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Ever Wonder What It’s Like For Madonna To Give You A Facial? |

Ever Wonder What It’s Like For Madonna To Give You A Facial?

Madonna is taking a spa day.

The queen of pop launched her MDNA Skin three years ago and while Drag Race’s Milk might be the face of the skincare line, but Madonna isn’t letting him steal the spotlight.

In a new video titled “The Facial,” Madonna turns the tables on her aesthetician, Tarin Skillets, and performs a facial on her with the MDNA Chrome Clay Mask.

The short video aims to take “the horror out of skincare” with a 1950s B-movie vibe to it as Madonna spreads the mask over Skillets’ face like a twisted doctor watching her work come alive before her eyes. She even removes the mask using a giant magnet.

She looks like a natural so if music doesn’t work out she can always fall back on being a facialist.

In addition to “The Facial,” Madonna released another video for MDNA Skin, but this time she’s the one getting pampered—with The Fat Jewish.

In “Spa Day” the Instagram comedian and the “Vogue” songstress receive mani pedis and massages. That’s when Madonna breaks out the Rose Mist and begins to lightly spray it on her face.

The Fat Jewish has his own mister—but it’s just a bottle of his rosé wine that he’s attached a sprayer to. Of course Madonna has to try his version of the rosé mist and the two start practicing dance moves while getting drunk on wine facials.

Getting drunk with Madonna at a spa? Sounds like a pretty good day to us.

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