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Diehls prepare weekend pottery show | Arts & Entertainment – Beckley Register |

Diehls prepare weekend pottery show | Arts & Entertainment – Beckley Register

Jeff and Donna Diehl of Lockbridge Pottery will be hosting their 38th annual Christmas show at their studio at 4975 Lockbridge Road just outside Meadow Bridge. The two-day show runs this Friday, Dec. 7, from 3-7 p.m. and Saturday, Dec. 8, from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. The Diehls will be discounting some pots 25 percent and will be giving a porcelain Christmas ornament with every purchase. Jeff took time from firing some pottery to talk about the show and to look ahead to the new year.

Q: So for the last show of the year, do you do anything special? Is there a different feel to this show than all others?

A: It’s always great to see the excitement people have buying gifts for others at Christmas. It is fun to help to match the pot to the person. I think the reason it is referred to as the beautiful time of the year is because we focus on others. We certainly feel holiday cheer during this show.

Q: Anything you see coming out of the kiln that you are exceptionally happy about?

A: Every firing and every pot is an experiment. I am happy when the pots come out as expected. I am thrilled when the pots show me the next level of possibility. It is often hard to let these pots go to another home. They have things to say to me, but obviously, they are speaking to our customers, as well. I am especially excited about some of the Buncheong pots and the crystal pots that have come out of these last firings. The way the glazes melted in a way I have not seen before so I am challenged to figure out how to make it happen again.

Q: If this is someone’s first trip out to the studio and their first introduction to your work, how would you describe it?

A: We live in a very beautiful section of Summers County. The drive down Lockbridge Road always makes me happy to call this home. Hopefully, everyone will feel welcomed to our home and studio. I’m working in an ancient craft with deep roots in historical traditions and I hope that a first time visitor will feel the connection with handmade pottery. I’m always happy to talk about the pottery processes sharing this magic of turning mud into pots. I hope they will appreciate the many artistic considerations that are infused in well made pottery. We have holiday nibbles and drinks to enjoy while you shop and a fantastic group of friends that will welcome you.

Q: So, making any New Year’s resolutions about where you will take your art in the year ahead? Tackling any new creative challenges, styles, techniques in 2019?

A: There are many avenues I hope to explore in 2019. I have six different wheels and four different kilns that provide unlimited possibilities. I have some fresh ideas for firing the wood kiln and a different firing method I want to try with the salt kiln. I’m excited about an order for a porcelain dinnerware set I’m making in January and my love affair with the crystal kiln always provides thrills and crushing disappointments. I feel that I am at a giant buffet with the possibility to try every clay delight.

Q: Your first show next year isn’t until May. How do you pass the time?

A: I never feel like I am in the passing lane passing time, rather I feel I am in the slow lane being passed. I am thankful that I have a studio that allows me to work year round. I keep making, exploring, drawing and exchanging ideas with potters around the world. I am also thankful to have enough demand to keep me firing the kiln every month.

– J. Damon Cain

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