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Best oven gloves |

Best oven gloves

Are you in the market for a new pair of oven gloves? Look no further…

We’ve stirred and singed our way through the best pro, pretty and purse-friendly options to bring you the best (and most stylish) hand protectors. The gloves are off!

Cool Skin Oven Gloves

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking these gloves were for the garden rather than the kitchen. And that’s the beauty of them. With individual fingers, they provide ambidextrous freedom, making it easier to handle hot dishes, plates and food. Rest-assured they offer full protection: they are made from the same material used to protect firefighters from intense heat.

£19.99 | Lakeland | Buy it now

Leopard Oven Glove

Double the price of the LBG but you get significantly more feel and look for your buck. The quilting gives extra comfort and bounce, and did we mention the leopards? If you are not a cat person then you can choose from several non-feline designs, but whatever your pattern preference, it’s worth shelling out an extra £2 to brighten up your kitchen.

£4 | Hema | Buy it now

Colourplay Gauntlet Oven Mitt

Sometimes the best things in life are simple (and cheap). At £2 this LBG (little black glove) is everything you need to get by in the kitchen. They are perfect for handling hot saucepans, easy to clean and will go with with anything — bring on the novelty aprons.

£2 | Wilko | Buy it now

Silicone Double Oven Glove

Wrap up the cooking in these silicone double oven gloves. The silicone grips on the outside means that they are heat resistant up to 250 degrees, while the cotton-lined inside means that your hands stay cozy. And best of all with pockets spaced 55cms apart, there’s plenty of length for when you’re handling a casserole with girth.

£21.99 | Lakeland | Buy it now

Organic cotton oven gloves

Okay, so it is a little more than we would plan to spend on a set of heat proof gloves, but these organic cotton oven gloves at £36 a pop are a treat for the eyes, the hands and the soul. Crafted from 100 percent certified cotton they have ethical creds to match their beautiful design. The looser design makes them flexible for protecting your hands and arms no matter the size and shape of pot you’re handling. Safe never looked so stylish.

£36 | Room 356 | Buy it now

Steam Stop Double Oven Gloves

These smart white and blue-rimmed oven gloves look every bit as professional as they are. Made to catering standard, they protect hands and wrists up to 360 degrees – probably a fair bit hotter than your oven gets. The added feature of a special PVC membrane shelters you from hot fat and steam, while the design means your wrists – as well as your hands – are fully protected. Ideal for the more professional of home chefs. Or the clumsy and injury prone among us.

£20.99 | Lakeland | Buy it now

Mr Fox Double Oven Glove N

Fantastic up your kitchen wardrobe with these Scandi-style Mr. Fox oven gloves. They are extra cosy and insulated so great for tackling piping hot baking trays. They are also machine washable and cotton so you can keep those foxes looking dapper.

£21 | Dexam | Buy it now

Sophie Allport Daschund Double Oven Glove

These Dachshunds dog double oven gloves are almost too sweet to use, almost. While the spec and size is pretty standard, the stitching and padding are extremely well-made and they stood up to being left on the hob momentarily during a breakfast butty blooper. While the bangers were sizzling, the sausage dogs stayed singe-free.

£17.99 | Millbry Hill | Buy it now

Garden Birds Oven Glove

Cooking is all about balance, flavour and being able to multitask. So why not learn how to identify your balcony or garden birds while you cook? This garden birds oven glove is brilliantly priced and just as good at protecting your hands as decorating your kitchen cupboard doors, plus ornithology lessons thrown in too.

£4.95 | REX London | Buy it now

Orla Kiely Hen Double Oven Glove

Proving functional and fun can very much go together, these stylish and vibrant Orla Kiely gloves decorated with abstract hen shapes will look as good hanging in the kitchen as they do on your hands. They’re not cheap, or as professional as some, but the protection is absolutely ample for standard home use. And let’s face it, they do look pretty cracking…

£24.95 | Hurn and Hurn | Buy it now

Victoria Eggs London Skyline Oven Glove

This hand-illustrated London Skyline design will bring a touch of whimsy to any kitchen. The gloves are generously sized for total protection and are crafted from 100 per cent cotton, so are easily manoeuvrable. Impressively, they’re washing machine washable too.

£23 | Not On The High Street | Buy it now

Head Chef Double Oven Glove

Wolf Badger stock a whole lot of quirky cooking essentials, but this wonderfully detailed Stuart Gardiner offering is our favourite. These double oven gloves are adorned with ‘cheat tattoos’ of conversion tables, roasting times and chopping guides to help you stay on top of your cooking game whilst keeping your mitts safe.

£26 | Wolf Badger | Buy it now


If it’s high spec and ultimate protection that you’re after, then you can’t beat the Cool Skin Oven Gloves from Lakeland, which are far from the most expensive at £19.99. The clever fingered design allows extra dexterity and they’re made with fabric fit for firefighters. For the more casual cook, the Leopard Oven Gloves from Hema are a bargain to bag. At just £4 a pair and looking stylish with it, they still offer ample protection for those of use who aren’t in the emergency services.

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