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Be our guest! Upscale cookware brand Le Creuset cashes in on Disney movie success with a pricey $280 Beauty and … |

Be our guest! Upscale cookware brand Le Creuset cashes in on Disney movie success with a pricey $280 Beauty and …

  • Only 1,000 units will be released, on September 15
  • They’re the color of Belle’s ball gown and the lids are painted with roses and the inscription ‘Be Our Guest’
  • Le Creuset and Williams Sonoma released a similar item in blue earlier this year; it’s sold out and now going for up to $600 on the secondhand market
  • The brand also released a new ‘millennial pink’ collection of cookware this week  

Carly Stern For



Le Creuset is bringing some magic to the kitchen for 1,000 very enthusiastic Disney fans — and they don’t even technically need to be great cooks.

The French cookware brand has announced that on September 15 it will begin selling a limited run of soup pots inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

The heavy yellow pot, which pays homage to Belle’s famous yellow ball gown, features two red roses on the lid and the inscription ‘Be Our Guest’ on the handle.

The dining room proudly presents… your dinner! Le Creuset’s new Beauty and the Beast-inspired soup pot will go on sale September 15

Tie your napkin ’round your neck, cherie! The $280 pots are the color of Belle’s ball gown and have ‘Be Our Guest’ written on the handle — but 1,000 will be made

Unfortunately, these pots don’t sing: Naturally, the pots were inspired by Lumière’s big song in Beauty and the Beast

The new addition to the brand holds 2 3/4 quarts and costs a whopping $280. Though that’s a typical price for the high-end brand, it’s also a relative bargain compared to how much they’re sure to fetch on the secondhand market. 

In March, the company released its first Beauty and the Beast item: a blue ‘Be Our Guest’ pot, which looked nearly identical to the new ones except for the color.

They pots were a collaboration with Williams Sonoma in honor of the release of the live-action Beauty and the Beast film, and Le Creuset also shared several Be Our Guest-inspired recipes on its website for things like squash soup du jour and cheese souffle.

Though only 500 of the blue pots were sold and are officially sold out, a few can be found on eBay and from other resellers starting at about $375 and going as high as $600.

A culinary cabaret: In March, Le Creuset and Williams Sonoma sold 500 units of a blue version, which have sold out and are going for up to $600 on eBay

Mrs. Potts would be proud: The pots came out in honor of the live-action film released earlier this year

Magic: The demand was so big that they decided to release another version

Faye Gooding, CEO of Le Creuset of America, said the brand recognized the high demand and decided on a second run.

‘We realized both Le Creuset and Disney fans are hungry for more, which led to the creation of the soup pot inspired by Belle’s beautiful yellow dress,’ she said.

‘Disney is an iconic brand that brings nostalgia and delight to people of all ages,’ Janet Hayes, president of WIlliams Sonoma, said in February. ‘In partnership with Le Creuset, Williams Sonoma is pleased to offer this special-edition pot to those who loved the original film and the next generation who gets to experience this legendary story for the first time.’

People who were children at the time of the original film’s 1991 release are all in their late 20s and early to mid 30s now.

So pretty! Also this week, Le Creuset released a new pink collection

Seriously sweet: The brand calls the dusty color ‘sugar pink’

Trendy: Fans, though, have quickly dubbed it 'millennium pink'

Trendy: Fans, though, have quickly dubbed it 'millennium pink'

Trendy: Fans, though, have quickly dubbed it ‘millennial pink’

Fancy cookware: The 23-piece collection is priced $6 to $300

Want! Want! The collection has earned a lot of buzz on social media

The French press is $68

Some of the more affordable items include a $12 pie bird

Cute: Some of the more affordable items include a $12 pie bird

A quick hit: This cast iron skillet goes for $165

Pricey: This trivet, which elevates hot plates and pans from the table, costs $75

On the cheaper side: There’s also a $5 teaspoon and $26 spoon rest (pictured)

And Le Creuset is catering to that generation in another way, too: This week the company released a new ‘sugar pink’ collection of cookware, which many excited shoppers are calling ‘millennial pink’.

The 23-piece collection comes in a dusty pink hue and ranges in price from $6 to $300.

The highest-ticket item, a $300 dutch oven, is a Le Creuset favorite. There’s also a $180 saucepan, $165 skillet, $68 French press, $50 pie dish, and $68 au gratin dish.

There are five storage canisters of varying sizes, too, as well as a $50 utensil crock, mugs, and a $6 teaspoon and $26 spoon rest.

The new collection has already garnered an excited reaction on Instagram, where thousands have expressed interest. 

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