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Anne Holt’s Tennessee: Master Potter Lewis Snyder |

Anne Holt’s Tennessee: Master Potter Lewis Snyder

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – Few people know pottery like Lewis Snyder. He’s been teaching his craft for 50 years, at nine different institutions and in private class settings like the one at his studio in Murfreesboro. 

“I feel guilty if I’m not producing. I get cranky and irritable if I don’t get out here and make something.”  

There is not enough time to list all the things Lewis Snyder has made during his career. But walk through his gallery store and you’ll find clay creations of exceptional quality. 

“This is what I call a ruffle jar.” 

A design that is uniquely Lewis Snyder. 

“If you see one with a ruffle on it, you know where it came from. it’s my invention….or my students,” said the artist.  

Teaching is Snyder’s passion. He is one of the first potters in the southeast to offer intern programs for clay artists.  

“Right now, probably the biggest potter in Gatlinburg is one of my interns one the best guys I’ve ever worked with. No doubt about it. I have students all over the states and everywhere else.” 

And like his students, Lewis Snyder’s work is everywhere. He and his son Eric produced terra cotta for use in restoring historical buildings all over the state of Texas. 

His White House collection is impressive. Dinnerware for President and Mrs. Carter in 1977, a ceremonial tray for President and Mrs. Reagan in 1982, dinnerware for President and Mrs. Bush in 1990 and a Christmas ornament for President and Mrs. Clinton in 1996. 

Now, at the age of 81, Snyder still finds pleasure in teaching and his interaction with students is still the best part of this master’s day. 

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