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Best non-stick cookware sets for the modern kitchen |

Best non-stick cookware sets for the modern kitchen

When it comes to setting up a kitchen, the tools and utensils define the efficiency and productivity. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced cook, you must be aware of the non-stick variety of cookware. While buying one, the quality of the non-stick coating in your cookware matters the most as any low-grade variety may come-off with heat and even add harmful chemicals to your edible items. Here are the top cookware sets you can choose from.

  • Key factors to note before selecting a non-stick cookware set


The coating is main determinant of the the quality of the cookware. Number of layers as well the brand of layer are the two main factors you should look for. Cookware at nominal prices may save you extra bucks but may be of a quality that is harmful.For any non-stick coating cookware, the pan should have 3 coats of non-tick covering, a mandate for making it durable, safe and long-lasting. To know this, check inside the pan for the surface of the coating.3-layer coating will give you a smooth and slick feel and anything less than that will feel rough.Also, the non-stick coating should have a matte finish instead of a glossy one.


Most non-stick cookware come in aluminium as aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat. The aluminium density defines the weight of the product so make sure you take that into regard while making a selection.

If you prefer to cook your food in oven, make sure you buy your non-stick pans and pots that are oven safe. Most cookware that are oven safe come with those specifications of temperature range and maximum temperature that the appliance can withstand.

  • Best products to choose from

Hawkins Futura 7-piece cookware set

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Futura cookware from Hawkins is for families where the need for various recipe would be more than any other setting. The 7 piece set covers every need that may arise for various kinds of dishes that may need to be cooked simultaneously. Futura cookware is very popular among home makers for its quality as compared to other brands.

Nirlon Non-stick cookware set


The Nirlon nonstick cookware set is one of the most preferred brand for cookware. The set has all the basic dishes which are a non-stick kadhai, not-stick tawa and a non-stick frying pan. With these three tools, all you cooking needs will be accomplished. Non-stick coating also uses less oil for preparation of food as compared to conventional cookware, improving your food intake quality and helping you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Prestige Omega Cherry Marble Kitchen Set

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Prestige’s Advanced Cookware for Healthy Cooking consists of a fry pan, tawa and a kadhai.With an induction base that helps in efficient and convenient cooking,Prestige Cookware is also stunning in its appearance.With an extra thick and durable body and rubberised handles, this is go to for experienced as well as amateur cooks.The glass lid adds even more appeal to these products-combining style and function at once.


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