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Kitchen is the place for color

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Just as filling your plate with colorful foods is typically good for your body, filling your kitchen with color can be good for the soul. In fact color is an important element in interior design not only for its aesthetic value but also because it can shape perceptions and emotions.

“Color is powerful — when you walk into a room, you can instantly feel its subconscious effect on your mood, your heart rate and even your appetite,” said color trend expert Janice Fedak.

“That’s why it’s important to choose colors that ‘speak to you,’ express your unique personality and truly make you feel at home.”

The experts at Elmira Stove Works offer these design tips that take into consideration the psychology of some of the most popular colors for the kitchen.


A strong, vibrant color, red is often associated with passion, pride and strength. In the kitchen bold pops of red can command attention. Red is a perfect hue for appliances — both large and small — and also works well in a patterned backsplash or on decorative items such as canisters and cookware. Consider red “crystal” grout instead of traditional white grout for tile to create an unexpected look.


Associated with clarity, cleanliness and purity, this “non-hue” promotes a sense of order and can provide the ideal backdrop for other colors and design elements. For a streamlined kitchen, pair white countertops with a white tiled backsplash and cabinetry. For a more relaxed but still fresh look, introduce a few colorful kitchen accessories or paint an accent wall in your favorite hue.


Soothing, calm and reminiscent of the sea and the sky, blue evokes feelings of health and well-being. Adding this naturally relaxing hue to the kitchen, which is often the busiest room in the home, can transform the space into your own personal retreat.

One way to bring blue into the kitchen is through 1950s-inspired appliances from Elmira Stove Works in Beach Blue, a hue that takes its cue from days spent lazing by the pool or at the seashore. From refrigerators and ranges to microwaves and dishwasher panels, retro appliances can bring a fun, welcoming vibe to kitchens.

“Color – whether bold or on the subtler side – can really make a kitchen come alive,” said Tony Dowling, vice president, Elmira Stove Works. “Appliances are a great way to introduce color while also creating the foundation for the rest of the space.”


One of the happiest colors on the spectrum, yellow is a lively hue that represents youthfulness and joy. It can inspire reflection and creativity, lift spirits and encourage optimism. Use yellow in your kitchen to bathe it in year-round “sunshine,” especially if your kitchen doesn’t get a lot of natural light or could use an extra dose of warmth and cheer.


Although it has a reputation for darkness and mystery, black is also associated with sophistication. Think of a black-tie affair, where the dramatic attire and decor create an upscale atmosphere. Black design elements can lend that same sense of elegance to your kitchen. Appliances are commonly available in black but you can also incorporate black through tile work, granite or marble countertops, or an eye-catching porcelain or soapstone sink.

“Whatever colors you choose for your kitchen, the most important thing is to trust your intuition and to wrap your kitchen in hues that make you feel good,” Fedak said.

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Big Brother 20: Angie ‘Rockstar’ Lantry on Rocking the Block and Pan Percussion

Big Brother’s house is open once more! Every week, Parade’s Mike Bloom will be bringing you interviews with houseguests as they get evicted from the game.

It’s tough not being in the know in the Big Brother house. While you may think you have your pulse on the main vein of the game, you can be completely blind to the actual plan, leaving you surprised on eviction night. On Day 58 in Big Brother 20, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry knew the feeling of being in the dark. Indeed, her frustrations of constantly being on the other side of the vote and losing challenges put in front of her an uphill climb as tough as the slippery ramp up to the enigmatic OTEV in his traditional eponymous competition. This time, though she had been nominated for the third time due to the Hacker twist, she felt she had grabbed the proverbial rope and was able to reach the top. But, much like her performance in the Veto competition, her answer was wrong the entire time. Rockstar’s hubris was in excess, causing her game to go supernova when she got evicted by the vast majority of the house.

Months before her blindside, Rockstar walked through the doors of the house, a mother of three and Pagan witch ready to cast a spell over her fellow houseguests. She started by getting in with a solid coven, as the spirituality of Kaitlyn Herman brought her together with Haleigh Broucher, Faysal Shafaat, and Chris “Swaggy C” Williams. The newly-coined “FOUTTE” alliance were confident they would take control of the game, unaware that the levels of opposition were building against them on the other side of the house. That opposition proceeded to leave “FOUTTE” stupified in the first few votes of the game, as they successfully sent out Steve Arienta and Swaggy. In the third week, they were given the choice to break up bros Brett Robinson and Winston Hines. Brett used his eviction speech to take the opportunity to throw Rockstar under the magical mystery bus, saying she will flip in the vote and blame it on Kaitlyn. Brett then proceeded to stay in the house, yet another blindside for “FOUTTE,” and Rockstar, unlike her performance on the rock wall earlier in the week, unfroze. She proceeded to go on the attack right after the eviction, chastising Brett for his accusations and their proximity to one of her children’s birthdays. It seems Brett didn’t know exactly with whom he was making an enemy. Because when you mess with this bull, you get the pans.

With emotions still reeling, Rockstar decided to simultaneously make some music and an homage to former Big Brother winners. What followed was a seven-minute musical ode to her “best friend” and “secret showmance partner” Brett, punctuated with a pan and spoon for good measure. Perhaps it was this cacophony that led Head of Household Sam Bledsoe to put her up as a renomination, having been put on the spot after JC Monduix was able to talk his way out of getting put up in the moment. A period in the nomination chairs prompted Rockstar to dye her hair, hopeful her game would change as colorfully. Unfortunately, the roots remained. “FOUTTE” were foiled in their second chance to evict Brett, and she faced another false accusation when Bayleigh Dalton confronted her about possibly flipping the vote. After Bayleigh got evicted sitting next to Rockstar, she felt she could finally breathe a sigh of relief when Haleigh won Head of Household. But the BB infrastructure was still liable for hacking (or cracking, if you’re Faysal and the HoH bathroom sink). Though Haleigh nominated Angela Rummans and Kaycee Clark, Kaycee’s prowess in the Hacker competition allowed the peanut to crack open the game. She removed herself from the block, and Rockstar let out a frustrated, “Come on, y’all” as she sat in the nomination chair for the third time.

But all was not lost, as Haleigh still wanted to carry out a plan to nominate Tyler Crispin, and prospects were looking good in the Veto competition when he was left to fight against her, Rockstar, and Fessy. But perhaps the sickness of OTEV had gotten to Rockstar’s head, as she made two notable mistakes in a row. In one round, she accidentally corrected Tyler on his medicine selection, giving him enough time to grab the correct shipment and eliminate Haleigh. That left the two of them to square off in the final, where she ascended to the altar victorious. But her offering was refused and, in a Big Brother first, Tyler won the Veto by default. Despite losing, Rockstar felt confident she was “unevictable,” especially since she had proposed an actual secret alliance between her and Brett. Little did she know that he and the rest of the opposition were to put her film fantasy out of production, as everyone but Scottie Salton (and Fessy, who had his vote nullified by the Hacker) sent her packing.

Now on the jury, Rockstar speaks with us about what prompted her confrontation with Brett, why she felt some of her fellow houseguests came from a place of entitlement, and how she tried to play while managing the frustration of always being on the wrong side.

Before we get into the week that passed, I want to start with the beginning of your time in the house. It’s safe to say you walked through the door as one of the more prominent personalities. Did you try to adjust yourself initially to not stick out as compared to the rest of the house?
Initially, I would say that I didn’t hang back necessarily. But it was a constant competition for the spotlight, and I didn’t feel the need to compete in that competition.

Before the Veto meeting, you and Haleigh went to Tyler in the hot tub with the pitch for him to take you off the block. Why do you think he ultimately decided not to take the deal?
Because he is in an alliance with Angela. Also for revenge because Haleigh put him on the block.

Let’s move on to Brett. After he accused you of flipping on your alliance, you went after him in a flurry of words, song lyrics, and cookware. What inspired you at that moment to come at him so hard?
[Laughs.] Outside of the Big Brother house I have a little thing I like to use called a paper and pen to unload any frustrations I have about life. Inside the house, I have no paper and pen. A pot and a pan seemed like the next best thing to me. To be fair, it was actually a pan and a spoon.

Were you worried that your behavior in those moments might have rubbed your allies the wrong way?

Late in this week, you made an unexpected move and proposed a Final Two deal between yourself and Brett. Had you stayed in the house, did you have any intention of honoring the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” alliance?
Absolutely not. That would have been my first lie in the house.

Throughout your time in the game, you spoke about how you thought people like Angela and Brett played from a place of entitlement. What did you mean by that?
It was certain things that they said about their lives. It was the air that they carried themselves as untouchable. It was that “my dad is a lawyer” kind of vibe, “I can get out of anything” vibe. It was the privileged entitlement.

Talk to me about your relationship with Haleigh, someone you always seemed to be close with. What do she and Faysal have to do to make it to the end together?
That is just Haleigh and Fenessey. They have to win. They have to keep winning the comps; otherwise, they are going to get knocked out.

You were surprised at how emotional you got in the Diary Room, particularly frustrated on not being able to win anything and continuously being on the other side of the vote. How were you able to reconcile your emotions and soldier forward in the game?
That is how you have to live life. You have to get through your frustrations and move forward. You can never give up on anything. It is the struggle that makes you stronger.

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Wolfgang Puck Talks Subscription Meal Plans, Cooks’ Problems And 20 Years On HSN

Wolfgang PuckHSN

The key to building a successful business is much the same as putting a great meal on the table. Bring together the best ingredients in proper proportions, prepare them with the best tools, time everything right, mix with finesse and the fine-tuned senses of an expert, add a dash of something special that brings it all together and makes it pop.

Wolfgang Puck has been doing that in the kitchen since a little boy at his mother’s side in Austria and in business since 1982 when he found Spago.

Today he manages three companies – Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group, under which he operates 26 fine dining establishments in six countries; Wolfgang Puck Catering, serving contract dining services and special events including the post-Academy Award Governors Ball, where Puck has been the official chef for over 20 years; and Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, which includes a portfolio of 50+ company-owned and franchised casual dining restaurants and Wolfgang Puck branded food, wine, cookbooks, meal kits and cooks’ tools.

Empowering the home cook to create restaurant-quality meals is Puck’s mission. “Cooking is my passion,” Puck tells me. “I want to show home cooks how to make a great meal and put an amazing meal on the table. With the right tools and know how, it doesn’t need to be a big effort. Cooking should be fun.”

His partner in that mission to empower home cooks and turn them into real chefs is HSN. This weekend they are celebrating 20 years together.

Over the years Puck and HSN have sold more than 10 million exclusive cookware products, including over one million pot-and-pan sets together.

From chef to product designer

Years ago Puck realized that home cooks were hampered by the lack of professional-quality and affordable cooks’ tools. He also observed the success of the George Foreman Grill introduced in 1999 that gave cooks a new more convenient, healthier and faster way to grill. That led him to create his first cookware collection.

“I started to develop cookware exactly like we use in a restaurant,” he shares, “But even though it was priced less than you’d find in specialty cookware stores, it still was a little too expensive. When HSN approached me, we worked to get the same professional quality at the right price point for the customers. Then we had success.”

Stepping in front of the camera

While Puck credits having the right products at the right price point as the key to success of his cookware business, I personally don’t buy that. Yes, that is important, but the secret sauce of his success with HSN is his ability to connect with his audience and teach them how to use the products he personally-designed for them.

Wolfgang Puck on HSNHSN

“I don’t just take things out of the oven and put it on the counter to see on TV. I do it more like a cooking class. We teach them how to do it, give them tips and show them how to create an amazing meal.” His watch-and-learn approach on HSN comes naturally to him, as he has operated a cooking school and currently offers a video Master Class series online.

Besides teaching people how to cook on HSN, Puck has taught other celebrity chefs how to sell on television as well. “Twenty-years ago, Wolfgang Puck joined the HSN family as our first ever celebrity chef,” said Rich Yoegel, VP of Home, HSN. “Since then, he has continued to pave the way for the culinary industry, inspiring our customers to be innovative in the kitchen with professional quality kitchen essentials.”

As an early chef pioneer on television, Puck set the bar extremely high for the many celebrity chefs that followed. “A lot of chefs have come and gone over the years I’ve been with HSN. Everyone thinks it’s easy to sell over TV. But it is not so easy,” he says, stressing the need for true collaboration with HSN behind the scenes and the ability to connect and inspire the audience in front of the camera.

Evolution of a product line

Starting with kitchen basics, Puck’s cookware line on HSN expanded into kitchen appliances around 2000 to help cooks do at home what they couldn’t do before and do it faster. “People today don’t have time. In the old days, my mother and grandmother were at home cooking lunch and dinner. That was their job, but that is definitely not the case today,” he says.

His line of kitchen appliances, including rice cookers, grills, countertop ovens, blenders and food processors are all designed to save time but result in a meal that tastes like it took hours in the kitchen to produce.

Take his countertop pressure cooker, an especially popular item for Puck on HSN. Called the “kitchen gadget of the moment,” by the New York Times, it is one of the fastest selling appliances today. (Full disclosure: I own one, as well as his rice cooker and bread machine.)

“You can come home from work, put some pasta and chicken breasts or hamburger meat in it, walk away and give the kids a bath and in eight minutes under pressure you will have a delicious meal,” Puck says. “But I show the viewers how to use a few tricks to add to the pot and make it taste more like a restaurant meal.”

Puck can attest to the quality of his appliances. “I use my oven every day. I use my blender in the morning. I cook on the griddle all the time. We use it in all of our restaurants. We take the griddle with us for the Oscars party and other private events. I really like our products,” he says.

Next steps

The next logical step for Wolfgang Puck’s culinary empire is meal kits. He has already given home cooks the tools and know how to create great meals. Meal kits allow him to put the quality ingredients together too.

He dabbled in curated meal kits with Chef’d, an online service where people could select the kits they want, no subscription required. But Chef’d ran into troubles of its own. It was recently acquired by True Food Innovations, an investment firm with a meal kit offering, called True Chef, but which focuses on grocery distribution, rather than home delivery.

To Puck’s mind, that is what’s wrong with the home-delivery subscription model. It requires people to pre-pay for a subscription only to receive a meal kit that they may not feel like eating the day it is delivered. “At Blue Apron you have to buy three meals at a time, but then you may not want fish the day it arrives. So you put it in the refrigerator and three days later it isn’t fresh anymore,” he says.

Puck is currently in the design stage for a meal kit offering that allows people to pick up kits in the store with the option of home delivery too.

“Ideally speaking, picking up a fresh meal in the grocery store is the best way. I want to give the cook the pots and pans, show them how to make the meal, then give them the right mix of ingredients to put it all together,” Puck says.

Teacher becomes student

Having mastered everything he needs to know about running restaurants, developing products and cooking, which he most generously shares with his audience on HSN, he is equally passionate about lifelong learning for himself. To that end, he has enrolled in the Harvard University Owner/Management Executive Education program of three month-long intensive courses.

Having started his chef training at 14 years old, he never had a chance to go to college. But now at 69 years, he proudly exclaims, “I have done two months already and next month I am going for my last month. Finally I went to college.”

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Walmart Has 16-Piece Dinnerware Sets Starting At Just $14.99

If you’re in the market for new dishes, Walmart currently has dinnerware sets on clearance at steep discounts online. Whether you’re a student headed to your first off-campus apartment, a newlywed seeking dinnerware for your new life or if you simply need a kitchen refresh, now is the time to snag new dishes at a great price.

Check out three of the complete dinnerware options on sale below. Some are eligible for free in-store pickup, and many also qualify for free two-day shipping when you spend a minimum of $35.

Mainstays 16-Piece Festive Fall Pumpkins Dinnerware Set, $17.99

How cute is this pumpkin-themed dinnerware set on sale for just $17.99 (marked down from $49.99)? This seasonal set would be perfect for all your autumnal get-togethers.


Cruise Multi-Striped Collection 16-Piece Porcelain Dinnerware Set, $14.99

If versatile basics are more what you seek in your dinnerware, look no further than this porcelain set for $14.99 (originally priced at $39.99) that comes in beige, pink or blue stripes.


Watercolor 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, $19.99

Marked down from $34.99, this pretty watercolor set is now priced at just $19.99 and will add an interesting pop of color to your dinner table.

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The Egg and I closing FM 1960 location this weekend in Cy-Fair

The Egg and I located at 12426 FM 1960, Houston, is closing Sunday, Aug. 19 due to leasing issues, according to officials. The Egg and I serves omelets, scrambles, skillets, hashes and seasonal specials for breakfast and brunch. Additional locations can be found on Hwy. 6 and Beltway 8.

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McDonald’s goes posh with London pop up

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service … A group of British lawmakers say the country’s national health service should promote e-cigarettes as a way of helping people stop smoking. But the World Health Organization is against the promotion of vaping. We’ll explore the evidence on both sides of the $15 billion dollar e-cigarette industry. Then, well-known for its burgers and fries, McDonald’s has become a staple of the fast-food industry around the world. But the Golden Arches is stepping up efforts in the higher-end menu space, and one London restaurant got a red-carpet rollout this week, complete with white-gloved butlers and faux-gold plated dinnerware. We’ll explore whether the world’s biggest burger chain going too upmarket too fast. Today’s show is sponsored by Abby Connect (, Indeed ( and Carbonite ( (08/17/2018)

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Fast-expanding Express Kitchens Open New Store in Springfield,… – Virtual


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