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Best Electric Griddles


Q. What’s the difference between a griddle and a grill?
A griddle is a flat cooking surface, whereas a grill is ridged, providing drainage channels for the fat from food you’re cooking, and producing classic char lines.

Q. What can you cook on a griddle?
You can cook a wide range of foods on a griddle, including eggs, pancakes, French toast, grilled cheese, sautéed vegetables, burgers, hash browns, and latkes.

Q. Why use a griddle instead of a skillet?
Griddles tend to have a larger surface area than skillets, so some people use them when cooking for a crowd. Plus, since griddles don’t have high edges like skillets do, it’s easier to get in there and flip food over, without the food sticking or breaking up. Some people also choose to use griddles because they plug right into the power outlet, so you don’t need a stove. They’re ideal in dorm rooms (if allowed), for touring in an RV, or if you’re cooking for a large number of people, and your stove is full with other pans.

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