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5 amazing health benefits of drinking water from a clay pot in summers |

5 amazing health benefits of drinking water from a clay pot in summers

New Delhi: Drinking water from a clay pot or earthen pot is nothing new to many of us. Yet, if you haven’t had water stored in a clay pot, also known as makti or matka in Hindi, you’re actually missing out on a myriad of health benefits. This age-old practice is not just a traditional alternative to the steel, glass and plastic containers but it’s quite healthy. And that’s why many households still swear by the clay pot, which is also an excellent way to store and help cool the water naturally.

It is believed that the earth/clay is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Thus, many people still prefer the water cooled in a clay pot to refrigerated water during summers. According to Ayurveda, there are many therapeutic benefits of consuming water from a clay pot. But, if you’re unaware of these facts, or perhaps, wondering how a clay pot can be so beneficial to your health, give this article a read. Read – Want to lose weight fast? Drink water from copper vessel to reduce body fat and reap numerous health benefits

Boosts metabolism

We all know that storing water in a plastic container is unhealthy. Plastic contains toxic chemicals like Bisphenol A or BPA, which is an endocrine disruptor. But the water stored in a clay pot is devoid of any kinds of chemicals, thus, it enhances your metabolism naturally. It also helps improve digestion due to the minerals present in the water.

Natural cooling properties

One main advantage of storing water in a clay pot is that it aids in the natural cooling of the water through the principle of vaporisation. The porous nature of clay not only helps cool the water but also comes with its own set of benefits. This means you do not have to depend on the fridge for that a bottle of cool water to quench your thirst. Besides, clay also possess healing properties, which benefit the body in various forms.

Prevents sunstrokes

What’s even better than being able to safeguard yourself safe from those heat-related ailments such as sunstroke in summers by drinking clay pot water, which is also gentle on the throat. Sunstroke episodes are very common during the summer season, but consuming the nutrient-rich clay pot water can help combat this problem to a great extent.

Alkaline in nature

Since clay is alkaline in nature, it helps in maintaining the pH balance of water in the body, thereby gastric and acidity related problems successfully while improving your health.

Good for the throat

As mentioned above, the water stored in a clay pot is cool, yet, gentle on your throat, which is why it’s an ideal drink for people suffering from cold, cough, and asthma. So, instead of drinking water chilled in the refrigerator, opt for the healthy clay pot water to keep these problems at bay.

In addition to this, choosing eco-friendly cookware like clay pot is vital not just for your family’s health, but also a great initiative for the environment. Just ensure that you know how to choose the best clay pot. Experts recommend using pots with mica particles called micaceous clay pots. Mica is a natural insulator and ensures the water stays cool for a longer period.


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