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Austin entrepreneur working to combat prostitution of young girls in Bangladesh |

Austin entrepreneur working to combat prostitution of young girls in Bangladesh

An Austin mom and entrepreneur is on a mission to help young girls in need in Bangladesh.

Darbie Angell is the creator of a dinnerware company that’s nothing short of remarkable. In February, KVUE reported that Angell worked to make sure that the female workers at her manufacturing plant in Bangladesh have basic American needs: a voice, nutrition and healthcare.


Austin mom, entrepreneur helps women around world follow their passion

With her dinnerware business, Bangladesh is a country Angell visits often. Now, her next plan is to help support a safe house in Dhanmondi Thana, a residential area in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. The town is home to more than 2,000 prostitutes, and some are as young as 10-years-old. It is also home to 5,000 orphans who are regularly being pulled into this life.

It’s a terrible cycle that Angell said is hard to break.

“The mothers invite the men in, and literally, the little girls are laying there while their moms are servicing these men… The little girls — as you can only imagine — are growing up thinking this is the normal thing for a mom to do. And so, it’s a vicious cycle; the little girls become prostitutes. The boys become pimps, and it just grows,” Angell said.

Her goal is to raise $8,000 through the “Darbie Angell: Our Safe House” GoFundMe.

The money goes directly to giving the girls in Dhaka City protection, a home, food and an education, so they can continue to dream big.

To help donate, CLICK HERE.

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