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3 Stellar Kitchen Accessories You Need This Summer |

3 Stellar Kitchen Accessories You Need This Summer

Make all the light, fresh fare your heart desires this season.

Ah, summer: it’s not just a time of warmer weather, but one of delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables. And with the temperatures rising, there’s no better time to nix hot ovens and pans and go for fresh, light fare instead. Go check out your local farmer’s market and bring the produce back home for these three clever kitchen goods to do the rest. 

1. Salad-to-Go Container

Pack a salad and keep it deliciously crisp whether you’re at the office or going to explore the great outdoors. This Salad-to-Go Container keeps all your salad ingredients separate until you’re ready to mix them together — it even includes a separate dressing container and a clip-on plastic fork. 

Buy here: Get this clever container for $11.99, 52% off the original price of $24.99.

2. Avocado Joy Slicer

Who doesn’t love avocados? With the Avocado Joy Slicer, you can neatly slice these delicious globes in one easy go without nicking your fingers — you can even get out that pesky seed without worrying about spearing your hand. 

Buy here: Make fresh guac in a pinch for $9.99, half off the original $19.99 price. 

3. Herb Mill Grinder

Take advantage of fresh summer herbs with the Herb Mill Grinder. Load and mince up your favorite herbs with a twist of the soft-touch ergonomic handle, no fancy knife-work required. 

Buy here: Prepare for deliciousness for $18.99, reduced from $29.99.

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