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Everything You Need to Re-create a Properly Stocked French Kitchen |

Everything You Need to Re-create a Properly Stocked French Kitchen

Including advice from the owners of this beautiful kitchen.

Photo: Courtesy of The Cook’s Atelier

Bastille Day is Saturday, July 14, and to celebrate France’s national day, we’re dedicating the week to the very best French things. You may be familiar with stories we’ve done on French pharmacy products and cookbooks, but we’re going even deeper this week, from the best books on Paris and French baking to the greatest French pantry essentials and lesser-known French beauty products. Welcome to Made in France week.

Perhaps the only thing more legendary than the French larder is the French kitchen itself. But that can mean one of a couple things: Whereas the look of a rustic French country house still has a certain kind of appeal, most French homes these days contain a mix of trendy accessories and appliances, like pineapple oven mitts and colorful Smeg toasters, and more timeless pieces like Le Creuset pots and Peugeot salt and pepper mills, often handed down from one generation to another. In my own French kitchen of several years, you’ll find a woven market basket for weekly visits to my neighborhood farmers’ market and stops at the butcher, baker, fromager, and wine merchant; a porcelain pitcher for serving water; and classic Villeroy Boch flatware for setting the table. But that’s just my kitchen. To find out about the essential items in other Francophone kitchens, I asked around and got a handful of people in the food industry to share their must-have everyday items.

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