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Concepts in Fitness: Why keeping the weight off is the real victory … |

Concepts in Fitness: Why keeping the weight off is the real victory …

Posted: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 12:15 am

Concepts in Fitness: Why keeping the weight off is the real victory

By Mary Schoepe
For Columbia-Greene Media

You did it! After four months of tracking calories, keeping a food journal and exercising, you’ve finally reached your weight loss goal.

But, as anyone who has lost weight can tell you, keeping the weight off is harder than losing it, and it has nothing to do with lack of willpower and everything to do with focusing on building health.

I believe a health-centered approach to weight loss — focusing on healthy lifestyle changes — is much better than obsessing over every fat gram, counting calories and using the scale to gauge your success.

As we enter the maintenance phase of Greene County Rural Health Network’s Biggest Loser contest, I have put together seven easy-to-do health building steps you can follow so you never have to lose weight again.

H — Have most of your calories during the day. My father-in-law always said “breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper.” If you can’t make breakfast your biggest meal, then make it lunch. Eating most of your calories during the day when you’re active and not in the evening when your metabolism is slowing down makes a lot of sense, right?

E — Eat three meals a day: No snacks. When you snack in-between meals, you teach your body to burn the sugar you just ate instead of digging deep into the stored fat you have. There is no proof grazing throughout the day revs up your metabolism. My advice is be a fat burner, not a sugar burner.

A — Always have a healthy carb, fat and protein. This keeps you feeling fuller longer and reduces sugar cravings.

L — Listen to your body. Have you ever finished a meal only to have a craving for something sweet? Or maybe you felt bloated, constipated or got a headache? That’s your body telling you that meal wasn’t the right mix of carbs, fats and proteins.

T — Take a multi-vitamin. If you think you’re getting everything you need from your food, think again. When plants are repeatedly grown on the same land, the soil loses vitamins, minerals and microbes faster than they can be replaced. Without those precious vitamins and minerals you’ll quickly regain the weight you lost.

H — Heal your liver. Your liver is meant to be a fat burning organ, but unfortunately, for many people, it’s a fat storing organ. But, you can easily turn that around by including super foods like dark green leafy veggies, garlic, onions and eggs in your diet.

Y — Your eyes can deceive you. Research shows the size of your dinnerware impacts how much you serve yourself. I advised a client to eat his first two meals from a large plate and his last meal on a small plate. In 16 weeks he lost 60 pounds eating eggs and bacon for breakfast every morning.

There you have it: A common sense approach to maintaining your weight. Why not try it?

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017 12:15 am.

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