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Dining Out: Misty’s welcomes big appetites at new diner in Washington – Washington Times |

Dining Out: Misty’s welcomes big appetites at new diner in Washington – Washington Times

WASHINGTON — If the bustle of a homespun, family-run diner with options spanning across the three mealtimes of a day is your culinary pace, a new spot in Washington has the coziness and the menu items to attract your attention.

Misty’s Family Restaurant humbly opened at the end of September at 1869 Washington Road, a space perhaps best known as the Cummins Restaurant or the Corner Family Restaurant. The structure is that of an one-story home and includes seating in three separate areas along with a room for a salad bar.

A guest and I went to Misty’s on a recent Sunday near the end of the morning as the post-church crowd crested. All of the parking spots were taken, which required parking in the gravel lot nearby, and most of the booths were packed full of hungry eaters. One was available in the back corner of the farthest seating area, and we took our seats with two menus and two coffees dropped off soon after.

The Misty’s menu is divided into three sections — breakfast, lunch and dinner — with breakfast dishes served all day and lunch and dinner menus starting at 11 a.m. every day. Being our first meal of that day, my guest and I were drawn to the breakfast side of the offerings, which is littered with omelettes, pancakes, skillets and various egg-and-meat plates.

My guest selected the three-egg veggie omelette with cheese ($6.95), which contains green peppers, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms. I chose the ham steak and two eggs plate ($6.50) off the “Breakfast Favorites” portion of the page over the other two meat-and-egg combos, ribeye steak and gyro meat. I’ve never had gyro meat for breakfast and didn’t intend to start that day, though it’s a novel idea. Both breakfasts are paired with hash browns and several slices of toast, including raisin bread slathered in butter. I also added a side of bacon ($2.95) to the mix.

The lunch menu was no slouch, either, serving hamburgers, Greek salads, triple-Decker sandwiches and melts. We decided to sample the breaded cauliflower ($5.75) off the appetizers with the hopes of trying lunch in the future. The rounded cauliflower bites were remarkably similar to popcorn chicken until you peered into the core of the breading to see the warmed cauliflower.

When our dishes arrived a little later, it became clear that Misty’s has no trouble filling its patrons full of food at a reasonable price. My guest’s omelette was enormous, the entire width of the plate it rested upon, and my ham steak had to be tucked under the two over easy eggs and the hash browns that crowded the rest of the plate.

The ham was tender and full of flavor, a natural pairing with the eggs and hash browns. Meanwhile, my guest praised her omelette but thought there was an overabundance of mushrooms inside. Neither of us came close to completing our plates because of the volume of food; knowingly, Misty’s is quick to provide a to-go box.

The service was cheerful and solid throughout despite having to gently remind our waitress to provide silverware and some napkins at one point. But Misty’s amply proved that it can master the diner-style template and satisfy any hungry appetite with ease. Maybe next time I’ll even try the gyro meat for breakfast.

Thomas Bruch can be reached at 686-3262 or Follow him on Twitter @ThomasBruch.

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