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3D Food Printing: Testing the Boundaries of Cooking |

3D Food Printing: Testing the Boundaries of Cooking

The founders of the online platform, based in Barcelona (a team of designers and engineers interested in food that include the project leader Katia R.Glossmann, Pol Guixé, Xavier Tutó, Oscar Chic, and Jordi Bayer), hope that their effort will not just be all about fun and tech. They want to explore how 3D food printing can contribute to important issues connected to the adoption of new technologies, especially regarding the necessary cross-pollination between culinary creativity, efforts in terms of long-term sustainability in the food system, and the preferences of consumers, who are increasingly interested in nutrition customization. Other important questions need to be addressed. Will these 3D innovations bring positive change in our everyday reality? Will they go beyond small circles of aficionados to offer improvements in the way the general public eats, cooks, and even thinks about food? Who owns the patent and the intellectual property? And who has the financial and cultural means to access them? These are crucial and legitimate doubts that are not unique to 3D food printing, but extend to all sorts of innovation: will new technologies usher a greater democratization of the food system, or will they increase the inequalities between the haves and the have-nots?

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