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Amanda Holden reveals she may wear a ‘completely sheer’ dress to the Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finals 2017 |

Amanda Holden reveals she may wear a ‘completely sheer’ dress to the Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finals 2017

THIS week, it’s the Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finals!

I know I won’t get a wink of sleep tonight because I’m so excited – it really is one of my favourite times of the year.

amanda holden

Amanda’s got her eye on a ‘completely sheer’ dress for the Britain’s Got Talent semi-final

I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about the next four days.

First though, I’ve had to hand over my role in Stepping Out to my understudy, and despite knowing she’ll do a great job, it’s hard to let go.

My character Vera is my baby, and because I’m also a producer on the show it’s doubly hard to not be there.

bgt judges

Amanda with fellow BGT judges David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Simon Cowell: She’s so excited about the semi-final she says she won’t be able to sleep

I felt a bit tearful saying goodbye to the girls after last night’s performance.

Every afternoon this week, I’ll be getting on a motorbike from my house in Richmond and whizzing to the TV studios in Hertfordshire, where BGT is filmed.

My glam squad – stylist Angie Smith, Mikey Kardashian on hair duty and make-up artist Karin Darnell – will be there to get me ready for the show.

Angie has been hard at work choosing dresses for me to wear, and although I still haven’t made my final selection – I like to leave it until the last minute, depending on my mood – there’s one I’ve got my eye on that’s completely sheer with sparkles on my boobs and bum.

You’ll have to wait to see if it makes the final cut.

Amanda Holden hits her golden buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent for stand up comic Daliso Chaponda

I have an open-door policy for my dressing room, which always has bottles of fizz in the fridge, as I love to entertain visitors.

Alesha, David and I pop in to see each other, but Simon usually turns up at the last moment so I don’t always see him before the cameras roll.

Last year, he bagged a huge dressing room with an en-suite bathroom on the floor above the rest of us – we joked that we were like the servants below stairs. I wonder if he’ll do the same this year!


Amanda says that Simon bagged the best dressing room last year

I’m always too nervous to eat before the show – my stomach is full of butterflies – so I just snack on some popcorn and fruit, then afterwards I tuck into a cheese and cucumber sandwich with lots of mayo.

Thinking about it, my “rider” isn’t very rock ’n’ roll, is it? Maybe I need to work on that…

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