. They have used them ever since, said Nguyen, who remembers sneaking dinner up to his room on a Corelle plate so he could play computer games — against his parents’ wishes. One night, he took his food upstairs while home alone, and disaster struck.

“When I got to the top of the stairs, I slipped,” he said. “Food everywhere, drink everywhere. So the glass of my drink broke but, of course, the plate didn’t.”

Speaking from experience, these are the kind of plates you can accidentally bang on a granite countertop without breaking. Movers recently dropped a box of my sister-in-law’s kitchen stuff and everything inside broke, save for her Corelle dishes.

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Gibson Advances Casual Dining Focus With New Sets

Gibson Overseas is introducing new melamine and acrylic dinnerware sets to meet growing consumer demand for casual dining.

The Gibson Home Jadia melamine dinnerware and the Lomma acrylic dinnerware offer the functionality of plastic-based dinnerware with designs that are based on global influences and a contemporary look, the company said.

The Jadia melamine dinnerware features blue, teal and yellow colors on designs that are inspired by the artisan communities of Northwest Africa. The Lomma acrylic dinnerware has subtle, elegant embossed designs that are said to add a high-end feel to the table or entertaining space.

“Melamine and acrylic have turned into staples for casual dining and entertaining spaces,” said Laurie Gates, Gibson’s vp/creative and merchandising.

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All-Clad c4 Copper Cookware Makes Online Debut

All-Clad has officially launched its c4 copper cookware collection, which has debuted online at

According to the company, the cookware is made entirely from pure copper layers with two layers of stainless steel, which is designed to provide rapid heat conductivity and responsiveness. In addition, the 4-ply bonded construction goes all the way to the rim of the pan for precise heat transfer. Designed with flared edges for drip-free pouring, the cookware line is also oven and broiler safe up to 600°F and made in the U.S.

The 10-piece set carries a suggested retail price of $1,980. The collection’s 5-piece set is sold for $850. There is also an array of open stock pieces, including sauce pans and fry pans in several sizes as well as a stock pot, sauté pan and a saucier.

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