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Diwali parties and gifts; IKEA can prepare you for both |

Diwali parties and gifts; IKEA can prepare you for both

Deepavali or Diwali, one of the most important festivals in the Hindu calendar, also ushers in days of partying. NRIs in Singapore seem to take the festivities to another level. Dinners, decking up of homes, Bollywood style dress ups, playing cards and so on starting almost a month before the actual festival date.

Resident of one of the condos in Tanjong Rhu, Sarita Kalayani, says, “This year Diwali parties have started literally two months prior to Diwali, which is on October 18.”  

Shalima Motial, Singaporean, originally from India, said she loves to host Diwali parties much before the actual day of the festival as everyone is busy with Diwali rituals on the day itself. “Playing cards and hosting parties is kind of a tradition so we play for fun and as a custom. Since it’s time to celebrate, it’s best done with friends and family so we love having them over.”

IKEA brings its distinctive style to Diwali this year and gives you tips to prepare for a party to impress.  

Serving stand: Serving Indian sweets, savouries and homemade desserts with the two-tiered GARNERA serving stand ($12.90) or three-tiered KVITTERA serving stands ($25.90). As they say, presentation adds flavour to the food, so dish up your party with stylish serving stands. You can always coordinate them with IKEA’s smart range of tables.

Cookware: This one is important during festive times. Since good appetizers help get the party started, handy and reliable cookware will make it easier to focus on the things that matter – the people.

The IKEA 365+ cookware series can serve your purpose for as many guests you want to host. Made of stainless steel, it can stand up to all the bumps, scrapes and stains everyday cooking brings with it. Its 15-year guarantee* also proves the quality of the range of cookware.

Dinnerware: We all know dinnerware is so important to us. From singular plates and bowls to 18-piece services, there is something for every family in order to add a personal touch when entertaining guests. Coordinate the different colour ranges with their complementary range of table cloths and mats for a more stylish affair.

Cutlery: It goes without saying cutlery follows dinnerware. Nothing can substitute shining cutlery, the way it adds class to your party. You can choose cutlery to fit your choice of dinnerware – traditional like SKUREN ($32.90) or modern like the SEDLIG 24-piece cutlery set ($79). You can also find cutlery for serving things like salad or soups too.

Glassware: How can we forget our love for drinking in style, and when it’s Deepavali, we have the better excuse. From the expansive range of champagne glasses like SVALKA ($5.90/6pcs) to the HEDERLIG red or white wine glasses ($2.90/ea), IKEA has much more to explore when it’s about the glasses. You pick your favourites for your special Deepavali time, for your home or for gifting.

Napkins: Okay so this looks pretty easy to be taken care of, but napkins on your table can add a lot of punch to the decorative touch. The colourful range of napkins at IKEA can be colour coordinated with the theme of your party, and also with your table cover, cushions and dining mats. The FANTASTISK range ($3.90/50pcs) has a wide assortment of colours, while TILLSTÄLLNING ($2.90/30pcs) adds a dash of patterns to your Deepavali bash.

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