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Batavia Diner is a family affair |

Batavia Diner is a family affair

Vines crawl across the ceiling at Batavia Diner — they’ve been growing from the original plant for seven years. Customers bring in new plants all the time to add to the scenery.

That alone makes this place memorable. But the diner also specializes in Mexican food and unusual combinations concocted by the owner, Santos Pineda.

“Cooking and coming up with different dishes is something I really enjoyed doing,” Pineda said through his oldest daughter, Hannia, 14. “It’s what got me into restaurants. As the chef, I come up with dishes.”

Some are typical dishes with chorizo, ranchero sauce and chilaquiles — which is tortilla chips, salsa and sour cream served with eggs and steak or chicken. But Pineda also serves an original creation, the chicken diner sandwich, with bacon, mushrooms, onions and feta served on Italian bread.

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