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Chug along to the Caboose for a meal |

Chug along to the Caboose for a meal

Ted Banick and Brian Carman own an eclectic collection of train memorabilia, which is on display at Caboose Restaurant in Mundelein.

The “knick-knacky train theme all revolves around the caboose. Not coal cars or engines,” Carman said. The restaurant is a half-block from the railroad track on Hawley Street, and when a freight train passes by the front window (an old train crossing gate hangs above the window), half the kids in the restaurant rush to the counter to watch it lumber by. The other half, all parents, hold up their cellphones to get shots of their kids excitedly pointing at the train.

“It has a kid appeal to it,” Carman said. “We get stuff from the railroad when they’re getting rid of stuff. We’ll offer them a burger for a railroad sign.”

Burgers are just some of the items on the menu at Caboose Restaurant, which includes breakfast items like omelets, wraps, skillets, and biscuits and gravy served all day. Salads, soups, hoagies, deli sandwiches, wraps and Caboose specialties like an overloaded single-stack turkey club and turkey Reuben round out the menu.

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