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‘Beyond Ordinary’ theme for Architect Expo with latest design and lifestyle |

‘Beyond Ordinary’ theme for Architect Expo with latest design and lifestyle

The Siam Cement Group or SCG has said it would introduce its latest innovative products such as a floating solar solution, and a total packaging solution provider that provides a service to customers who want to recycle their packaging. Its SCG Express service will also introduce a home-buddy application for customers who need a consultation to solve their residential problem.

SCG’s president and CEO Roongrote Rangsiyopash said that the group has focused on innovative products to improve the quality of life for its customers. He singles out the latest SCG Eldercare Solution – a robot to take care of elderly family member – as something to check out at Architect Expo 2018.

Conwood Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Siam City Cement Plc, is focusing on innovative products under the theme of “Urban Energy Cafe Lifestyle”. The line was inspired by the latest energising exercise trend for physical fitness and the urban trend to “well-being” work and relaxation corners. The cafe will highlight the Conwood Eave Fit, made with decorative wood with easy-to-use features, natural beauty and longer durability. Conwood products are promoted as being environmentally friendly and usable for all types of decorative works. 

Thai Siam Nakorn Property Co Ltd will introduce its innovative products including EZY Wall, home accessories under brand Schon, new designs for kitchen accessories under brands Gustro Covent, Home Automation, and others.

SB Furniture Co Ltd will open the SB Designer Club at Architect ’18. SB Designer Club will introduce its 52 designers who joined together for an interior design campaign, 52 Weeks of Design at SB Design Square, the company’s director Thanyarak Chawandis said recently.

Meanwhile, the event will also offer exhibitions under theme, Beyond Ordinary, such as transforming local architecture to mix and match with the modern lifestyle; contemporary architecture; and how to use local raw construction materials such as bamboo, wood, soil, brick to achieve a contemporary architectural design.

Atchapol Dusitanon, chairman of the Association of Siamese Architects under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty, said that Architect Expo is aiming to showcase state-of-the-art products and innovative construction technology, architecture-related materials, interior design, and landscape architecture. 

“We put together many exhibitions, activities, and multi-national seminars that cater to both our members and the general public,” said Atchapol.

“This expo will also focus on the role and transition of architectural and local design in the Thai contemporary lifestyle, featuring the knowledge inherited from the past and the design concept utilising practical local materials,” he said.

Apiradee Kasemsuk, president of Architect Expo 2018, said that this year’s objective, “Vernacular Living”, under the concept of “Beyond Ordinary” will emphasise the procedure of architectural design in Thai contemporary lifestyle. It is the first time that members of the profession, designers, craftsmen, and talented people of diverse age groups get together to discuss and question Thai contemporary architecture and present their own ideas on vernacular living, said Apiradee.

The Architect Expo 2018 this year has received great response from exhibitors and participants from all over the world, said Supaman Munka, deputy managing director of TTF International Co Ltd, an organiser of this event. 

The event will display state-of-the-art construction technology from IMAG GmbH, affiliates of Germany’s Messe Munchen, which organises BAU, the world’s most famous and biggest architecture expo. Moreover, there will be many other displays of innovative construction materials from various countries including Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China, US, and Vietnam.

The 75,000 square-metre Expo has hosted more than 850 exhibitors and 400,000 attendees in the past. 

“I’m thrilled to say that the Architect Expo 2018 will be an important key to the economic index and is expected to generate more than Bt10 billion in revenue,” Supaman said. 


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