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Austin mom, entrepreneur helps women around world follow their passion |

Austin mom, entrepreneur helps women around world follow their passion

AUSTIN – A lot of people are stuck in their day to day jobs, dreaming of pursuing their true passion.

One Austin mom made her dream happen and in turn is helping women around the world follow theirs.

Darbie Angell is a true example of what makes a KVUE “Daybreak All Star.”

Pregnant with her first of two daughters, she brainstormed an idea of starting up a dinnerware line. She came up with the designs but her work required the attention of Macy’s lead buyer — a woman Angell was persistent about meeting. 

“So I had my yellow pad in bed and I literally changed up the last four digits for two weeks of the corporate office until I reached her,” Angell said. 

The corporate interest was there and Angell soon secured a manufacturing plant in Bangladesh. However this choice came with some challenges.

The men didn’t want to speak to her and she wasn’t seen as an equal. Angell soon earned their respect and demanded all the women in her factory get it as well.

She made sure they got a voice, nutrition and healthcare — basic American needs. Her workers in this third world country now get three hot meals a day and on-site primary care doctors. And it only gets better.

“Our next step is putting the schools in so mothers can bring their daughters to school, the daughters can get an education while they are there,” Angell said. 

With the right guidance, Darbie believes these women can lead a different life. 

Her business is building these women up and motivating them to follow their passion as well. 

“And the daughters dream when you talk to them are not to come work in the factory. They are to be doctors and vets and lawyers. They want to know how they can get to this point and their eyes light up and its wonderful,” said Angell. 

You can find Darbie’s line at Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond and QVC. By the way, she has factories in Portugal, Romania and Indonesia just to name a few.

Her goal is to eventually implement the same standard practices of education, healthcare and nutrition to her employees everywhere.

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