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Create an endless summer in your kitchen remodel |

Create an endless summer in your kitchen remodel


Whether it’s one of your first summers in Colorado, or you’ve weathered the seasons for a long time, Coloradans love their 300 days of sunshine a year.  If you dream of dinners on the patio during cold winter months, why not bring elements of summer into your kitchen remodel?  While enjoying the long days and nice weather, take a moment to consider what aspects of summer could be brought into your kitchen.

Light and color

Including color that evokes summer nostalgia is a great way to bring touches of the outside into the inside year-round.  Whether done through the addition of custom painted cabinets or with accessories placed throughout the kitchen, natural light will accentuate the color palette of your design.  Think skylights, large windows and dramatic floor-to-ceiling glass doors to bring in as much sunlight as possible to highlight your cabinets and keep your kitchen feeling open and airy.

Continuous elements

Create an extended sense of space by adding continuity between the inside and the outside of your home.  Ask your kitchen designer about incorporating exterior cabinets constructed to withstand heat, cold, and moisture.  Having an outdoor kitchen area that connects to your indoor kitchen is a great way to entertain during the summer and will provide more options for cooking and grilling.  Outdoor cabinets are equally useful for storing seasonal items when not in use.  To further develop a cohesive look, choose flooring, tile and countertops that showcase natural elements, such as stone, pebbles, recycled glass and wood.   

Outlets to the outside

During summer, a large glass doorway leading to the backyard can ease traffic flow. In winter, this doorway can bring extra light and warmth to your kitchen.  Oversized doors are great for adding a sense of continuity between your home and the natural world outside without compromising on comfort.

While you’re enjoying your summer cookouts and relishing in the sunshine, think about how you can bring elements of the outdoors into your kitchen remodel.

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