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Amazon Prime Day 2018 is coming—here’s everything you need to know |

Amazon Prime Day 2018 is coming—here’s everything you need to know

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July is just around the corner, and while most normal people are getting excited about July 4th barbecues and pool parties and summer vacations, I’m over here eagerly awaiting Amazon Prime Day. The online retail giant’s annual Prime member-only sale comes every July, but they keep the exact dates under wraps to drum up mystery and excitement. And while we’re still awaiting the official announcement, rumors are flying about when the fourth annual event will take place.

Prime Day dates leaked by accident in the UK

It’s looking like Prime Day will come a little bit later this year, potentially falling on July 16-17. Someone at Tech Radar happened to spot a Prime Day banner on the Amazon UK site announcing the sale would run for 36 hours starting on Monday, July 16. The banner has since been taken down, but if the UK and American sites are running the sale at the same time (and why wouldn’t they?) we’re willing to bet this is the plan for the sale. Last year’s Prime Day lasted for 30 hours, and rumors abounded that this year would be a full 48-hour event, so it kind of makes sense the sale duration is right in the middle of the two (assuming the leak was true).

Tech Radar also made a pretty good point that it may have something to do with the World Cup schedule, which makes a lot of sense to me. Who would want to fight for attention when the world is fervently tooting vuvuzelas and cheering on their favorite countries? I mean, have you ever tried to navigate around a group of people watching the games? It’s like threading a needle with rope. So, holding the big sale a few days after the final match seems like a smart move.

What to expect from this year’s sales

This is only the fourth year Prime Day has taken place, so while we have a pretty good idea of what kinds of sales to expect, there’s always a chance Amazon will throw a curveball and do something new.

The one thing I can guarantee is that Amazon will have deals on pretty much all of their devices, so if you’ve wanted an Echo, a Kindle, a Fire tablet, or a Fire TV… wait until Prime Day. These discounts tend to be just a bit better than the sales Amazon runs throughout the rest of the year. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see discounts and sign-up offers for things like Audible, Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Fresh, and the like, as Amazon offered special deals if you signed up during Prime Day last year too.

Beyond that, there will surely be a bunch of deals that can be ordered through Alexa, so Echo owners should be sure to ask Alexa “What are your deals?” when as Prime Day gets closer (there are always daily Alexa deals, so it’s good to do this whenever you think of it).

Last year, we saw the most deals on TVs and other electronics, home goods, kitchen accessories, and smart home devices. There were also offers on phones, laptops, wearables, power tools, sporting goods, toys, clothing, groceries, and more. The problem in these categories was that most of the offers were either not very good discounts or not very good products, so the selection of worthwhile deals was much smaller.

The Reviewed team will be working practically around the clock on Prime Day to sift through all the sales and find the best sales on quality products that are actually better than everyday discounts.

How can I get ready for Prime Day?

Prime Day savings are only available for Prime members. If you’re not already enrolled, you can get all the perks of Prime in time for the sale with a 30-day free trial. If you don’t want to keep it (membership is $12.99/month or $119/year), you can just cancel your trial after Prime Day is over. But, you might find that two-day shipping and access to all the other Prime member benefits (including Amazon Fresh, Prime Video, Prime Wardrobe, and more) make the annual fee well worth it.

Once you’ve got Prime, your best bet is to make a list of the items you want and need. This could be general (“I want a good TV at a great price”) or more specific (“I really hope the Instant Pot will be on sale”), but it’ll be extra helpful when you’re looking for offers you actually care about in a sea of discounts and lightning deals. I recommend getting the Amazon app and creating a Prime Day wish list. This way, you’ll get push notifications when something on your list goes on sale.

Are other retailers holding sales too?

The first time Amazon held Prime Day, it was just like any other online retailer sale. But now that it’s gaining more and more traction, other retailers have started running specials that coincide with Prime Day to capitalize on the increased interest in online shopping. The summer tends to be a bit of a lull for retail sales, but Amazon’s annual event gives shoppers the right incentive to buy more this time of year, so it makes sense other brands want in on that cash cow.

We expect plenty of other big-name retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Home Depot, as well as niche brands like Sephora, Pottery Barn, and Nordstrom to hold sales around this time too.

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