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Aldi selling porcelain enamel cast iron Dutch ovens for $30 |

Aldi selling porcelain enamel cast iron Dutch ovens for $30

If you’ve always wanted porcelain enameled cast iron cookware, but were too cheap to fork over hundreds of dollars for Le Creuset, here’s your chance.

Starting Oct. 24, value grocer Aldi will be selling Crofton 6-quart dutch ovens and 5-quart braisers,for $29.99. Stores also will have 12-quart stockpots for $19.99 and fry pans for $14.99, according to the company. The cookware will be in stores for a limited time. Colors vary by store. We saw red, blue and grey pots in the weekly ad.

Those are fantastic prices on the heavy-duty pots, which are versatile and stylish. Plus, they don’t rust like cast iron and are a breeze to clean. They go from stove top to oven to table.

Considering the French-made dutch oven retails for $350 on, the Crofton pots are a real steal. They even look similar.

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