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A Bathroom You Can Share |

A Bathroom You Can Share

Two people, one bathroom. It doesn’t have to be such a hassle if you make the most of your space with these organizing tips.

PLAN ON PAIRS If two of you have to get ready for the day at the same time, one sink and mirror won’t work. Choose one long vanity with two sinks, two smaller vanities set up side by side with a storage tower in between, or two pedestal sinks and medicine cabinets to allow parallel grooming activities, peppered with conversation.

DEFINE YOUR ZONES Chances are that you each have a different storage style. If you’re sharing a vanity, identify which cabinets and drawers work better for which person. That way each of you can choose your organizational methods—and get out the door on time without squabbling too much about missing toothpaste tubes.

SEEK STORAGE ACCESSORIES Just as in your kitchen, you can fit more grooming gear in bath cabinets and drawers (and find it later) if you add organizational aids. Couple-worthy ideas include: drawer dividers to hold makeup or jewelry; insert drawers to organize jars of product; over-the-door styling caddies; an appliance garage with built-in outlets for styling tools; and roll-out wire drawers to go under the sink.

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