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Corelle squares off |

Corelle squares off

After 35 years of making round dinnerware, Corelle sets the table with its first square-shaped plates and bowls.

Designed by Studio Levien of London, one of Europe’s leading design firms, Corelle Square features squared shapes with rounded corners and flared rims that fuse seamlessly with traditional rounded centers.

The new tableware is perfect for mixing and matching with round Corelle designs you already use.

The new dinnerware comes in oversized plates and bowls, from 25 to 33 percent larger than its round predecessors. Corelle Square is fashioned from the same glass material that is crack-, chip-, break- and stain-resistant.

Four patterns are available now, including pure white, soft green floral against a white background, retro-design pink on white and contemporary sweeping black lines on white.

All come in 16-piece sets. $60. Call toll free (800) 999-3436 or visit

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