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Changes a-comin’ to Open Class flower contest |

Changes a-comin’ to Open Class flower contest

Green thumbs around Fayette County will want to take note of some changes occurring with next year’s Open Class Flower competition at the Fayette County Free Fair.

Eva Stone, director of the Open Class Flower contest, announced this past week that there are some changes coming down the pike for the 2018 Fayette County Free Fair Open Class Flower event, with the hope that the advance notice lets those who participate get an advance start on planning their gardens for the event.

The biggest changes, per Stone, come in the arrangements categories. The theme for 2018 will be “Flowers of Beauty,” beginning with Class 27 Toolbox Bouquet, which will require an arrangement of flowers using an old toolbox as the container and accessories such as a hammer, nails, levels and other tools.

Class 28 will be “Blue Paradise,” which will require an arrangement of blue flowers in a vase, with white flowers as accessories. Class 29 will be “Wildflowers,” requiring an arrangement of various wildflowers in a kitchen container.

Class 30 will be “Basket of Succulents,” with the entrant’s choice of an arrangement of succulent plants in a decorative basket, while Class 31 will be “Herbs in a Box,” an arrangement of herbs in a 6 inch by 13 inch plastic or wood box.

“Red White or Blue” will be the theme of Class 32, with arrangements of red, white and blue flowers and the theme being the military, to include the use of flags, toy soldiers or other items; Class 33, meanwhile, will be “Truck Load of Flowers,” an arrangement of any type of flowers using a toy truck, with the flowers to fill the bed of the truck.

Among the final two categories will be Class 34, “Personal Choice,” which will ask entrants to use their favorite flowers, container and accessories for an arrangement.

And, finally, Class 35 will be “Tiny Treasurers,” where entrants will have to make an arrangement of small flowers in a small container, not exceeding 4 inches by 4 inches in finished size.

Other changes for 2018 will include a $25 award, courtesy of the Fayette County Master Gardeners, for the Open Class Flowers Grand Champion; Reserve Grand Champion to receive a flower arrangement from Rieman’s Flowers Shop; the champions of Divisions 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 receiving one of the various items donated by Tractor Supply Company; the champions of sections 1 and 11 receiving $10 courtesy of the Fayette County Garden Club; and the reserve champions of sections 1 and 11 receiving ribbons only.

(Editor’s note: A prior version of this story included erroneously provided information regarding the changes to flower arrangements for 2018. This version has been revised with the correct information.)

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