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Brooklyn Kitchen Moving To Industry City |

Brooklyn Kitchen Moving To Industry City

SUNSET PARK, BROOKLYN — The Brooklyn Kitchen, a kitchen supply shop that hosts cooking classes, is moving from its Williamsburg home of nearly 10 years to Industry City for a temporary stay that may become permanent.

“We see this as a ‘pop-over,'” co-owner Taylor Erkkinen told Patch. Their Industry City lease runs through the end of the year, but “if it works out in the next couple of months then we’ll plan on staying,” she said.

The reason for the move is two-fold, Erkkinen said. First, the landlord at their Frost Street location in Williamsburg is “untrustworthy.” And second, the impending L train shutdown could deal a big blow to business, with fewer options to get out to North Brooklyn.

Plus, Industry City “feels like it’s a hotbed of creative spirit and small creative industries,” Erkkinen said. “I like that it’s all independent, lots of interesting characters existing and doing their own thing.”

While the signature cooking classes will remain, Erkkinen said their retail offerings such as kitchen gear and local non-perishable food will largely go by the wayside.

“We’re closing down the retail part,” Erkkinen said. “What we’ll bring to Industry City for re-sale will be a very very small concerted effort. We’ll be doing a couple of knives, honing steels and some small accessories. Just some vital, vital essentials.”

Because the move isn’t permanent (for now), the Williamsburg space will still be used for events and private cooking classes.

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