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Best play kitchens for kids |

Best play kitchens for kids

A creative way to get your children away from the screens, play kitchens create countless hours of fun for your little one. 

Ah the humble play kitchen has come a long way from the two-toned plastic set up of decades past. From designer options with an artful aesthetic, to bright and boisterous versions with dozens of pint sized accessories – it’s never been so fun to play house. But it’s not all just fun and games in the (miniature) kitchen, this type of playtime will also encourage your young ones to use their imagination and creativity by inventing their own roles and stories. This kind of interactive play also helps to build narrative development and social skills as well as with counting and sharing. 

Combining the best of playtime and learning, we’ve gathered the most, chic, educational and silly options any kid would love to whip up their own imaginary meal in.

With features like mini fridges with shelving, facets to turn and little pots and pans to hang, it’s time to get the whole family cooking. Kitchens aside, there is also a whole world of fabricated food to go along with your child’s play kitchen so if you’d rather not have your coasters assigned as pizzas it’s certainly worth the add-on. 

See our favourites.

Terrace Red Apple Wooden Play Kitchen

Bravo for this play kitchen that combines top-notch quality and kid friendly design, that won’t leave you with feelings of desperately wanting to stuff it in a spare room every time someone comes over. You can snap up this beauty on Amazon for a fraction of the retail cost at the moment and we think it would make a fantastic Christmas gift for any tiny chef. Featuring clicking dials, turning taps, sink and microwave there is even a clock with movable hands to help teach your children about time.

The chalkboard can be used for imaginary or real shopping lists – although we’re thinking your kid’s list would be much more amusing when displayed in the home. There is also loads of storage space for cooking accessories, toys and objects probably not meant to be in there at all. Better yet just chick the lot the fridge before guests come over and they will never be the wiser. 

Made from quality timber you can feel this difference in this one immediately – this play kitchen is built to last. Bonus: the kitchen also includes a wooden saucepan, frying pan and four utensils but we think the addition of some play food would make for the ideal playtime. 

£78 | Amazon |  Buy it now

37 Piece Fruit Vegetable Food Cutting Set

The play kitchen’s BFF, no playset is complete without a couple dozen faux food objects for you to trip over in the middle of the night for the next few years. Helping out in the kitchen is always appreciated but when your four year old wants to chop alongside the grownups this 37 piece set will satisfy the urge to touch things they’re not normally meant to. 

£18.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

John Lewis Partners Country Play Wooden Kitchen

Dimensions: H92 x W77 x D36cm

Let your little one cook up an imaginary storm with this play kitchen from John Lewis. Composed of premium materials, the playset has innovative features like the realistic-looking hob and sink as well as a roomy oven and cupboards. Stock the kitchen with the retailer’s range of play foods to further enhance the play experience.

£125 | John Lewis | Buy it now

Peppa Pig Kitchen

Dimensions: H95 x W74 x D33cm

Brace yourself folks, this one plays the theme tune. This play kitchen could possibly be an actual child’s dream come to life. Not only does it play the Peppa Pig theme tune but this play kitchen was actually designed to replicate the one from the show. The kitchen is fitted with a fridge, a flappable hob that can become a toaster, pull out recycle bins and adorable cooking and food accessories. 

£100 | Argos | Buy it now

KidKraft Deluxe Corner Wooden Play Kitchen

Dimensions: H93 x W82 x D82cm

The wooden construction of this KidKraft play kitchen loans a realistic feel and we can’t help but think the vintage colour scheme is wholly sweet.  Let your little chef feel like they are cooking their own meals with this play kitchen that features an oven, hob, sink and fridge with functional doors and oven knobs and taps that click and turn. There is even a pretend cordless phone so they can call you when dinner is ready. 

£199.99 | Argos | Buy it now

Retro Diner Kitchen

Dimensions: H97 x W103 x D36cm

Taking inspiration from a retro American diner, this play kitchen will add a pop of colour to your little one’s play room. Kids love red, we don’t know why but they gravitate towards it like sweets before bed. This kitchen features all the classics including a hob with rings and dials as well as a chalkboard for grocery lists and space for all the cooking essentials. 

£160 | Early Learning Centre | Buy it now

Step2 Grand Luxe Kitchen

Dimensions: H127 x W167 x D35.6cm

Warning: This super luxe kitchen will probably make you want to redesign your own. The faux tiled back splash is a clever and realistic touch but the see-through fridge with a real working light gives this play kitchen an upscale edge. 

The modern design has space for both a chef and sous chef as well as lights and sounds to add that extra bit of realism. This one will no doubt provide countless hours of playtime to the point you might actually have to drag them away to the real kitchen come supper time. 

£350.99 | Argos | Buy it now

deAO Toddler Kitchen Playset

Dimensions: 52cm x72cm x 26cm

Lets be honest, the play kitchen accessories are actually the best part. Where would you be if your fake refrigerator didn’t have a fake fried egg sitting on the shelf as it normally would? Plastic veg aside, this kitted out kitchen set is great value for money. Alongside the playset featuring a hob and dishwasher, the set includes kitchen utensils, plates, pots and pans as well as a range of canned goods.

£32.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

Culinary Play Kitchen – Espresso

Dimensions: H103 x W44 x L106cm

We think this one looks like it was meant for a toddler role playing the bachelor life of Chandler Bing buy hey, some kids like that. This fully interactive designer kitchen is finished in a modern silver and black that feels rather refined compared to the fire engine red of a lot models.

 The set features a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher with working doors as well as a chalkboard and a cordless phone. The sink is also removable, a worthwhile detail for real world situations where your actual eggs (and car keys) might end up.  

£194.47 | Fun Time | Buy it now

Little Tikes Shop n Learn Smart Checkout

Dimensions: H77.47 x W55.88 x D45.72cm

If you have even been grocery shopping with a three year old you know the beep-beep of a bag of oranges being scanned can be all it takes for the eyes to light up and the hands reaching. Breaking from the traditional kitchen sets in this list, this option recreates a supermarket with an interactive, electronic conveyor belt, cash register, scanner and aisle light. There are also more than 35 unique scannable food and accessories that work with or without the app for endless hours of shoppable fun where you will never have to say no, please put that back ever again. 

£169.97 | George at ASDA | Buy it now

Large Pastel Kitchen

Dimensions: H109.22 x W107.44 x D44.7cm

We are loving this brightly coloured pastel kitchen with blue, yellow and pink features. The set plays host to an opening fridge, freezer, an oven with turning knobs, a see-through microwave and cabinet storage space. The soft but playful colours are a nice meeting point between something a child would adore and a parent wouldn’t mind having on display. 

£155.99 | Wayfair | Buy it now

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