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A look back at lessons learned in 2017 (Part 1) |

A look back at lessons learned in 2017 (Part 1)

It’s that time. The time of year when I look back at the weekly columns I have shared with you over the past 12 months, which is a bit like watching I Love Lucy reruns at high speed backwards, and try to glean the one best piece of advice I stumbled upon each month. Then I wrap those lessons up for you here, in a two-part series, 12-days-of-Christmas style. Here are the first six:

IN JANUARY, organizing month, I got serious about taming the tough stuff. Most of my house was under control (until we get to April), but certain pockets and categories defied order. For instance, I had yard tools propped in the garage like assault weapons. Every time I bumped one, it threatened to behead me. So, I uncovered tricks to tame our most unruly possessions, including scarves, kitchen utensils, shoes, toys, and yes, garden tools. The day I seized control, I mounted pegboard on my garage wall, where, using an adjustable hook system, I hung not only the garden tools, but also saws, mechanics lights, extension cords and lawn chairs. Off the floor, these items no longer lie in wait.

Lesson. You can make anything, even your most unruly possessions, orderly.

IN FEBRUARY, I broke out of a design rut, and, with a few small moves, revived my dated dining room without buying new furniture, only accessories. By trading a pair of round carved mirrors for modern clean-edged ones, painting the room an updated blue, and switching out the traditional area rug and light fixture for contemporary ones, I took the room from traditional to transitional. What a difference.

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