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Antiques and Collecting: Cuckoo for Coco | Lifestyle | agrinews-pubs … |

Antiques and Collecting: Cuckoo for Coco | Lifestyle | agrinews-pubs …

Coco Chanel is a well-known French fashion designer who changed the look of women’s clothes and jewelry and created the famous perfume Chanel No. 5 during the 20th century.

But few know she also designed some chandeliers and other furnishings for her apartment and for customers. A rolled-arm sofa and a rock-crystal chandelier probably are her best-known pieces.

She included animal figures and mirrors in abundance. Colors like black, gold, brown, honey, beige and cinnabar were backgrounds for Coromandel folding screens and antique furniture.

A famous Coco Chanel-designed gilt-metal and rock-crystal chandelier sold at New Orleans Auctions in 2016. It was designed by Coco with Robert Goossens, a Parisian jeweler.

The frame has interlocking hearts and ovals with large rock-crystal chunks hanging below. Metal leaves covered the 12 light sockets. The impressive 40-inch-high and 31-inch-diameter chandelier sold for $37,500.


In the 1930-1950 period, would Minton dinnerware normally be found in middle-class or upper-middle-class homes? Where might it have fit in the dinnerware hierarchy, compared to Royal Doulton, Spode or Wedgwood?

Minton dinnerware was owned by royalty, the wealthy and the upper middle class. In some homes, it was the “good” china used only on special occasions.

Minton was made in the Staffordshire region of England beginning in 1796. It became part of the Royal Doulton Tableware Group in 1968.

The brand now is part of WWRD Holdings. Minton china no longer is made.

I have Currier Ives’ “American Homestead Winter” with the original government copyright notice. I can’t find any information on the old copyright mark in the bottom left corner of the print that’s followed by the letters “HFA.” Do you know what this stands for?

The letters “HFA” stand for Haddad’s Fine Arts Inc., a company in Anaheim, Calif., that does reproductions of works of art. The company sells only to businesses, not directly to consumers.

Your print is a reproduction of an original Currier Ives print. Reproductions are common, and average-size prints sell for less than $30.

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