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4 direct-to-consumer kitchen startups that are changing the way we shop for cookware and knives |

4 direct-to-consumer kitchen startups that are changing the way we shop for cookware and knives

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All of Material Kitchen’s products are made in a region of southern China known for its expertise in knife-making and kitchenware manufacturing.


Cooking is not a skill that we simply enter the world knowing. We gain the know-how from a variety of sources — cookbooks, classes, parents, friends, cooking shows — but it can still be complex and confusing.

In a similar way, that’s how most of us shop for and use cookware: bumbling around somewhat nervously, trying to make sense of the different materials and uses, and collecting tools from parents and roommates that have seen countless kitchens before our own. Sure, you can throw out your old pots and pans and start from scratch, but if you want high-quality, well-constructed cookware, you often have to pay up first, spending hundreds of dollars on name brands.

You’re not alone in these struggles, and just in the past few years, new companies have emerged to lend you a helping hand in the kitchen — many offering products for half the price of traditional top brands.

They all understand that the joys of food, cooking, and eating become even sweeter when your kitchenware lasts a lifetime but doesn’t take a lifetime to pay off. Made with the best materials and processes available, these knives, pots, pans, and tools perform impressively well and are perfect for passionate home cooks like you.

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen tools and cookware without breaking the bank, look no further than these 4 new direct-to-consumer kitchen companies.

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