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Andrew McConnell’s Supernormal Canteen returns to St Kilda |

Andrew McConnell’s Supernormal Canteen returns to St Kilda

Remember Supernormal Canteen? It was the little sneak peak we got of Andrew McConnell’s Supernormal in the Gertrude Street space that is now Marion, before the fully fleshed-out Japanese/Korean/Chinese restaurant opened in the Melbourne CBD in 2014. 

Well, the good news is Supernormal Canteen is about to come back for good. It’s going to take over the St Kilda space that was previously occupied by McConnell’s French bistro Luxembourg. The Fitzroy Street restaurant was the original home of the famous McConnell lobster roll that was borrowed and reinterpreted many times over by cafés and restaurants all over Melbourne. 

Supernormal Canteen will serve an abbreviated version of the city restaurant’s menu. The lobster roll is coming back, and will be accompanied by a raw seafood selection. There are unconfirmed plans to embrace Supernormal’s Japanese roots a little more by setting up a yakitori station for bar snacks on sticks with your sake.

McConnell will be teaming up with Cibi owner Zenta Tanaka on the decor for the newly revived Supernormal Canteen, so expect lots of pretty-but-practical dinnerware. Look out for the restaurant to open at 157 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda in late July. 

Via Good Food.

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