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Coveris introduces new plastic-free sandwich skillet |

Coveris introduces new plastic-free sandwich skillet

PKBR Staff Writer
Published 22 March 2018

Packaging firm Coveris has introduced a new plastic-free sandwich skillet, which uses sustainably sourced materials.

The skillet that is more easily recycled within the UK infrastructure leverages a plastic-free, transparent film that biodegrades over a one-year period, in combination with recyclable cartonboard.

More than 3,500,000,000 sandwiches are purchased from UK retail or catering outlets each year, as per the British Sandwich Food-to-Go Association.

The new plastic-free sandwich skillets developed for the food-to-packaging industry will have no negative effect on the environment and helps to combat limitations of a developing recycling infrastructure.

The transparent film made from sustainable and non-food resources used in the skillets provides flexibility to be recycled in mixed paper bins or dispose as general waste that can break down within one year.

Coveris UK president Gary Rehwinkel said: “We continuously challenge ourselves to reduce environmental impact made by packaging, from the materials and processes we use, to how it works with recycling and waste infrastructures.

“Millions of sandwiches are consumed everyday all over the UK with varying and often confusing opportunities for the disposal of packaging.

“We encourage consumers to recycle Coveris’ plastic-free skillets where possible but in the absence of recycling bins, skillets can be placed in bins for general waste disposal and break down within a year, supporting better sustainability and greater simplicity in the supply chain.”

In the UK, Coveris manufactures sandwich skillets at its three cartonboard sites in Cambridgeshire, which will be supplied to various retailers ranging from supermarkets to foodservice operators.

Coveris produces various packaging solutions such as labels, films and cardboard products.

The company produces linerless labels and security labels, printed films, technical performance films and industrial films, as well as cartonboard and film lined board.

Image: Coveris’ new plastic-free sandwich skillet. Photo: courtesy of Coveris.

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