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Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Now Has Her Own Barbie Doll

Ree Drummond is getting her very own mini-me.

The Pioneer Woman host has been transformed into a Barbie, equipped with her famous red hair and her own kitchen filled with cooking and bakeware.

The playset, which is sold at Walmart stores for $44.88, features Drummond dressed in a floral top, blue jeans and brown cowboy boots — a look that she gave input on after the doll first came back sporting sneakers and a T-shirt, she told Delish.

It set also includes a refrigerator, oven and stove top, and tons of accessories, including a stand mixer, cupcake tin, cookie sheets, a toaster (that actually pops up toast), and lots of food.

According to Delish, Drummond worked on making each item perfect for the past year and a half and says the cast iron skillet is her favorite:  “The cast-iron skillet makes me smile, because you have this bright, colorful kitchen and a black skillet,” she says. “Everything may change, but a cast-iron skillet will never change.”

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You can also purchase Barbie Ree’s pasta set, which has placemats, an oven mitt, a patterned apron and a small pot and noodles. The barbecue set comes with another apron inspired by her late Basset hound Charlie and hamburgers, hot dogs, mustard and ketchup and marshmallows on sticks.

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“I hope [the playset] makes people smile, whether they give it as a gift to their daughter or granddaughter or if kids see it,” she told Delish. “I hope it inspires fun.”

Although Drummond and her husband Ladd‘s children are all grown up now, they, too, are excited about their mom being turned into a Barbie. The chef says her daughters are already asking for sets to give as Christmas gifts to their friends.

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The Pioneer Woman Barbie doll is just one of the many items she has for sale at Walmart. Most recently, Drummond announced the addition of Instant Pots to her cookware line.

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Ocotillo Business Helps Clients Spruce Up Homes

Ocotillo Business Helps Clients Spruce Up Homes

By Colleen Sparks

Managing Editor

When someone wants to add zest to their home so it captures their heart again or to attract buyers if they are ready to sell it, they can check out a new Ocotillo store with colorful, unusual furniture and accessories.

Spice Up Your Home Furniture Staging on South Arizona Avenue offers a variety of what the owners call “designer-style” furniture, pillows, paintings, vases and knick-knacks they say would be hard to find elsewhere.

Husband and wife co-owners Kerry and Talia Stennett opened their store on South Arizona Avenue, just south of Ocotillo Road, June 28, and customers have praised its diverse selection, with frequent new offerings and fun shopping experience. Kerry and Talia moved to Chandler from Georgina, Ontario, Canada.

“The furniture in the store is all brand-new furniture,” Talia Stennett said. “It’s one-of-a-kind and it’s ever changing. It’s one stop to decorate your home. The staging part is to help people present their house in the best possible way.”

The expansive store houses beds, as well as dining room and kitchen tables, ottomans, couches and other furniture, along with wall art, pillows, blankets and quilts, mirrors and candles organized by color.

Customers can find quirky, eclectic items including canisters resembling owls, custom-made leather ottomans that look like horses, elephants, bears and moose and light brown wood pumpkin-shaped lanterns that fit candle holders.

A wall hanging designed to look like an old-fashioned bicycle and tabletop décor in a bronze color resembling a baseball bat and ball are other pieces of art at Spice Up Your Home Furniture Staging. Huge canvases with abstract, modern paintings can transform a room.

“I just like the accessories,” in the store, Kerry said. “The accessories really make the store push. The colors that we have are very vibrant. I like the uniqueness.”

Customers are urged to buy something as soon as they see it if it catches their fancy because once it sells out, the business probably will not reorder the same thing again. That way shoppers can find furniture and embellishments they won’t see in their neighbors’ homes, Talia said.

She said she, Kerry and their employees can help people who “love their house” but are “not in love” with it anymore make changes so they once again become enamored of it.

“We try to stage the home and help you change and love your home,” Talia said. “The goal is to create a different vibe.”

She and Kerry search for special furniture and accessories around the world and not found in other stores in the same geographical area as their business.

Modern dining room, kitchen and coffee tables with wood are abundant around Spice Up Your Home Furniture Staging. Stylish living room chairs with black, white, red, blue, beige and other colored fabrics are scattered near the many couches.

A MOE’S Home Collection slate gray, indoor-outdoor table with a large black base sits near the front of the store. That collection, sold at Spice Up Your Home Furniture Staging, is one “a lot of stagers and designers” love, Talia said.

Seasonal items, including an intricately created glass pumpkin with a light that can be turned on or off, are some of the whimsical accessories the store provides. A large, handcrafted open vase with a hand-finished silver polish for about $100 is a piece of art on its own without the need to put flowers in it, Talia said.

While the furniture and home adornments are high quality, they are also available for a “fraction of the price” found at upscale stores in Scottsdale and online businesses, she said. Dining room chairs range from about $170 to $300 each at Spice Up Your Home Furniture Staging, Talia said.

A MOE’S Home Collection coffee table for $389 that looks like a suitcase and opens up for storage is one of the novel finds at the Ocotillo furniture store. It could pair well with a distressed leather MOE’s Home Collection couch priced at $3,200.

Bedford Collections throws in a multitude of colors are cozy additions to couches or beds. Talia said besides their comfort and style, they cost about 20 to 30 percent less money at the Ocotillo store than they do online.

Christina Semerad of Chandler enjoyed shopping at Spice Up Your Home Furniture Staging recently with her teenage daughter, who wants to redo her bedroom.

“The store is set up in color vignettes for full room ideas,” Semerad posted in the Living Chandler Facebook page. “The sale prices were pretty reasonable. The sales person was extremely friendly and helpful. We will definitely go back and shop. It’s also really nice to have a furnishings store basically in our back yard.”

Kim Bartosik Apt also liked her visit to Spice Up Your Home Furniture. She posted in the Living Chandler Facebook page the owners and staff members are “fantastic.”

“I love the variety of items… there are new things each time I go in,” Bartosik Apt said in the Living Chandler Facebook page. “I like that they carry more unique items… not stuff you’re likely to find one of your friends already has. It’s also not a high pressure sales environment.”

Those who are getting ready to sell their home can also turn to Spice Up Your Home Furniture Staging for guidance and help. Talia was a Realtor for 14 years and started staging homes when she was trying to help clients sell their home in Canada.

The house had 1970s-style, green carpet and other outdated features. She said she wanted to spice up their home, which she did by adding dining room chairs and other furniture, as well as providing “flavors, textures.” Talia said the house sold in eight hours and she became known in the real estate world as the “stager.”

She had also previously worked as a police officer for five years, and Kerry had worked as a police officer for 26 years in Canada before they opened the Ocotillo store.

Talia said the three keys to selling a home are: pricing it right, location and “how are you presenting your home.”

The first step for customers who want Spice Up Your Home Furniture Staging to stage their home is a consultation for between $129 and $185, depending on location. Talia said she and her team will visit the home and suggest changes including different furniture to bring, new paint colors and inexpensive, new accessories like a light fixture to add. This consultation usually takes about 90 minutes.

Then the staging takes place, with the local store doing a minimum of two rooms. Customers pay the cost of delivering the furniture and other items from Spice Up Your Home Furniture Staging’s warehouse. The furniture delivery, set up, design and then de-staging of the home is a one-time fee of $299 or $399, depending on location (how far away the home is located) and square footage.

Talia said she and her team always recommend at least staging the living room, dining room and master bedroom. The furniture store will spruce up the kitchen and bathrooms for no extra cost.

Those who want to stay in their home but want to enhance it can spend $129 to $189 for roughly 60 to 90 minutes.

“We give suggestions,” Talia said. “We play around with the furniture.”

She and Kerry said the Chandler, Sun Lakes and neighboring communities have been supportive of their business. Kerry said the “demographics” and “infrastructure” in the area are “fantastic” for their business.

“Everybody’s been really supportive,” Talia said. “People are starting to be return customers.”

Spice Up Your Home Furniture Staging is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays and noon to 5 p.m. Sundays. The store is located at 4140 S. Arizona Ave. Information:

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Porcelain enamel cast iron cookware at Aldi a real steal at $14.99

If you’ve always wanted porcelain enameled cast iron cookware, but were too cheap to fork over hundreds of dollars for Le Creuset, here’s your chance.

Starting Oct. 24, value grocer Aldi will be selling Crofton 6-quart dutch ovens and 5-quart braisers,for $29.99. Stores also will have 12-quart stockpots for $19.99 and fry pans for $14.99, according to the company. The cookware will be in stores for a limited time. Colors vary by store. We saw red, blue and grey pots in the weekly ad.

Those are fantastic prices on the heavy-duty pots, which are versatile and stylish. Plus, they don’t rust like cast iron and are a breeze to clean. They go from stove top to oven to table.

Considering the French-made dutch oven retails for $350 on, the Crofton pots are a real steal. They even look similar.

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Barbie Pioneer Woman Kitchen Playset out in time for Christmas





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Startup Cookware Company Made In Brings New Products Directly To Your Kitchen

A sharp knife makes quick work of cutting homemade pastaMade In

Made-In Cookware, the Austin, Texas-based kitchenware company, is on a mission to bring the dinner party back. Launched in September 2018 with a line of professional grade stainless steel cookware designed for the home cook, cofounders Jake Kalick and Chip Malt celebrate their one year milestone with the addition of a French-made chef’s knife. “We went to Thiers, France, the cutlery capital of the world to find the best knife maker,” Malt said. “In this town they have a 700-year history of making knives and all the materials are sourced within a 30-mile radius. The rivers power the plants.”

Chip Malt displays his company’s new knife with a factory worker in FranceMade In

The eight-inch knife is premium stainless steel, treated with nitrogen for a harder, longer lasting blade. Made-In’s direct-to-consumer model enables their professional quality products to sell at 50 to 60% of retail. Priced at $89 for a more approachable investment, the knife hits the site today. “The knife is the best of both worlds for the home consumer,” Kalick said. “We want to be one of the first kitchen consumer brands to encompass all kitchen tools and we pride ourselves on customer interaction, making better products based on customer feedback.”

Final step of manufacturing of the Made In chef’s knife: riveting the high polymer plastic handle in placeMade In

The craftsmanship of the knife matches the cookware Made-In rolled out one year ago. The induction-compatible pots and pans are made with stainless steel sourced from Pennsylvania and inner core materials from Kentucky. Crafted in the U.S. by a family-owned third generation American manufacturer, the partnership fits with Made-In’s supply chain ethos.

“We know the best experiences are made in the home kitchen and we want to be part of that,” Malt said. “We educate our customers with one to one interaction. This service, coupled with our pricing structure of direct purchasing, helps our brand make a splash. It’s been a great year. We have a whole pipeline of awesome new products.” In order to further their growth, Kalick and Malt went in search of investors and just announced partnership with Tom Colicchio, prolific restaurateur and TV personality.

Made in Co-Founders Chip Malt (left) and Jake Kalick (right) celebrate their new partnership with Tom Colicchio (center)Made In

“What Tom Colicchio has done for the progression of cooking and food culture can’t be overstated. We share his approach to building authentic brands and he fits right in with our team,” Kalick said. “We couldn’t be happier with the partnership.” In the next quarter, the team will expand their educational offerings for the home cook featuring cookware selection, recipes and techniques which will help make those dinner parties a reality.


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New KitchenAid sifter scale mixer attachment

Photo: KitchenAid

Behind the cultish InstantPot, KitchenAid stand mixers are likely among the most popular kitchen-related holiday gifts. They’re colorful; they’re pricey enough to guarantee some “ooooohs” when opened; and they’re just so damn pretty when you walk by the Williams-Sonoma display. Whether you already have one or are adding one to your wish list, make sure it includes the new Sift + Scale attachment that KitchenAid just debuted.

I can’t shake the feeling that I should be more skeptical, or removed, or apathetic about this new product—because what is less cool in 2018 than being genuinely enthused about something?—but guys, I can’t help it. This is so useful!

The Sift + Scale attachment screws in to the top of the KitchenAid where the meat grinder could also attach, and it sifts, weighs, and adds ingredients to the mixing bowl in one step. The sift-and-weigh part is key for hardcore bakers who know that precise recipes require the use of a scale, not just kitchen measuring cups, to measure flour, brown sugar, etc. The attachment automatically weighs ingredients, sifts them to the proper consistency (a step I admit I tend to skip when baking), and then slowly incorporates them into the mix at a steady rate. Neat-o, gang.

So, here’s the downside: the suggested retail price for the attachment alone is a cool $169.99. (The mixer itself runs from $200 to upwards of $500, depending on the model.) But if you’re shelling out for a $400 mixer, I guess KitchenAid figures the other $170 won’t bankrupt you? Here’s some small consolation: The kitchen scale portion of the attachment can be removed to weigh other foods, too. Happy gifting!

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Pioneer Woman’ Star Ree Drummond Is Getting Her Own Barbie Doll

  • Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond now has her very own Barbie doll.
  • The Barbie Pioneer Woman Kitchen Playset features the doll, a kitchen, and lots of accessories.
  • You can buy them now, exclusively at Walmart.

    When Ree Drummond first saw the Barbie doll inspired by her, she sent it back for a new wardrobe. The doll was sporting sneakers and a T-shirt, and that’s not very Pioneer Woman.

    “I immediately said, ‘You know, I wear sneakers maybe if I work out, and who knows when that’s going to be?’” Drummond tells Delish. So Barbie got jeans, boots, and a loose-fitting top, to better mimic her namesake’s style. That outfit, plus her red hair and bright-colored kitchen, means you can’t mistake this Barbie for anyone else.

    Chances are, you probably have something Drummond dreamed up in your kitchen right now. The Food Network star has a kitchenware line for Walmart, multiple cookbooks, and even her own Instant Pot. And now kids can, too, thanks to the new Barbie playset and two accessory sets that can send young fans straight to her ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

    Sold exclusively at Walmart and at, the Barbie Pioneer Woman Kitchen Playset ($44.88, features the doll inspired by Drummond and more than 30 accessories, like a toaster that pops up “toast” and a spinning mixer.

    There’s also a pasta accessory set ($9.99, which features a bowl of pasta, a cooking pot, and a floral apron. “Carbs are my life, so with noodles, it all works,” Drummond says.

    And there’s a barbecue accessory set ($9.97, that features hamburgers, hot dogs, and an apron inspired by Drummond’s late Basset hound, Charlie. (Charlie died last year, and the Drummond family has two other Basset hounds at their ranch.)

    When Drummond heard Mattel wanted to work with her, she immediately went back to her Barbie-obsessed childhood, and especially when she played Barbies with her sister, who is six years younger. “My younger sister, when she got them as gifts, I was too old to play with them, but I did anyway,” she says. “I remember spending hours with the Barbie Dream Home and the camping sets when I was younger.”

    Now that she’s a mother of four, Drummond’s children are the ones excited about the playsets—even though they might be a little old for them, too. Drummond says her oldest daughter, 21-year-old Alex, asked her to save a few sets so she can give them to her friends for Christmas. And her youngest son, 14-year-old Todd, saw the sets and started identifying what was already in their kitchen at home.

    That’s because Drummond tweaked each item over a year and a half to better reflect her specific aesthetic. (Even though Drummond admits the doll doesn’t look much like her, aside from the hair.) But her favorite item in the playset is the simple, black, cast-iron skillet. “The cast-iron skillet makes me smile, because you have this bright, colorful kitchen and a black skillet,” she says. “Everything may change, but a cast-iron skillet will never change.”

    Drummond realized kids were taking notice of her show when she went on a tour last year to promote her cookbook. Nearly everyone in attendance seemed to have their young children with them—and that’s because families sit down together to watch The Pioneer Woman, whether it’s for the food, the farm animals, or the down-home atmosphere.

    And even if the kids aren’t binge-watching The Pioneer Woman or scanning her blog for recipes, Drummond says she hopes the playset helps them imagine new things to make in their home kitchens. “I hope [the playset] makes people smile, whether they give it as a gift to their daughter or granddaughter or if kids see it,” she says. “I hope it inspires fun.”

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