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Dreaming Of A White Christmas? |

Dreaming Of A White Christmas?

Then head to the Linly Designs showroom, which is filled with trendy design ideas for this holiday season and for any project throughout the year.

A trip to the Linly Designs showroom in Clarendon Hills is a full-service design experience. Whether you’re about to embark on a major remodeling project or simply want some ideas to freshen up for the season, the staff at Linly Designs can help with painting, flooring, lighting, cabinetry, window treatments, roofing, and beyond. In other words, Linly doesn’t just sell furniture and accessories. Linly can help design a space and make it work, make it fit, and make it perfect.

The most unique service that Linly Designs offers is a personalized Accessory Call, a trademarked service which provides two in-home visits to accessorize and complete your home. What makes this amenity so unique is that it allows clients the distinct advantage to see a space finished before purchasing any accessories. The Linly design team visits a client’s home to see the space and discuss the areas to be completed with the homeowners, and then brings the client options of accessories, lamps, artwork, mirrors, florals, and other pieces to finish their home.

To make it even better, there’s a true “try before you buy” component. Customers can live with the design for 24 hours; any items they don’t want can be picked up the next day. Time is valuable, which is why the design team works quickly and efficiently to provide clients with complete room transformations they hopefully will love in just a matter of hours.

Inside the Linly Designs showroom is a variety of design and furniture selections that are gorgeous, classic, and timeless. But like any great design firm, Linly staffers can design within any design style that complement a home’s architectural style and the client’s taste. What’s always guaranteed is high-end and luxurious selections of furniture, lighting, rugs, custom florals, and more.

Plus, the showroom presents pieces in a true finished look. If you are looking for bedroom furniture you will find it, along with bedding, nightstands, lamps, and finishing touches to complete the look. If you are looking to complete a kitchen remodel, you will find a custom kitchen display with hardware, finish samples, moldings, and professional advice on your project. If you are looking for a gorgeous housewarming gift, you can find it at Linly Designs with a selection of beautiful accessories.

Right now, the showroom is decked out for the holidays, with a lot of pieces that fall into the “White Christmas” trend, but with punches of black and gold for drama. When designing for the holidays, it’s important to remember the season is short and needs to be memorable and familiar. The best bet is go with familiar and classic but also memorable by introducing a few “wow” elements: new dramatic colors and a pop of something unexpected.

Linly designers also recommend you don’t let your holiday decor blend in with your home decor. The pieces you bring out for the season should complement your home but still should stand out. Whether it’s a neutral color with a bit of bling or bright red and green, you make a statement even if it’s understated.

Over the past 15 years, Linly Designs has been the go-to destination customers who want the best of the best in terms of trend, design, and service. And as client expectations have gone up, Linly Designs has accepted the challenge and tried to meet the needs of the customer while pushing themselves to stay on top of the industry.

Linly Designs is located at 445 Ogden Avenue in Clarendon Hills. To learn more, visit or call 630-769-5099.

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