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Design Ideas Debuts MeshWorks Shelving System |

Design Ideas Debuts MeshWorks Shelving System

Design Ideas will debut its MeshWorks shelving systems at the upcoming International Home + Housewares Show. The MeshWorks shelving combines traditional wire shelving with the flat surface traditionally associated with solid metal or wood.

“So many times a new product will solve one problem but create another. Traditional wire shelving allows circulating air to help prevent dust, but many objects fall between the wires or don’t sit level. MeshWorks offers the dust fighting properties of ventilated shelving while providing a smooth, level surface for storing any size object,” said Andy Van Meter, president of Design Ideas.

The mesh shelves are said to utilize a larger gauge of expanded metal mesh and the level mesh surface prevents smaller objects from tipping over or falling through. Each shelf has a weight limit of 600 pounds, ensuring the safe storage of anything from small kitchen items and appliances to heavy sacks of gardening supplies.

The company said it will offer the MeshWorks shelving in an array of fashion forward colors to meet organizational needs and coordinate with a variety of decors in every aspect of the home or business.

The shelving system also comes with an array of accessories allowing the consumer to customize configurations for any specific application. Over 15 different accessories can be combined to create closets, bureaus, coffee tables, media stands, hydroponic gardens, bathroom stands, office desks, work benches, wine racks, industrial storage, and pantry organization. Retailers can offer the components separately or as stand-alone kits packed to carry out of the store or ship directly to homes.

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